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Open-mindedness; another form of mindfulness.

"Broad-mindedness is relative to tolerance, open-mindedness is sibling to peace~Salmon R. You see, we all process information differently. We hear what we want and feel the way we want based on our understanding. People understand (decode) information differently and this forms their beliefs, views, or opinions about any situation. This is because each one of… Continue reading Open-mindedness; another form of mindfulness.

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Half empty or half full?

Times are tough. The economic situation, insecurities, etc are hitting hard. It's difficult to stay optimistic amidst all these realities especially if it seems the dreams are far-fetched. For most people, behaviors become distorted and minds become biased. It's quite easy to loose hope when there's all the reasons for it. But it doesn't necessarily… Continue reading Half empty or half full?