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Can I change my personality for the better?

Just recently, I wrote this article The truth about you!, which highlighted our different personalities and temperaments. The introverted, extroverted and some of those Tim Lahaye's stuff. But there are different areas of these personalities that can also be improved. Our personalities aren't stagnant. Getting older, different life experiences, even our environment, getting married, having kids, jobs, etc… Continue reading Can I change my personality for the better?

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The truth about you!

Me being kinda a calm person, I often wondered how some people enter a place with their mouth first. Like, from the entrance, they're already screaming on top of their voice.  I thought that was a bit weird but I understand better now. While some others liked social events, partying, etc, I'd rather stay indoors… Continue reading The truth about you!

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6 Things introverts can relate with…

Phew! I can't imagine it's been a whole four days. Life could get busy sometimes, the kind of busy you have little time for yourself nor to write or do a post. Well I'm here now...smiles and I'm glad you are too. About today's post, it's been on my drafts for a while now, so… Continue reading 6 Things introverts can relate with…