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Can I change my personality for the better?

Just recently, I wrote this article The truth about you!, which highlighted our different personalities and temperaments. The introverted, extroverted and some of those Tim Lahaye's stuff. But there are different areas of these personalities that can also be improved. Our personalities aren't stagnant. Getting older, different life experiences, even our environment, getting married, having kids, jobs, etc… Continue reading Can I change my personality for the better?

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Taking a break, MIA and self-care.

Sometimes there is need for the body to take the required break. Taking breaks is very much helpful to avoid exhaustion. As humans, our bodies need time for rest in order to rejuvenate. This helps us function optimally. When your body calls for rest, it is important to obey. It's part of self-care. Doing every… Continue reading Taking a break, MIA and self-care.

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A good laugh and a long sleep…

As we transit from children to young adults or even old, we tend to lose the habit of indulging in the two best things in the world. A good laugh and a long sleep. We often get caught up with the stress that life brings, and the anxiety that comes along. All these affect our ability… Continue reading A good laugh and a long sleep…

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The truth about you!

Me being kinda a calm person, I often wondered how some people enter a place with their mouth first. Like, from the entrance, they're already screaming on top of their voice.  I thought that was a bit weird but I understand better now. While some others liked social events, partying, etc, I'd rather stay indoors… Continue reading The truth about you!

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Signs of Grandiose Narcissism and superiority complex. And how to deal with them.

The world is complex. In our everyday life, we come across various people who exhibit different forms of behaviors. Whether in the workplace, our social environment or personal relationships. This forms of behaviors affect our lives directly or indirectly. The subject of this post is centered on grandiose narcissism and superiority complex. Because it is rather disturbing… Continue reading Signs of Grandiose Narcissism and superiority complex. And how to deal with them.

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On having a sense of humor.

The things we take seriously may often be far from what it actually is. We can get lost in things that don't count such that life whizzes away and we barely even notice. We hold on to things that aren't really important and they do nothing but weigh us down! Life itself is such a… Continue reading On having a sense of humor.

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Live, Laugh, Love.

It's Thursday, let's share some humor. Laughter is the best medicine, a day without laughter is a wasted one. It helps us stay optimistic, fights stress, brightens our mood, strengthens the immune system, improves appearance, boosts our esteem and mental health and ultimately makes life more fun and interesting. It's very essential to inject humor… Continue reading Live, Laugh, Love.

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7 Epic ways to end your day just right.

I did a post on A good way to start a good day. , which were useful tips on starting  your day right. But I felt it would be incomplete if I don't also share tips on how to end the day right. We can literally start in a way to have a great day but then… Continue reading 7 Epic ways to end your day just right.