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The 5 most effective ways to show your love.

People express love in different ways. Most often, they express that love in the same way they wish to receive it. And so, a partner who loves to spend time with you for example, will devout time paying attention to you and being there as much as possible, as a way of expressing his/her love… Continue reading The 5 most effective ways to show your love.

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5 ways to celebrate valentine without breaking the bank! (Valentine’s day ideas).

It's the shortest month of the year, the month of love. I told y'all I suspect the earth revolves round the sun faster than usual these days, Lol and we'll be celebrating Easter soon! I love the month of February because it's the month of giving candies, flowers, and much more! Well, technically. February is… Continue reading 5 ways to celebrate valentine without breaking the bank! (Valentine’s day ideas).

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Sometimes, you have to be your own sunshine.

The sun illuminates our day, it shines and makes it bright. When it rises, darkness gives way and the cloud lightens up. Sometimes when you feel gloomy and sad, you have to be your own sunshine. Happiness is a choice and it totally depends on you to make yourself happy and stay happy. "Where ever… Continue reading Sometimes, you have to be your own sunshine.

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What if…( crazy random thoughts)

So recently, I've been thinking out loud. This crazy random thoughts bugging my mind and going on and on in my head. Was reading a magazine this morning and my head started imagining Β weird things and wondering if they actually happen in reality, how it'll play out. It's so humorous but then again it won't… Continue reading What if…( crazy random thoughts)


A life of gratitude…

Sometimes forgetfulness is excusable in certain things of life, even though we may associate this with age, stress, etc, it is common to everyone and even when little kids have lapses in their memory, they excuse themselves and say..."I forgot"! But there's particularly a type of forgetfulness which is inexcusable at any age---Forgetting to be… Continue reading A life of gratitude…

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Here’s why you should smile today..πŸ˜„

Every time you smile at someone, it is an action of live, a gift to that person, a beautiful thing.~ Mother Teresa. The Universal Language of kindness they say is smile...when you smile, you send a message to your brain that you're happy. When you smile at someone, you brighten their day because you may… Continue reading Here’s why you should smile today..πŸ˜„

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My love 4 Saturday…

I couldn't think of a topic to express my love for Saturdays..I love Saturdays, I sincerely do. I fell in love with Saturdays back in primary school when I knew you don't have to wake up early to go to school. On Friday nights, I stay up late watching my favorite TV programs without the… Continue reading My love 4 Saturday…

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How do you show yourself love?

Life can get hectic sometimes. From waking up very early everyday & preparing for work, to staying in traffic several hours to/fro, to coming back late in the night, to cooking, laundry, etc. For Mums who juggle career plus Homefront, it can be tedious. Most times, the kids are left at the mercy of a… Continue reading How do you show yourself love?