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7 badass qualities of an alpha man or woman.

You'd know an alpha person when you spot one. The qualities are badass and distinctive. An alpha person just as the name implies, is the "numero uno". The one who leads the pack. The leader of his/her own life. He/she is smart and confident. The world today, can best be enjoyed by the mentally strong… Continue reading 7 badass qualities of an alpha man or woman.

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What if…( crazy random thoughts)

So recently, I've been thinking out loud. This crazy random thoughts bugging my mind and going on and on in my head. Was reading a magazine this morning and my head started imagining ย weird things and wondering if they actually happen in reality, how it'll play out. It's so humorous but then again it won't… Continue reading What if…( crazy random thoughts)

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What kind of conversations are you having?

"One good conversation can shift the direction of change forever"~ Linda Lambert Often times in our not-so-busy moments, we engage in some conversations. We spend time talking about things which are relatively meaningless and adds no value to our lives. I'd rather call them 'crappy conversations'. Fatima wants to know what's going on in Bola'sย life,… Continue reading What kind of conversations are you having?


How to Improve your self-esteem.

Self-esteem is the evaluation of your own worth. The thoughts, feelings, opinions you have about yourself. It is usually shaped by our relationships and experiences. When you have a healthy self-esteem, it means you're confident in your own worth and abilities. However, some situations can make one develop a low self-esteem. Heartbreak, physical looks, not… Continue reading How to Improve your self-esteem.


Steps to self-discovery

At a point in your life's journey, it is normal to pause and ponder on your identity. Like..." Why am I here"? " Who am I really"? " What am I supposed to be doing"? Etc. When you were born and as you grow, you learn to walk, eat, breath, socialize, etc. The thought of… Continue reading Steps to self-discovery


Talent Vs Hardwork: On the path to success…

This has been an age long debate. Talent, which is one's natural ability or Hardwork which is commitment & diligence towards a set goal. Which of them tends to take one farther in life and why? Let's take a peek on this; God bestowed on each person a natural ability, whether in sports, singing, leadership/mentorship,… Continue reading Talent Vs Hardwork: On the path to success…


9 Toxic habits that sabotage your happiness you need to quit!

We all want to feel fulfilled and happy. Nothing is as exciting as this ecstatic feeling & satisfaction, yet we constantly sabotage it by our own selves. To achieve true happiness, we need to give up on some certain habits to enable us attain this. I'm going to share 9 deadly habits we need to… Continue reading 9 Toxic habits that sabotage your happiness you need to quit!


7 Important tips you need, to stop procrastinating now!

The struggle with procrastination is real. Sometimes things have to be done when it has to be done but for some reasons, aren't done. If you find yourself regularly postponing or putting important tasks off, just know you're not alone. Millions of other people procrastinate to some degree but some have formed it a habit… Continue reading 7 Important tips you need, to stop procrastinating now!


A life of gratitude…

Sometimes forgetfulness is excusable in certain things of life, even though we may associate this with age, stress, etc, it is common to everyone and even when little kids have lapses in their memory, they excuse themselves and say..."I forgot"! But there's particularly a type of forgetfulness which is inexcusable at any age---Forgetting to be… Continue reading A life of gratitude…

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Pros & Cons of Gender Equality.

There has been some debate on this topic around the world, some spark negativity, arrogance & hatred, others seem to be more subtle & polite. Let's take a moment to analyze this subject. Firstly, let's understand the terms " gender equality & Feminism". Gender equality is the view that men & women should receive equal… Continue reading Pros & Cons of Gender Equality.