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Easy ways to add color Into your life.

Okurrr!!! I admit. I'm an earth-color lover. Sober/earth colors used to be my thing. You know, those black, gray, beige, nude, kinda things. I used to stick to basic colors a lot and at a point, it became so drab and basic. It got boring. You get tired of same 'ol routine. Life should be vibrant,… Continue reading Easy ways to add color Into your life.

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Throwback Thursday#2

Hi guys, it's Thursday, each day brings me some bit of excitement cos I get to gist with you guys. Usually, in the social media circle, Thursdays are known for throwbacks #TBT , and for today, I'm going to take you back to some old hairstyles that are making a big comeback. You guys remember… Continue reading Throwback Thursday#2