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The ultimate guide to annoying your reader in 5 simple ways.

These are some of my blogging pet peeves. And as an ardent reader, I personally find them irritating when I visit some websites. No matter how interesting/entertaining, or juicy the information i'm seeking is, I bounce off and may likely not return. These may serve as some blogging tips, but honestly, I'm no expert in… Continue reading The ultimate guide to annoying your reader in 5 simple ways.

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5 signs you have a mediocre mindset and how to deal with it.

The mind is the faculty which serves our thought-processes, judgements, consciousness and perception to life. It is the center of our reasoning and thoughts. And so the way you reason and perceive life forms your mindset and your beliefs.ย You make assumptions, feel or do certain things based on that belief which becomes your philosophy of… Continue reading 5 signs you have a mediocre mindset and how to deal with it.

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7 beneficial ways to press forward when you feel like giving up.

Ever been in situations where it seems your hopes are daunting and you feel like throwing-in the towel? Where you wake up sometimes and feel a sense of futility - When you can't see the point in even trying anymore. It's really hard to be confident of success when you have yet to experience it.… Continue reading 7 beneficial ways to press forward when you feel like giving up.

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7 effective ways to fine-tune your potential and turn it into a unique asset.

So you discovered you have a great singing ability, or you're a good dancer, perhaps outstanding in sports/athletics, or in acting/drama, writing/public speaking, creative drawing & painting, whatever it is that is a raw talent deposited in you. Many times, the things we're most drawn to and that we receive the most compliments for, are… Continue reading 7 effective ways to fine-tune your potential and turn it into a unique asset.

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7 great personal Development tips you should know about.

Personal development is a set of actions you take to make yourself a better person. ย It isn't basically about the outward appearance, it encompasses your overall personality both inwards and outwards. It involves physical & mental wellbeing, lifestyles, your identity, modesty, thought- processes, sociability, etc. Itย is a continuous conscious effort. Personal development can help one… Continue reading 7 great personal Development tips you should know about.

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A Good way to start a Good day.

Hi guys, how y'all doing? Everyone wakes up with the intention of having a drama-free and fulfilling day but most times, this is compromised by a few things we don't get right especially when we wake up in the morning. What you do within those first few moments can go a long way to affect… Continue reading A Good way to start a Good day.

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5 Inspiring real life stories of people who didn’t let their circumstances define them.

Hey guys, it's weekend whoop! Whoop! So today, I'm sharing with you real life stories of people who pushed beyond boundaries and didn't let their circumstances define them. As you know, my blog is about inspiration, to inspire people to live their happiest and best lives. If you'd like to keep updated with stories and… Continue reading 5 Inspiring real life stories of people who didn’t let their circumstances define them.

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Recap plus 7 super tips for personal development that’ll inspire you.

Hey guys, Welcome back to my blog and a fresh new year. It's hard to believe 2007 was 10years ago. Wow! Time flies super fast! Remember I told you a lot people travel during festive periods to spend time with relatives or even vacay? Well, I did ๐Ÿ˜Š, and it was cool. Only that there… Continue reading Recap plus 7 super tips for personal development that’ll inspire you.

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11 Simple ways to motivate yourself daily.

Setting goals is easy, but the hard part is following through to achieve them. The ability to get stuffs done when you feel like just laying on your bed or even giving up entirely isn't quite easy. Sometimes we procrastinate and drag our feet when something really important should be done. We all need motivation… Continue reading 11 Simple ways to motivate yourself daily.



The ability to face adversity, maybe health problems, workplace or even financial and then bounce back even stronger than ever.~ Resilience. I used to wonder how some people despite facing all manner of challenges of life maintain balance in ALL areas of their life. They have problems just like every other person but they always… Continue reading That word-RESILIENCE…


What you think Vs What it is…

You are what you think of yourself to be. If you think mediocrity, are you mediocre? Because that is what you have produced out of your own heart for yourself. You limit yourself by your own perception and fail to Recognise the treasures God has laid in you ( What it is). When you think… Continue reading What you think Vs What it is…

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What’s in your hand?

Hi guys, Welcome to another beautiful week, thanks for joining me here. I'm doing a topic I'd say is a part 2 of a previous topic, seeย HERE. I look at that picture up there and it reminds me there's something deposited in each and everyone of us. A special ability, skill, talent, something we all… Continue reading What’s in your hand?

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Blogger recognition award.

Ok this is exciting! Today is Saturday my favorite day. Y'all knowย My love 4 Saturdayโ€ฆย Woke up to a delightful email, Jessicahugoinspire blogger recognition award. Isn't it awesome? The blogger recognition award was created to Recognise some blogs impacting the blogosphere and i feel honored to be mentioned. Thanks Lesley ~ mychronicles007.wordpress.com for nominating me. The… Continue reading Blogger recognition award.

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The possibility of Impossibility.

Impossible--I'm possible. These two words have same letters but mean different things. While one is in the negative, the other is in the affirmative. Is there something, an idea, a vision or a goal in your heart that you think is unattainable or impossible? Give it a try. I know the hardest part is in… Continue reading The possibility of Impossibility.

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20 Inspiring life quotes that’ll make you think!

Indeed positive thoughts, motivational words, lift us and kindle/re-kindle some passion, fire, optimism in us to reach for the best that we can. It re-ignites some bit of hope to those who have lost hope and some confidence to those who dare. Words of inspiration help us draw ideas to fuel our passion and act… Continue reading 20 Inspiring life quotes that’ll make you think!

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Monday Inspiration-Keep trying…

Hey guys, welcome to a fresh day and week, another opportunity given to us to stay positive, keep striving and believing in the success of our endeavors. To never quit on ourself or think those goals, whatever it is, is not achievable. It is, but we have to keep trying. So long as there is… Continue reading Monday Inspiration-Keep trying…

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Experience, Your path to fulfilment.

Hey Guys, so today, I'm going to talk about experience as it leads to fulfilment. Let's dig in... Experience is the knowledge or skill acquired of an event or events gained through months/ years of exposure to it. It is gained over time or by encounter. For instance, when you encounter a lion in the… Continue reading Experience, Your path to fulfilment.


Something about strength!(part 2).

" Strength doesn't come from what you can do, it comes from overcoming the things you thought you couldn't" Hi guys, today, I'm doing a part 2 of the topic "something about strength". If you missed the part 1, readย Here. Most times, your best comes through persistence and overcoming challenges. The ability to go through… Continue reading Something about strength!(part 2).

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6 Strategic Ways to survive this recession!

Yea I know celebrity news & gossips sell, I know people want to be reading and bashing the government and the economy on daily basis. The economic recession is real and people are packing to their villages. But hey that's why I'm here, for inspiration and motivation. I'm a carrier of good news. And I… Continue reading 6 Strategic Ways to survive this recession!

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6 great habits of successful people to emulate.

You know, if you want to be successful, ย you have to look up to those who are, find out how they made it and what they do. Success comes with a lot of hardwork, sometimes one fails before they succeed and you make a lot of sacrifices. But I found out to be successful, you… Continue reading 6 great habits of successful people to emulate.

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Being courageously you!

Often, people say..."life is hard" and I feel compelled to ask..."Compared to what exactly?" No doubt the economic recession and hardship presently, has made almost everyone accept that phrase. But what is to be compared to life itself? A life of courage and hope, a life where you make mistakes, learn from them, fail and… Continue reading Being courageously you!

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Life’s 2 rules.

Welcome to another amaaaazzzing week guys, the year is gradually coming to an end, soon the 'ember' months will roll in and we would be counting days to xmas. Last year, many of us vowed on the things we would achieve before the end of this year and even beyond... Don't beat yourself yet, there's… Continue reading Life’s 2 rules.

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Natural hair growth & care: Interview with CEO, Black Elegance hair consultancy.

I have always loved the natural hair. The texture, curl/coil pattern, volume, beauty, and most importantly, how ย healthy it is. Being a naturalista myself, I sought to know various ways I can grow and care for my hair better and Black Elegance hair consultancy came to mind. She is a trained online hair consultant and… Continue reading Natural hair growth & care: Interview with CEO, Black Elegance hair consultancy.

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That word is exciting already isn't it? When you talk about passion, you talk about energy, zeal, enthusiasm, love, fulfilment, etc. "passion is energy. Feel the power that comes from focusing on what excites you"~ Oprah Winfrey. I'm going to base today's post on Oprah's quote. Energy... Excitement... Focus...Power... Aren't those most of what one… Continue reading Passion!!!

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How to Develop(unlock) your potentials. (1 min read).

Hi guys, welcome to another Monday inspiration, I'm excited you're here. Today, I'm talking about "potentials" and things we could do to unlock them and actually use them. You excited? Read on... First let me explain what a potential is. A potential is a quality or qualities, abilities that may be developed and lead to… Continue reading How to Develop(unlock) your potentials. (1 min read).

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6 awesome ways to sleep better.

Hi guys, I want to share with you, something that's really important yet overlooked in our very busy lives as we pursue our daily goals. Sometimes we're so busy all day and night that we do not take our own body seriously. Something as important asย sleep! Sleep is one important thing everyone needs. It's a… Continue reading 6 awesome ways to sleep better.

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Celebrity crush Wednesday #3 – The Hero!

Today, I'm blown away, I'm inspired by the strength, courage, brevity and patriotic heart of this young Nigerian female. I stumbled upon her story recently, no one seems to know her before the Rio2016 Olympics. Her name is Chierika Ukogu, a 23-year old medical student based in Philadelphia, United States. I don't even know how… Continue reading Celebrity crush Wednesday #3 – The Hero!

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Summer equals water!

Don't both words sound synonymous already? Summer--water. Summer as we know is the hottest of the four seasons, when the sun is at its most "vexing" state. That's for those in "Yankee" sha... If you live in Sub-Saharan Africa, Nigeria to be precise then you already know summer is everyday. Though some days are sunnier… Continue reading Summer equals water!

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4 Good reasons to leave your comfort zone

Hey guys, welcome to another amazing week. So glad to be here with you for another refreshing post. Talking about the comfort zone and why we need to push out of it. I hope you enjoy it, be kind to like, share, follow blog and leave your comments ๐Ÿ˜Š. Will be much appreciated. Back to… Continue reading 4 Good reasons to leave your comfort zone

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Climbing the ladder of success.

Hey guys, it's another brand new week & I'm glad to share this post with you. You know I love to inspire you, just as I do myself. ๐Ÿ˜Š Last week, I wrote on VISION. If you missed it, please goย Here. ย So this week, I'm going to talk about attaining that height of success. I… Continue reading Climbing the ladder of success.

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#Mondaymotivation – VISION.

A vision is like a burden, an urge or a need to effect a change & contribute to something or to serve. It could be a task or an obligation to accomplish something. A vision could also be a set- goal(s) of what we hope to achieve, a clear-cut direction of where we are going… Continue reading #Mondaymotivation – VISION.