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Myths Vs Facts | 15 common myths most people think are actually facts.

We've had a lot of misconceptions about certain myths which we think are actually true. Because most stories were told to us when we were quite young, passed from generations to generations or even by close friends as adults, or maybe by our teachers, and since almost everyone believes same, we tend to also establish… Continue reading Myths Vs Facts | 15 common myths most people think are actually facts.

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Ten random facts about me.

Its a light-hearted post today. Scrolling through some pages on social media yesterday, I came across a few people who got tagged to share some random facts about them so I jumped on the wagon 😂 Because why not? I love that idea. Absolutely! So today, in a bid to let you to know some… Continue reading Ten random facts about me.

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When Mother Nature Attacks…

Mother Nature is beautiful. She provides us with all the natural resources we need to survive in this planet. She blesses us with the sun and the rain as needed. Our obligation is to conserve these natural resources and reduce waste so as to keep the earth inhabitable. However, Mother Nature can decide to go… Continue reading When Mother Nature Attacks…

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5 benefits of online shopping that makes life easier.

Honestly, not everyone is able to do the conventional shopping at all times. Because of the nature of their jobs, time-constraints, health-related issues, and so forth. Walking into local stores to get shopping done proves difficult sometimes. Luckily, the Internet has revolutionized everything in this century and so, more and more people prefer to do… Continue reading 5 benefits of online shopping that makes life easier.

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Six blogger awards and the winner is…

Hello everyone, welcome welcome, make yourselves comfortable. First and foremost, I'll like to thankyou all for following, reading and engaging with me in this space. It's been an amazing journey and I'm really excited. I'm learning new things, techie and all that, sharing knowledge and evolving as well. I can't explain in words how much… Continue reading Six blogger awards and the winner is…


On becoming Natural.

Before I thought of returning natural, ( I wore my hair naturally from birth till about 14years old)  I'd seen many of our Nollywood movie stars, rocking their natural hair. The likes of Monalisa Chinda, Omoni Oboli, Nse Ikpe-Etim, Chioma Chukwuka-Akpotha, Uche Jumbo, etc.  And then Solange Knowle's hair was to die for! They all looked so pretty wearing their natural… Continue reading On becoming Natural.


How I won 1.5M Naira!!!

"Pom - Pom" ..."Pom - pom"  went the text message ringtone on my then Nokia phone. I was still feeling very sleepy that early morning.  I managed to stretch my hands to reach my phone lying by the corner of the bed just to check the time. It was 6am!!! 6am? Why would a normal… Continue reading How I won 1.5M Naira!!!

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Fun post; I answered 20 Get-to-know-me tag questions.

I love fun posts. I love that it's light-hearted and always entertaining. I also love that it builds some kinda connection between us. (Me and you-the reader). I love the excitement and fun that comes with it just as the name implies,  and so when I get tagged or come across one, I gladly jump… Continue reading Fun post; I answered 20 Get-to-know-me tag questions.

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The three musketeers|short story.

Most of my posts have been inspirational/motivational. But hey! Sometimes we have to tweak things up a bit like I talked about Here. And so...I'm writing a short story (fiction) today! ''Twas so much fun figuring the basic setting and outlines of the story. But that's what writers do right? Write away!!! It's weekend, lets put our… Continue reading The three musketeers|short story.

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A good laugh and a long sleep…

As we transit from children to young adults or even get older, we tend to lose the habit of indulging in the two best things in the world. A good laugh and a long sleep. We often get caught up with the stress that life brings, and the anxiety that comes along. All these affects our… Continue reading A good laugh and a long sleep…

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Welcome June!!

It's  a new month guys. I mean... It's the sixth month of the year. Where's half of the year? Going?...Gone?...For real? 😳😳. holds breadth. The month of May felt like forever! You know that aha moment when you finally hiss a sigh of relief after a looongg wait. That abeg come and be going moment. Was it… Continue reading Welcome June!!

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The truth about you!

Me being kinda a calm person, I often wondered how some people enter a place with their mouth first. Like, from the entrance, they're already screaming on top of their voice.  I thought that was a bit weird but I understand better now. While some others liked social events, partying, etc, I'd rather stay indoors… Continue reading The truth about you!

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The ultimate guide to annoying your reader in 5 simple ways.

These are some of my blogging pet peeves. And as an ardent reader, I personally find them irritating when I visit some websites. No matter how interesting/entertaining, or juicy the information i'm seeking is, I bounce off and may likely not return. These may serve as some blogging tips, but honestly, I'm no expert in… Continue reading The ultimate guide to annoying your reader in 5 simple ways.

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Funpost + Blue Sky Tag.

This post has kinda been in my drafts for a while now, so I thought...what best time to share it? Now ofcourse. grins. I was tagged by Ijay of http://www.ijefinelivin.com, my amazing online friend. Hi Ijay... waves hand thankyou! Please check her out. Okies. The rule is to answer all ten questions asked by the… Continue reading Funpost + Blue Sky Tag.

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On having a sense of humor.

The things we take seriously may often be far from what it actually is. We can get lost in things that don't count such that life whizzes away and we barely even notice. We hold on to things that aren't really important and they do nothing but weigh us down! Life itself is such a… Continue reading On having a sense of humor.