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Signs of Grandiose Narcissism and superiority complex. And how to deal with them.

The world is complex. In our everyday life, we come across various people who exhibit different forms of behaviors. Whether in the workplace, our social environment or personal relationships. This forms of behaviors affect our lives directly or indirectly. The subject of this post is centered onย grandiose narcissism and superiority complex.ย Because it is rather disturbing… Continue reading Signs of Grandiose Narcissism and superiority complex. And how to deal with them.

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Something to reflect on, in one minute.

So I saw this post card that reads:ย Better days are coming;they're called Saturdays and Sundays.ย I just couldn't help but grin with wide smiles. I mean... who doesn't love weekends? Whoever cunned that wordย TGIF,ย thank you! It is so relaxing to have days like this I swear. While we're basking in the euphoria of the lovely weekend,… Continue reading Something to reflect on, in one minute.

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7 badass qualities of an alpha man or woman.

You'd know an alpha person when you spot one. The qualities are badass and distinctive. An alpha person just as the name implies, is the "numero uno". The one who leads the pack. The leader of his/her own life. He/she is smart and confident. The world today, can best be enjoyed by the mentally strong… Continue reading 7 badass qualities of an alpha man or woman.

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Funpost + Blue Sky Tag.

This post has kinda been in my drafts for a while now, so I thought...what best time to share it? Now ofcourse. grins. I was tagged by Ijay of, my amazing online friend. Hi Ijay... waves hand thankyou! Please check her out. Okies. The rule is to answer all ten questions asked by the… Continue reading Funpost + Blue Sky Tag.

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On having a sense of humor.

The things we take seriously may often be far from what it actually is. We can get lost in things that don't count such that life whizzes away and we barely even notice. We hold on to things that aren't really important and they do nothing but weigh us down! Life itself is such a… Continue reading On having a sense of humor.

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The little things…

I often look at my kids with keen interest when they're ย playing and jumping around. They absolutely have nothing to care about except ofcourse their toys, racing about and laughing as hard as they can. Makes me sometimes reminisce on being a child and worrying about freaking nothing! If you observe children, you'd realize how… Continue reading The little things…

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The crowd and your territory.

Recently, the #pepperdemgang has been trending. I honestly thought it's the title of one of Olamide's hit singles from his current album. Oh...literally it is. Until I started seeing it all over social media that it is (also) actually a gang that showcases luxury, wealth, cars, etc to pepperdem . Hian! Whatever that means that… Continue reading The crowd and your territory.

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The one thing you need to become more attractive.

The core of manifesting is how we feel. Whatever we feel on the inside reflects on the outside. When you feel gloomy,sad and all frustrated, you express some kind of unattraction. When you look at your outward circumstances and they aren't producing your desired results, you start feeling badly. This happens to almost everyone. Sometimes… Continue reading The one thing you need to become more attractive.

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5 signs you have a mediocre mindset and how to deal with it.

The mind is the faculty which serves our thought-processes, judgements, consciousness and perception to life. It is the center of our reasoning and thoughts. And so the way you reason and perceive life forms your mindset and your beliefs.ย You make assumptions, feel or do certain things based on that belief which becomes your philosophy of… Continue reading 5 signs you have a mediocre mindset and how to deal with it.

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7 beneficial ways to press forward when you feel like giving up.

Ever been in situations where it seems your hopes are daunting and you feel like throwing-in the towel? Where you wake up sometimes and feel a sense of futility - When you can't see the point in even trying anymore. It's really hard to be confident of success when you have yet to experience it.… Continue reading 7 beneficial ways to press forward when you feel like giving up.

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Live, Laugh, Love.

It's Thursday, let's share some humor. Laughter is the best medicine, a day without laughter is a wasted one. It helps us stay optimistic, fights stress, brightens our mood, strengthens the immune system, improves appearance, boosts our esteem and mental health and ultimately makes life more fun and interesting. It's very essential to inject humor… Continue reading Live, Laugh, Love.

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7 effective ways to fine-tune your potential and turn it into a unique asset.

So you discovered you have a great singing ability, or you're a good dancer, perhaps outstanding in sports/athletics, or in acting/drama, writing/public speaking, creative drawing & painting, whatever it is that is a raw talent deposited in you. Many times, the things we're most drawn to and that we receive the most compliments for, are… Continue reading 7 effective ways to fine-tune your potential and turn it into a unique asset.

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Best ways to become more positive in life

We don't have control over certain occurrences or situations. Life isn't all perfect and no one has it all figured out. Challenges arise, pain, etc. ย  ย  What we certainly have control over is how we choose to react to those circumstances and what energy we decide to focus on. Even amidst the most difficult… Continue reading Best ways to become more positive in life

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7 Epic ways to end your day just right.

I did a post onย A good way to start a good day.ย , which were useful tips on starting ย your day right. But I felt it would be incomplete if I don't also share tips on how to end the day right. We can literally start in a way to have a great day but then… Continue reading 7 Epic ways to end your day just right.

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9 Little known ways to boost your mood in 2mins or less.

You can always have a great day. A fantastic one. But everyday isn't the same and for some reasons, some days might just turn out bad. There are bad days that could put us in some kinda bad mood too. Perhaps an unfavorable job interview, an annoying colleague at workplace, a stranger who just picks… Continue reading 9 Little known ways to boost your mood in 2mins or less.

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Share your social media link here.

This is an opportunity for everyone to meet new readers/followers by leaving their social media links in the comments section. I'm going to follow everyone who does and you should read and follow other links too. Everyone is welcome! This is for those who are interested in real/engaging and loyal readers/followers so be sure to… Continue reading Share your social media link here.

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A Good way to start a Good day.

Hi guys, how y'all doing? Everyone wakes up with the intention of having a drama-free and fulfilling day but most times, this is compromised by a few things we don't get right especially when we wake up in the morning. What you do within those first few moments can go a long way to affect… Continue reading A Good way to start a Good day.

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6 easy ways to unwind, after a long day..

We get exhausted after a long day, yet we seem to gravitate towards the things that even drain us the more. We forget to take in-cognizance, our body's need for rest and this gets us even more exhausted and less productive. We all need to listen to our body when it! and obey. Learn… Continue reading 6 easy ways to unwind, after a long day..

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Recap plus 7 super tips for personal development that’ll inspire you.

Hey guys, Welcome back to my blog and a fresh new year. It's hard to believe 2007 was 10years ago. Wow! Time flies super fast! Remember I told you a lot people travel during festive periods to spend time with relatives or even vacay? Well, I did ๐Ÿ˜Š, and it was cool. Only that there… Continue reading Recap plus 7 super tips for personal development that’ll inspire you.

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Top 5 Christmas -Tradition every Nigerian must relate with.

Christmas Holiday in Nigeria is a very huge celebration for everyone especially the Christians. People travel from far and wide with their families to their respective villages to celebrate it and participate in other fun & exciting activities. It is usually a time of merriment with plenty food and drinks, gifts-giving and sharing and events… Continue reading Top 5 Christmas -Tradition every Nigerian must relate with.

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How to have a lovely day…

Wishing you a lovely and happy day plus happy holidays. ๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜ Join me on Facebook, ( Jessicahugoinspire Page) and twitter (@jessyaijay). Xoxo

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2017..Are you ready? 10 powerful things you should embrace in 2017.

As the year is gradually coming to an end, it is time to look at certain things to drop & certain things to take up So as to help you achieve your dreams for next year. I know everyone's started planning for next year, and all we hope to achieve and become. No I don't… Continue reading 2017..Are you ready? 10 powerful things you should embrace in 2017.

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Letting go…

Letting go is a very difficult thing to do. Whether a toxic relationship, past hurt, circumstances you can't control, etc. Dealing with sadness, frustrations and disappointments is very tough. Life isn't simple, as we live each day, we may encounter some challenges. The problem is, we often hold on to it far beyond its capacity… Continue reading Letting go…

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Anything that angers you teaches forgiveness & compassion.

Honestly I'm not the type that's quick to anger, but anger is a completely normal human emotion. It is response to grievance & I bet you understand this because we've all experienced it whether in full-blown rage or passively, one time or the other. Some situations can turn one's eyes so red in rage that… Continue reading Anything that angers you teaches forgiveness & compassion.

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Mind-the -gap.

The gap, that gap, the space in between two worlds where you either go here or there. If you mind the gap properly, then you might just get to your destination safely. You know that feeling? Like after graduating from the university with really high hopes for the future eg landing your dream job and… Continue reading Mind-the -gap.

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What is commitment and why should you commit to anything at all?

I feel the strong determination to strive to be better than who I was yesterday through personal development. I am committing to personal development mentally and otherwise. That's commitment. Commitment involves dedicating yourself to something or somethings ย as the case may be, a firm decision to do a cause. It is the willingness to invest… Continue reading What is commitment and why should you commit to anything at all?

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11 Simple ways to motivate yourself daily.

Setting goals is easy, but the hard part is following through to achieve them. The ability to get stuffs done when you feel like just laying on your bed or even giving up entirely isn't quite easy. Sometimes we procrastinate and drag our feet when something really important should be done. We all need motivation… Continue reading 11 Simple ways to motivate yourself daily.

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7 fun ways to be more spontaneous in life.

Routine, Routine, Routine! Sameness & rigidity can become too predictive and boring sometimes. It's true having routines can tremendously help things get done timely, but it could become static , too serious and fun-less. ย Who says you should take life too serious anyway? Wouldn't you ratherย loosen up a bit?What's your typical routine like? Work-eat-sleep-repeat right?… Continue reading 7 fun ways to be more spontaneous in life.

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Sometimes, you have to be your own sunshine.

The sun illuminates our day, it shines and makes it bright. When it rises, darkness gives way and the cloud lightens up. Sometimes when you feel gloomy and sad, you have to be your own sunshine. Happiness is a choice and it totally depends on you to make yourself happy and stay happy. "Where ever… Continue reading Sometimes, you have to be your own sunshine.

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Stressed? 7 proven ways to get relief.

Stress is a feeling we experience whether short term or long term, in our career, education, and everyday life. Sometimes, certain situations overwhelm us and we begin to feel "out of control". We may feel tensed, agitated, moody, depressed, anxious, excited or even angry. To respond to that stress, our brain releases stress hormones to… Continue reading Stressed? 7 proven ways to get relief.

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Are people born gay?

This topic of discussion has been debated by clergymen, psychologists, medical professionals, politicians, scientists and even the general public. Are people born gay or is it a lifestyle choice? Sexual orientation they say is a trait some people are born with (nature). They say it is determined by biological factors such as genes or hormones… Continue reading Are people born gay?

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4 critical ways to discover your passion/purpose.

It is essential to have a purpose for your life, something usually drives one to search for that purpose. That purpose gives meaning to life and your passion makes you happy. At some point, we all hunger for a meaning in our lives. Either a sense of emptiness, circumstance, problem, even the desire to attain… Continue reading 4 critical ways to discover your passion/purpose.

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Liebster Award.

Hi guys, it's Monday and this is your Monday morning reminder... " You're awesome and you can do anything". I'm excited, I received warmly, the liebster award. This award is to recognise new blogs for their content, it's given to bloggers by other bloggers and I thank Mfon of for nominating me. Do visit… Continue reading Liebster Award.


21 random fun-facts.Did you know…

I've been reading some cool interesting stuffs lately on very mind-blowing ,weird but so-true facts. I bet there are a few things here we didnt know, just ignore or have never really thought of. Some of them will make you laugh, leave you astonished, but are all very informative and mind-blowing. Here are 21 of… Continue reading 21 random fun-facts.Did you know…

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What if…( crazy random thoughts)

So recently, I've been thinking out loud. This crazy random thoughts bugging my mind and going on and on in my head. Was reading a magazine this morning and my head started imagining ย weird things and wondering if they actually happen in reality, how it'll play out. It's so humorous but then again it won't… Continue reading What if…( crazy random thoughts)

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What kind of conversations are you having?

"One good conversation can shift the direction of change forever"~ Linda Lambert Often times in our not-so-busy moments, we engage in some conversations. We spend time talking about things which are relatively meaningless and adds no value to our lives. I'd rather call them 'crappy conversations'. Fatima wants to know what's going on in Bola'sย life,… Continue reading What kind of conversations are you having?


5 Simple tips for making a good first impression.

Are you like me? Inwards, reserved & sometimes shy? Even though I struggle to accept that I'm shy sometimes especially when I'm relating with an elder one or when I need to face a crowd of people, I am funnily shy sometimes. You find me looking away or face-down instead of directly at the person,… Continue reading 5 Simple tips for making a good first impression.



The ability to face adversity, maybe health problems, workplace or even financial and then bounce back even stronger than ever.~ Resilience. I used to wonder how some people despite facing all manner of challenges of life maintain balance in ALL areas of their life. They have problems just like every other person but they always… Continue reading That word-RESILIENCE…


How to Improve your self-esteem.

Self-esteem is the evaluation of your own worth. The thoughts, feelings, opinions you have about yourself. It is usually shaped by our relationships and experiences. When you have a healthy self-esteem, it means you're confident in your own worth and abilities. However, some situations can make one develop a low self-esteem. Heartbreak, physical looks, not… Continue reading How to Improve your self-esteem.

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Myths or facts?

Hey guys, it's Saturday! Whoop, whoop!! I love Saturdays like madt. I don't even know why, but I know it dates back to my days in early primary school. Infact I narrated my love for Saturdaysย here. So last night, as i was reading a fairy-tale story to my son, i recollected a lot of myths… Continue reading Myths or facts?


8 Inspiring Nigerian women worthy of recognition

Women are the bedrock of the society. Our contributions towards a sustainable economy is no longer a subject of debate. We have clearly proven to be great leaders, entrepreneurs, CEOs, etc. Our position isn't just in the kitchen, living room ย or other room, we can also be in the board room. It's our celebrity crush… Continue reading 8 Inspiring Nigerian women worthy of recognition


Talent Vs Hardwork: On the path to success…

This has been an age long debate. Talent, which is one's natural ability or Hardwork which is commitment & diligence towards a set goal. Which of them tends to take one farther in life and why? Let's take a peek on this; God bestowed on each person a natural ability, whether in sports, singing, leadership/mentorship,… Continue reading Talent Vs Hardwork: On the path to success…


9 Toxic habits that sabotage your happiness you need to quit!

We all want to feel fulfilled and happy. Nothing is as exciting as this ecstatic feeling & satisfaction, yet we constantly sabotage it by our own selves. To achieve true happiness, we need to give up on some certain habits to enable us attain this. I'm going to share 9 deadly habits we need to… Continue reading 9 Toxic habits that sabotage your happiness you need to quit!


7 Important tips you need, to stop procrastinating now!

The struggle with procrastination is real. Sometimes things have to be done when it has to be done but for some reasons, aren't done. If you find yourself regularly postponing or putting important tasks off, just know you're not alone. Millions of other people procrastinate to some degree but some have formed it a habit… Continue reading 7 Important tips you need, to stop procrastinating now!


A life of gratitude…

Sometimes forgetfulness is excusable in certain things of life, even though we may associate this with age, stress, etc, it is common to everyone and even when little kids have lapses in their memory, they excuse themselves and say..."I forgot"! But there's particularly a type of forgetfulness which is inexcusable at any age---Forgetting to be… Continue reading A life of gratitude…


What you think Vs What it is…

You are what you think of yourself to be. If you think mediocrity, are you mediocre? Because that is what you have produced out of your own heart for yourself. You limit yourself by your own perception and fail to Recognise the treasures God has laid in you ( What it is). When you think… Continue reading What you think Vs What it is…

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6 Things introverts can relate with…

Phew! I can't imagine it's been a whole four days. Life could get busy sometimes, the kind of busy you have little time for yourself nor to write or do a post. Well I'm here now...smiles and I'm glad you are too. About today's post, it's been on my drafts for a while now, so… Continue reading 6 Things introverts can relate with…


No testimony without a test!

Sometimes life seems unfair.. Sometimes it feels like the world is turning upside down.. The struggles are real and you ask...why me? Sometimes you loose sight of the possibilities because all your eyes can see is all the bad things happening around. Sometimes you want to throw in the towel and say I'm done! It's… Continue reading No testimony without a test!

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Noise vs Sound reality!

It isn't difficult to differentiate between noise and sound. Noise is an unpleasant sound that isn't wanted. Sound itself is a vibration that travels through air, water and sensed by the ear. Noise can be sound, the main difference is that whereas noise is undesirable, sound is, whereas noise is irrelevant, sound is. In our… Continue reading Noise vs Sound reality!

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What’s in your hand?

Hi guys, Welcome to another beautiful week, thanks for joining me here. I'm doing a topic I'd say is a part 2 of a previous topic, seeย HERE. I look at that picture up there and it reminds me there's something deposited in each and everyone of us. A special ability, skill, talent, something we all… Continue reading What’s in your hand?