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Fun post; I answered 20 Get-to-know-me tag questions.

I love fun posts. I love that it's light-hearted and always entertaining. I also love that it builds some kinda connection between us. (Me and you-the reader). I love the excitement and fun that comes with it just as the name implies,  and so when I get tagged or come across one, I gladly jump… Continue reading Fun post; I answered 20 Get-to-know-me tag questions.

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The three musketeers|short story.

Most of my posts have been inspirational/motivational. But hey! Sometimes we have to tweak things up a bit like I talked about Here. And so...I'm writing a short story (fiction) today! ''Twas so much fun figuring the basic setting and outlines of the story. But that's what writers do right? Write away!!! It's weekend, lets put our… Continue reading The three musketeers|short story.

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The little things…

I often look at my kids with keen interest when they're  playing and jumping around. They absolutely have nothing to care about except ofcourse their toys, racing about and laughing as hard as they can. Makes me sometimes reminisce on being a child and worrying about freaking nothing! If you observe children, you'd realize how… Continue reading The little things…

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7 Epic ways to end your day just right.

I did a post on A good way to start a good day. , which were useful tips on starting  your day right. But I felt it would be incomplete if I don't also share tips on how to end the day right. We can literally start in a way to have a great day but then… Continue reading 7 Epic ways to end your day just right.

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Share your social media link here.

This is an opportunity for everyone to meet new readers/followers by leaving their social media links in the comments section. I'm going to follow everyone who does and you should read and follow other links too. Everyone is welcome! This is for those who are interested in real/engaging and loyal readers/followers so be sure to… Continue reading Share your social media link here.

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6 Things introverts can relate with…

Phew! I can't imagine it's been a whole four days. Life could get busy sometimes, the kind of busy you have little time for yourself nor to write or do a post. Well I'm here now...smiles and I'm glad you are too. About today's post, it's been on my drafts for a while now, so… Continue reading 6 Things introverts can relate with…

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Beauty Hack: Achieving a spotless skin.

Hey guys, so today I want to share a fair share of my challenges to achieving a spotless skin. Everyone wants a sparkling skin right? So do I. A woman's body changes a lot during/after pregnancy /child-birth or even due to aging or too much sun exposure. From excess melanin production leading to hyper pigmentation… Continue reading Beauty Hack: Achieving a spotless skin.

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20 Inspiring life quotes that’ll make you think!

Indeed positive thoughts, motivational words, lift us and kindle/re-kindle some passion, fire, optimism in us to reach for the best that we can. It re-ignites some bit of hope to those who have lost hope and some confidence to those who dare. Words of inspiration help us draw ideas to fuel our passion and act… Continue reading 20 Inspiring life quotes that’ll make you think!

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5 things every blog-writer can relate with!

Though i'm kinda new to blogging, I've been a writer for as long as i can remember. Blogging & creating content is a life-changing experience for me. I love to write, this is Why I write. I've written many articles in the past but found it hard to properly document them so i end up loosing them,… Continue reading 5 things every blog-writer can relate with!

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Culture shock

Hey my people, there are so many cultures in this world o. Infact in this country alone, when you go to some remote areas and see their own way of life eh, I'm sure your mouth will stay open for one week. Sometime ago, BBC broke the news of a community in Malawi where it… Continue reading Culture shock

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Natural hair growth & care: Interview with CEO, Black Elegance hair consultancy.

I have always loved the natural hair. The texture, curl/coil pattern, volume, beauty, and most importantly, how  healthy it is. Being a naturalista myself, I sought to know various ways I can grow and care for my hair better and Black Elegance hair consultancy came to mind. She is a trained online hair consultant and… Continue reading Natural hair growth & care: Interview with CEO, Black Elegance hair consultancy.

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3 Perky Awards I can NOT win!

I woke up this morning feeling like a super woman Hehe... I have my daily must-do stuffs. The ones I like to handle myself. When I'm done, I feel super! You know that heroic feeling of winning a battle and feeling like a champ. Hehe... That makes me a super woman init? #grins. I love… Continue reading 3 Perky Awards I can NOT win!

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Celebrity crush Wednesday #3 – The Hero!

Today, I'm blown away, I'm inspired by the strength, courage, brevity and patriotic heart of this young Nigerian female. I stumbled upon her story recently, no one seems to know her before the Rio2016 Olympics. Her name is Chierika Ukogu, a 23-year old medical student based in Philadelphia, United States. I don't even know how… Continue reading Celebrity crush Wednesday #3 – The Hero!

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An apple a day…

I've always heard the saying " an apple a day keeps the doctor away" and often wondered how eating a single apple would keep the doctor away & yet there were so many sick people in the world. People often ignore nutritional advice & would eat whatever their body crave for. Honestly I belong to… Continue reading An apple a day…

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The closet.

You have an appointment by 9am, out of bed & trying to get ready.  You get to your closet & it's filled to the brim yet it seems like there's   "nothing" to wear. Familiar right? Hehe you're not alone. It does happen to the majority of us a lot of times. Resuming by 8am… Continue reading The closet.

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One day, moving about the streets of the city searching for an address, I stopped to ask a passer-by, who appeared to me to be resident around the area.  Trust some Naija people with giving directions. "Madam go straight, when you reach that junction, turn left then right then go straight then bend. Na the… Continue reading #mondayinspiration-Direction



It's Father's Day today, a day set aside to honor men & all fathers & potential fathers. To celebrate fatherhood, paternal bonds, and influence of fathers on their children, household, community & country at large. Usually marked every 2nd -3rd week in June each year. As we celebrate, let us ponder what contributions we have… Continue reading HFD!!!