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7 great personal Development tips you should know about.

The idea of personal development is to enhance the quality of lives and aid us in reaching our goals and aspirations and being the best version of ourselves. There are very little things that matter on the journey to improving ourselves yet are almost always ignored. In this post, I throw some light on seven… Continue reading 7 great personal Development tips you should know about.

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On why it’s important to put out positive energy.

First, everything about you, about life, is energy. Your thoughts, your feelings, your beliefs. The world, the universe we live in, is energy. Whatever energy you put out, is telling the universe what you want more of. We have the power to create. Our thoughts, our feelings, our words and actions, they create things. And… Continue reading On why it’s important to put out positive energy.

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Let your goals be your biggest motivation.

The road to success is not an easy one, nothing good comes easy. It is often said that a smooth sea does not make a good sailor. Our pursuits doesn't take comfort to achieve. To say the least, many give up on the way because the process takes way too much stress, fear, anxiety and… Continue reading Let your goals be your biggest motivation.

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On Utilizing the power of the mind.

The human mind is the center of various mental processes which includes thought-processes, reasoning, imaginations, judgement, feeling, etc. If there's no mind, there would be no thinking, feeling, imagining, and others. The mind forms our beliefs and philosophies of life because all mental activities are from the mind. We've all heard that our thoughts are… Continue reading On Utilizing the power of the mind.

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Life Lately, plus some Tips on writer’s block.

Hi guys, clears throat. It's been a little while and the longest so far, I've been away from this space. Gush!!! It wasn't intentional, I can't even completely blame it on being too busy or life happening, No. Even though there's always something to do, I can always find time to write if I really… Continue reading Life Lately, plus some Tips on writer’s block.

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One simple rule to inspire greatness.

Success is what everyone seeks, whatever definition of success you have. Be it completing a task, meeting any set target, finding happiness or fulfillment, owning that car, having that fat bank account or landing that dream job! You determine your own success. I've read many articles where various ways and steps to pursue and achieve… Continue reading One simple rule to inspire greatness.

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Can I change my personality for the better?

Just recently, I wrote this article The truth about you!, which highlighted our different personalities and temperaments. The introverted, extroverted and some of those Tim Lahaye's stuff. But there are different areas of these personalities that can also be improved. Our personalities aren't stagnant. Getting older, different life experiences, even our environment, getting married, having kids, jobs, etc… Continue reading Can I change my personality for the better?

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Taking a break, MIA and self-care.

Sometimes there is need for the body to take the required break. Taking breaks is very much helpful to avoid exhaustion. As humans, our bodies need time for rest in order to rejuvenate. This helps us function optimally. When your body calls for rest, it is important to obey. It's part of self-care. Doing every… Continue reading Taking a break, MIA and self-care.

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Welcome June!!

It's  a new month guys. I mean... It's the sixth month of the year. Where's half of the year? Going?...Gone?...For real? 😳😳. holds breadth. The month of May felt like forever! You know that aha moment when you finally hiss a sigh of relief after a looongg wait. That abeg come and be going moment. Was it… Continue reading Welcome June!!

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The truth about you!

Me being kinda a calm person, I often wondered how some people enter a place with their mouth first. Like, from the entrance, they're already screaming on top of their voice.  I thought that was a bit weird but I understand better now. While some others liked social events, partying, etc, I'd rather stay indoors… Continue reading The truth about you!

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New Author Alert!!!

Hey guys, goodnews!!! I'm super excited to share with you my maiden powerful motivational book " The pre-Eminent mind -supercharging your creative abilities for excellence".  This is my first ever published book and I feel so so happy and fulfilled. I'm just not going to call myself a writer henceforth, but an author. An author guys, an… Continue reading New Author Alert!!!

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Signs of Grandiose Narcissism and superiority complex. And how to deal with them.

The world is complex. In our everyday life, we come across various people who exhibit different forms of behaviors. Whether in the workplace, our social environment or personal relationships. This forms of behaviors affect our lives directly or indirectly. The subject of this post is centered on grandiose narcissism and superiority complex. Because it is rather disturbing… Continue reading Signs of Grandiose Narcissism and superiority complex. And how to deal with them.

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Something to reflect on, in one minute.

So I saw this post card that reads: Better days are coming;they're called Saturdays and Sundays. I just couldn't help but grin with wide smiles. I mean... who doesn't love weekends? Whoever cunned that word TGIF, thank you! It is so relaxing to have days like this I swear. While we're basking in the euphoria of the lovely weekend,… Continue reading Something to reflect on, in one minute.

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The ultimate guide to annoying your reader in 5 simple ways.

These are some of my blogging pet peeves. And as an ardent reader, I personally find them irritating when I visit some websites. No matter how interesting/entertaining, or juicy the information i'm seeking is, I bounce off and may likely not return. These may serve as some blogging tips, but honestly, I'm no expert in… Continue reading The ultimate guide to annoying your reader in 5 simple ways.

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7 badass qualities of an alpha man or woman.

You'd know an alpha person when you spot one. The qualities are badass and distinctive. An alpha person just as the name implies, is the "numero uno". The one who leads the pack. The leader of his/her own life. He/she is smart and confident. The world today, can best be enjoyed by the mentally strong… Continue reading 7 badass qualities of an alpha man or woman.

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4 easy ways to overcome your fear of DREAMING.

It's a new month guys, yayyy!! I'm super glad to have you here with me, thanks for joining. Today, I'll be discussing an interesting topic, deep breathe overcoming- your- fear- of-dreaming. We all have dreams, aspirations, goals, and so forth in life, some of them have been ever since we were a child. We all want… Continue reading 4 easy ways to overcome your fear of DREAMING.

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It’s OK to worry, or maybe not to.

The future is hidden, no one can accurately predict tomorrow's outcomes. But we believe that it is certainly a good one. So as humans, we sometimes worry about things. Many things. We worry about our jobs, kids, friends or even parents. We worry about gaining or loosing weight, being more or less attractive, getting older,… Continue reading It’s OK to worry, or maybe not to.

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Grace Vs Hardwork

This has been a lifelong debate. Sometimes when people become successful, they attribute it to grace. While some others would say it's all hardwork. By hardwork I mean, your personal efforts and perseverance towards your set objective or fulfillment. I always hear when you work hard, you'll become successful. Hard work leads to success. If… Continue reading Grace Vs Hardwork

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The little things…

I often look at my kids with keen interest when they're  playing and jumping around. They absolutely have nothing to care about except ofcourse their toys, racing about and laughing as hard as they can. Makes me sometimes reminisce on being a child and worrying about freaking nothing! If you observe children, you'd realize how… Continue reading The little things…

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The Power in “starting”

" All glory comes from daring to begin"~ Eugene F. Ware. We all have dreams, we all have goals, many of us have plans of things we want to do. We write them down and then dream about them all day. The hard part? Taking action!! It seems always difficult to start anything. The zeal… Continue reading The Power in “starting”