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The truth about you!

Me being kinda a calm person, I often wondered how some people enter a place with their mouth first. Like, from the entrance, they're already screaming on top of their voice. Β I thought that was a bit weird but I understand better now. While some others liked social events, partying, etc, I'd rather stay indoors… Continue reading The truth about you!

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The ultimate guide to annoying your reader in 5 simple ways.

These are some of my blogging pet peeves. And as an ardent reader, I personally find them irritating when I visit some websites. No matter how interesting/entertaining, or juicy the information i'm seeking is, I bounce off and may likely not return. These may serve as some blogging tips, but honestly, I'm no expert in… Continue reading The ultimate guide to annoying your reader in 5 simple ways.

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Funpost + Blue Sky Tag.

This post has kinda been in my drafts for a while now, so I thought...what best time to share it? Now ofcourse. grins. I was tagged by Ijay of http://www.ijefinelivin.com, my amazing online friend. Hi Ijay... waves hand thankyou! Please check her out. Okies. The rule is to answer all ten questions asked by the… Continue reading Funpost + Blue Sky Tag.

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On having a sense of humor.

The things we take seriously may often be far from what it actually is. We can get lost in things that don't count such that life whizzes away and we barely even notice. We hold on to things that aren't really important and they do nothing but weigh us down! Life itself is such a… Continue reading On having a sense of humor.

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Reliving Childhood: 5 things I wish I learnt growing up.

This is a lighthearted post, I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I did writing it. I remember dancing in the rain, it was quite fun playing when it rained. I did that a lot of times and I remember when mama would scream..."Get inside, you'll catch cold"! in my dialect (Ibo) cos… Continue reading Reliving Childhood: 5 things I wish I learnt growing up.

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The crowd and your territory.

Recently, the #pepperdemgang has been trending. I honestly thought it's the title of one of Olamide's hit singles from his current album. Oh...literally it is. Until I started seeing it all over social media that it is (also) actually a gang that showcases luxury, wealth, cars, etc to pepperdem . Hian! Whatever that means that… Continue reading The crowd and your territory.

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3 Wittiest misconceptions about blogging I’ve come across.

I really don't know how I started blogging. As in... I can't explain. But I know I'm very passionate about writing. Writing is my thing. But somehow, I kept loosing all the stuffs I wrote. I didn't have a platform to share them so I ended up shoving sheets into different areas of the home… Continue reading 3 Wittiest misconceptions about blogging I’ve come across.

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Live, Laugh, Love.

It's Thursday, let's share some humor. Laughter is the best medicine, a day without laughter is a wasted one. It helps us stay optimistic, fights stress, brightens our mood, strengthens the immune system, improves appearance, boosts our esteem and mental health and ultimately makes life more fun and interesting. It's very essential to inject humor… Continue reading Live, Laugh, Love.

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9 Little known ways to boost your mood in 2mins or less.

You can always have a great day. A fantastic one. But everyday isn't the same and for some reasons, some days might just turn out bad. There are bad days that could put us in some kinda bad mood too. Perhaps an unfavorable job interview, an annoying colleague at workplace, a stranger who just picks… Continue reading 9 Little known ways to boost your mood in 2mins or less.

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Celebrity Profile-Innocent ‘Tuface’ Idibia.

Hi guys, happy new month. The year is almost coming to an end 😳. πŸ˜„ Nah just a joke. So today, I'm profiling a celebrity. I usually have this Celebrity - Wednesdays I used to do, it's been a while so I thought, why not? More so now,this celebrity is the heat of the moment.… Continue reading Celebrity Profile-Innocent ‘Tuface’ Idibia.

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Share your social media link here.

This is an opportunity for everyone to meet new readers/followers by leaving their social media links in the comments section. I'm going to follow everyone who does and you should read and follow other links too. Everyone is welcome! This is for those who are interested in real/engaging and loyal readers/followers so be sure to… Continue reading Share your social media link here.

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A Good way to start a Good day.

Hi guys, how y'all doing? Everyone wakes up with the intention of having a drama-free and fulfilling day but most times, this is compromised by a few things we don't get right especially when we wake up in the morning. What you do within those first few moments can go a long way to affect… Continue reading A Good way to start a Good day.

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6 easy ways to unwind, after a long day..

We get exhausted after a long day, yet we seem to gravitate towards the things that even drain us the more. We forget to take in-cognizance, our body's need for rest and this gets us even more exhausted and less productive. We all need to listen to our body when it says...rest! and obey. Learn… Continue reading 6 easy ways to unwind, after a long day..

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5 Inspiring real life stories of people who didn’t let their circumstances define them.

Hey guys, it's weekend whoop! Whoop! So today, I'm sharing with you real life stories of people who pushed beyond boundaries and didn't let their circumstances define them. As you know, my blog is about inspiration, to inspire people to live their happiest and best lives. If you'd like to keep updated with stories and… Continue reading 5 Inspiring real life stories of people who didn’t let their circumstances define them.

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Guest Feature: Precious Nkeih, on blogging and Inspiration.

We had a chat with Precious Meshi Nkeih, US-based Cameroonian food/lifestyle blogger. Now here's what blogging does, you get to meet so many amazing people and get to share knowledge as well. She shares with us, her blogging Journey and inspirations. Please relax and enjoy! What inspired you to start blogging? God inspired me to… Continue reading Guest Feature: Precious Nkeih, on blogging and Inspiration.

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Top 5 Christmas -Tradition every Nigerian must relate with.

Christmas Holiday in Nigeria is a very huge celebration for everyone especially the Christians. People travel from far and wide with their families to their respective villages to celebrate it and participate in other fun & exciting activities. It is usually a time of merriment with plenty food and drinks, gifts-giving and sharing and events… Continue reading Top 5 Christmas -Tradition every Nigerian must relate with.

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How to have a lovely day…

Wishing you a lovely and happy day plus happy holidays. 😘😘 Join me on Facebook, ( Jessicahugoinspire Page) and twitter (@jessyaijay). Xoxo

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On Feminism…How much is too far?

Hi guys, uuhhm... I've been gone for how many days now? πŸ˜” Was kinda Ill but I feel better now. So yesternight just as I was checking social media for happenings around the world, I came across an interesting piece on feminism. Some of the things I didn't quite agree with. I did a piece… Continue reading On Feminism…How much is too far?

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Are people born gay?

This topic of discussion has been debated by clergymen, psychologists, medical professionals, politicians, scientists and even the general public. Are people born gay or is it a lifestyle choice? Sexual orientation they say is a trait some people are born with (nature). They say it is determined by biological factors such as genes or hormones… Continue reading Are people born gay?

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Liebster Award.

Hi guys, it's Monday and this is your Monday morning reminder... " You're awesome and you can do anything". I'm excited, I received warmly, the liebster award. This award is to recognise new blogs for their content, it's given to bloggers by other bloggers and I thank Mfon of http://daintym.com for nominating me. Do visit… Continue reading Liebster Award.


21 random fun-facts.Did you know…

I've been reading some cool interesting stuffs lately on very mind-blowing ,weird but so-true facts. I bet there are a few things here we didnt know, just ignore or have never really thought of. Some of them will make you laugh, leave you astonished, but are all very informative and mind-blowing. Here are 21 of… Continue reading 21 random fun-facts.Did you know…

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What if…( crazy random thoughts)

So recently, I've been thinking out loud. This crazy random thoughts bugging my mind and going on and on in my head. Was reading a magazine this morning and my head started imagining Β weird things and wondering if they actually happen in reality, how it'll play out. It's so humorous but then again it won't… Continue reading What if…( crazy random thoughts)

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Myths or facts?

Hey guys, it's Saturday! Whoop, whoop!! I love Saturdays like madt. I don't even know why, but I know it dates back to my days in early primary school. Infact I narrated my love for SaturdaysΒ here. So last night, as i was reading a fairy-tale story to my son, i recollected a lot of myths… Continue reading Myths or facts?


8 Inspiring Nigerian women worthy of recognition

Women are the bedrock of the society. Our contributions towards a sustainable economy is no longer a subject of debate. We have clearly proven to be great leaders, entrepreneurs, CEOs, etc. Our position isn't just in the kitchen, living room Β or other room, we can also be in the board room. It's our celebrity crush… Continue reading 8 Inspiring Nigerian women worthy of recognition

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Blogger recognition award.

Ok this is exciting! Today is Saturday my favorite day. Y'all knowΒ My love 4 Saturday… Woke up to a delightful email, Jessicahugoinspire blogger recognition award. Isn't it awesome? The blogger recognition award was created to Recognise some blogs impacting the blogosphere and i feel honored to be mentioned. Thanks Lesley ~ mychronicles007.wordpress.com for nominating me. The… Continue reading Blogger recognition award.

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Beauty Hack: Achieving a spotless skin.

Hey guys, so today I want to share a fair share of my challenges to achieving a spotless skin. Everyone wants a sparkling skin right? So do I. A woman's body changes a lot during/after pregnancy /child-birth or even due to aging or too much sun exposure. From excess melanin production leading to hyper pigmentation… Continue reading Beauty Hack: Achieving a spotless skin.

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The sunshine blogger award

Yay..Yayyyyy!! Guess who's got an award? Yea me. blushing . So Lesley, mychronicles007.wordpress.com, made me a recipient of the Sunshine blogger award. I'm so excited. Β This award is designed to honour bloggers who bring the most sunshine into our lives with their posts/feeds. Barely four months into blogging and I have an awesome award already,Wow!… Continue reading The sunshine blogger award

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Here’s why you should smile today..πŸ˜„

Every time you smile at someone, it is an action of live, a gift to that person, a beautiful thing.~ Mother Teresa. The Universal Language of kindness they say is smile...when you smile, you send a message to your brain that you're happy. When you smile at someone, you brighten their day because you may… Continue reading Here’s why you should smile today..πŸ˜„

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My love 4 Saturday…

I couldn't think of a topic to express my love for Saturdays..I love Saturdays, I sincerely do. I fell in love with Saturdays back in primary school when I knew you don't have to wake up early to go to school. On Friday nights, I stay up late watching my favorite TV programs without the… Continue reading My love 4 Saturday…

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6 Strategic Ways to survive this recession!

Yea I know celebrity news & gossips sell, I know people want to be reading and bashing the government and the economy on daily basis. The economic recession is real and people are packing to their villages. But hey that's why I'm here, for inspiration and motivation. I'm a carrier of good news. And I… Continue reading 6 Strategic Ways to survive this recession!

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Finding a new you…(1 min read).

So yea, it's a new month, we're all basking in the joy of welcoming a fresh month which ushers us into the 'ember' months. New month, new blessings, new everything! How about a new you? No this isn't that normal new year resolutions, it's about finding yourself a new & being a better version of… Continue reading Finding a new you…(1 min read).

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Mark Zuckerberg in Nigeria!!

Hi guys, Pleased to have the founder of Facebook Inc, and one of the most successful people in the world, Mark Zuckerberg in our country Nigeria. It is amaaaazzzing to have such a genius & an inspiring figure at this time where there's need to invest on potentials,skills and talents. The need to find our… Continue reading Mark Zuckerberg in Nigeria!!

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5 things every blog-writer can relate with!

Though i'm kinda new to blogging, I've been a writer for as long as i can remember. Blogging & creating content is a life-changing experience for me. I love to write, this isΒ Why I write. I'veΒ written many articles in the past but found it hard to properly document them so i end up loosing them,… Continue reading 5 things every blog-writer can relate with!

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Culture shock

Hey my people, there are so many cultures in this world o. Infact in this country alone, when you go to some remote areas and see their own way of life eh, I'm sure your mouth will stay open for one week. Sometime ago, BBC broke the news of a community in Malawi where it… Continue reading Culture shock

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Life’s 2 rules.

Welcome to another amaaaazzzing week guys, the year is gradually coming to an end, soon the 'ember' months will roll in and we would be counting days to xmas. Last year, many of us vowed on the things we would achieve before the end of this year and even beyond... Don't beat yourself yet, there's… Continue reading Life’s 2 rules.

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Natural hair growth & care: Interview with CEO, Black Elegance hair consultancy.

I have always loved the natural hair. The texture, curl/coil pattern, volume, beauty, and most importantly, how Β healthy it is. Being a naturalista myself, I sought to know various ways I can grow and care for my hair better and Black Elegance hair consultancy came to mind. She is a trained online hair consultant and… Continue reading Natural hair growth & care: Interview with CEO, Black Elegance hair consultancy.

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That word is exciting already isn't it? When you talk about passion, you talk about energy, zeal, enthusiasm, love, fulfilment, etc. "passion is energy. Feel the power that comes from focusing on what excites you"~ Oprah Winfrey. I'm going to base today's post on Oprah's quote. Energy... Excitement... Focus...Power... Aren't those most of what one… Continue reading Passion!!!

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3 Perky Awards I can NOT win!

I woke up this morning feeling like a super woman Hehe... I have my daily must-do stuffs. The ones I like to handle myself. When I'm done, I feel super! You know that heroic feeling of winning a battle and feeling like a champ. Hehe... That makes me a super woman init? #grins. I love… Continue reading 3 Perky Awards I can NOT win!

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6 awesome ways to sleep better.

Hi guys, I want to share with you, something that's really important yet overlooked in our very busy lives as we pursue our daily goals. Sometimes we're so busy all day and night that we do not take our own body seriously. Something as important asΒ sleep! Sleep is one important thing everyone needs. It's a… Continue reading 6 awesome ways to sleep better.

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Celebrity crush Wednesday #3 – The Hero!

Today, I'm blown away, I'm inspired by the strength, courage, brevity and patriotic heart of this young Nigerian female. I stumbled upon her story recently, no one seems to know her before the Rio2016 Olympics. Her name is Chierika Ukogu, a 23-year old medical student based in Philadelphia, United States. I don't even know how… Continue reading Celebrity crush Wednesday #3 – The Hero!

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Summer equals water!

Don't both words sound synonymous already? Summer--water. Summer as we know is the hottest of the four seasons, when the sun is at its most "vexing" state. That's for those in "Yankee" sha... If you live in Sub-Saharan Africa, Nigeria to be precise then you already know summer is everyday. Though some days are sunnier… Continue reading Summer equals water!

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4 Good reasons to leave your comfort zone

Hey guys, welcome to another amazing week. So glad to be here with you for another refreshing post. Talking about the comfort zone and why we need to push out of it. I hope you enjoy it, be kind to like, share, follow blog and leave your comments 😊. Will be much appreciated. Back to… Continue reading 4 Good reasons to leave your comfort zone

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When “NO” is acceptable!

He walked out of the office building with gloomy eyes, holding tightly to his big brown envelope containing all his credentials. He held it so tightly like his life depended on it. Or well, it literally did. Richard had been denied an employment for the 3rd time this month. Having graduated from the university with… Continue reading When “NO” is acceptable!

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Why I write.

From an early age, perhaps eight or nine, I discovered I love to write. I write basically about anything or idea that pops up in my head. I always made sure to keep my school pen safe and a spare exercise book exclusively for writing.   I read a lot as a kid. Still do… Continue reading Why I write.

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Pros & Cons of Gender Equality.

There has been some debate on this topic around the world, some spark negativity, arrogance & hatred, others seem to be more subtle & polite. Let's take a moment to analyze this subject. Firstly, let's understand the terms " gender equality & Feminism". Gender equality is the view that men & women should receive equal… Continue reading Pros & Cons of Gender Equality.

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Five things that make me happy right now!

A lot of things bring happiness to one's soul. Positive & pleasant things that makes one smile & releases intense joy. It is a state of mind ( mental or emotional) one experiences that makes life meaningful & worthwhile. It is good for our health, helps people cope with stress, good for our relationships, helps… Continue reading Five things that make me happy right now!


Black lives indeed matter!

I don't know if I should talk about this but I feel the need to. I mean... We're all encouraged to speak up especially on issues that concern lives. Recently, there's been an increase in the number of police shootings especially on innocent, unarmed black lives. You see/ watch on news channels how a life… Continue reading Black lives indeed matter!

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Throwback Thursday#2

Hi guys, it's Thursday, each day brings me some bit of excitement cos I get to gist with you guys. Usually, in the social media circle, Thursdays are known for throwbacks #TBT , and for today, I'm going to take you back to some old hairstyles that are making a big comeback. You guys remember… Continue reading Throwback Thursday#2

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What’s in the news?

Hey guys, trust your day is going fine? Yea it's Wednesday, it's usually a day we profile a celebrity & share inspiring things about them. But today, I'm going to take a moment to look at a few Β things trending & happening across the globe & I hope you enjoy the read as much as… Continue reading What’s in the news?

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10 random facts about me.

So today, I want to talk about me. I'm going to write ten random facts about me.Β I had a conversation with a former course-mate sometime ago, we attended lectures together, sat for exams, and studied for a whole five years at the university. she said..."I never got to really know you on a personal level… Continue reading 10 random facts about me.