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8 little changes to make for a better you!

Have you been stuck in a rut lately? Looking for a change or ways to become a better you? Look no further as we have a guest writer, reveal 8 little changes we can make for a better us! It’s quite an insightful resource for getting out of the funk and making little changes for a better life.


If you’re feeling stuck or at a plateau in your life, this article is for you. It can be a challenge at times to figure out how to become the person you want to be. Life can get in the way, and you can get so caught up in a routine that you forget to take care of yourself. Change with lasting effects takes time, but luckily, it doesn’t require a tremendous amount of effort at once. Keep reading to learn what you can do to make a better you!

8 little changes to make for a better you!

.Schedule time just for you:

Spending time alone can be quite rewarding, it allows you to decompress and explore your needs. Life easily becomes hectic with work and other obligations, so it’s crucial to reserve time each day solely for yourself to focus on your well-being. You can spend this time any way you like, whether it be taking a relaxing bath, going for a walk outside, or journaling. There are many health benefits of spending time alone, such as stress reduction and improved creativity.

.Move your body:

Whether you find yourself sitting at a desk for long hours of the day or work a job that takes a physical toll on your body, the best way to make yourself feel better is by moving. Exercising roughly five times a week is crucial for not only your overall health but your mental health as well. Create a gym routine that you enjoy doing so that you’re more apt to stick with them, and remember to start slow and progress over time. You won’t see results if you overwork yourself the first day. It’s also essential to stretch for about ten minutes each night and morning to help with soreness and stimulates your parasympathetic nervous system.

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Reading to become better.

After a busy day, you may prefer to do something mindless, such as watching television or scrolling through our phones. However, reading is essential for various reasons. Reading each day can help improve our brain function and memory while also widening our vocabulary. It additionally refines our writing skills, helps us think critically, and allows us to learn about things we would’ve never known about before. A great way to get into reading is by finding books you think you’ll like and making it a priority to dive into them. From there, start making a list and checking off all of the books you’ve read as this will motivate you and make you proud of yourself!

.Forgive yourself:

Every single day we all make mistakes; it’s inevitable. Making mistakes isn’t the problem; the issue arises when we choose not to learn from those mistakes. Forgive yourself when you say the wrong things. Forgive yourself when you didn’t go for that run or when you chose pizza over salad. Forgive yourself whenever you mess up. When you start forgiving yourself, you give yourself the opportunity to make better decisions and better changes. Each morning is a time to restart, so pardon your mistakes and try again.

.Start cooking:

Cooking is a great way to save money and make healthier choices than you would when eating out all the time. Learning how to cook tried-and-true meals will provide you with a skill set that can instill confidence and give you something to look forward to. Cooking can be something you do alone, or with loved ones as a way to bond.

.Prepare the night before:

There’s no worse way to start the day than feeling rushed and frazzled. If you prepare your outfit, lunch, and bag the night before you’ll have an easier and less stressful morning. It’s also a good idea to set your alarm and move it across the room so that you’re forced to get up the first time it goes off. Your morning can then become a mindful time where you can set your intentions and feel ready for the day. You can go into your work or school day knowing you have everything you need while starting at a slower pace.

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.Decorate with indoor plants:

Plants have a wonderful ability to help reduce pollution in the air, reduce stress, and create overall happiness and zen. There are many different houseplants to choose from that range in level of size and manageability. Each plant has a different representation as well that you can select based on your needs and intentions. Some are meant to bring us job satisfaction, luck, or even creativity. So go ahead, fill your home with plants and see the difference in your overall wellness.

.Limit screen time:

Ways to make yourself better.

Our phones now have the capability to tell us how much screen time we use each day, which can be a very alarming thing. Have you ever noticed yourself opening and closing the same app multiple times in a row? Or maybe when you watch television, you’re also scrolling through your phone the whole time simultaneously? If so, it’s time to reassess your screen time. Spending too much time on our screens can strain our vision, disrupt our sleep, and make us feel more depressed overall. Our brains start to rewire to seek the reward we feel when people like or comment on our posts. To counteract this, try putting your phone down about an hour before you plan on going to bed, and don’t look at your phone for at least an hour after waking up.

There you go!!!

Please share with us, what changes are you willing to make for a better you this year?

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Jessica Hugo.



19 thoughts on “8 little changes to make for a better you!”

    1. Haha! But it’s very very efficient. You don’t want to wake up the next morning looking for what to wear to work or even that pair of shoes. Preparing a night before helps you stay more organized, managing your time & planning well ahead. You should try it and let me know how it goes. 😊


  1. These are really great tips I am the worst when it comes to preparing the night before hence my mornings look like war in my house I should really start and exercise has been forgotten for a year now yet I promised to start this year, it’s never late though.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Its never too late to start anything. Never!!! It’s always good to prepare ahead. The benefits are enormous. Exercises helps with not just the physical, but mental health too. If you make up your mind, you can do just about anything. Thanks Joan, it’s always a pleasure to have you here.


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