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Easy ways to add color Into your life.

Okurrr!!! I admit. I’m an earth-color lover. Sober/earth colors used to be my thing. You know, those black, gray, beige, nude, kinda things. I used to stick to basic colors a lot and at a point, it became so drab and basic. It got boring. You get tired of same ‘ol routine. Life should be vibrant, spicy, fun and spontaneous you know?

This can only mean one thing for sure; One needs to add more colors to one’s life and spark it up! The first step to getting out of the funk is admitting that you’re in one and then committing to overcoming it. You really don’t need to overhaul your entire life to spice things up, you just need some boost of color. A life full of vibrant colors (not just basics), bursts with joy, passion and connection.

Here, we have Tara share with us, easy ways to add some color to our lives.

Easy ways to add more colors into your life.

Here goes…

Take a moment to look around at the items that you surround yourself with. What do they look like? How do they add joy to your life? If you find yourself discovering objects that are lackluster, neutral, or gray you may be in need of adding some extra color in your life! Adding a pop of color to your surroundings can be both life changing and life improving for anyone who feels currently trapped in a cycle of all things bland and boring.

Here are a few easy ways you can break the bland and add more color into your own life:

Buy a statement furniture piece:

Adding colors to your life with a statement furniture piece.
A statement piece is a very effortless way to incorporate a pop of color without doing a lot of work. Though it may be tempting to purchase a simple and sleek black couch, or that average and affordable white lamp shade, let go of these thoughts for a moment. Why not look into a more Colorful and bold statement piece for your home that truly invites people in? Whether it be a bright red sofa or some large floral curtains, if you want to bring more color into your life, these pieces are the perfect place to start. Guests of your home will see you as a color expert in no time simply by making this small yet impactful change.

Get yourself some plants:

Adding plants to color your life.

Adding greenery to a space is becoming increasingly popular. More and more people are adopting adorable little succulents and cacti into their home in hopes of adding life and color to their living areas. Though purchasing some plants may appear at first to confine your space to one color, there are many benefits to tacking on some green to your life that you may be unaware of. Green is known for being a color of harmony, growth, and balance. Allow the addition of some plants in your life to create some balance when it comes to a lack of colorful items. You may just find that adding greenery to your space welcomes in the peace and harmony you need to smash your everyday goals. in ways that you never could before. There are even some cacti that sprout colorful flowers which can give off a perfect pop of color for your space!

Change your everyday look:


Most people have a signature rotation of neutral colored shoes, because they tend to go with everything. But what if you were the person who used their everyday look to stand apart from the crowd? The next time you find yourself looking to add more colors in your life, try to identify what’s bland in your everyday look, then try to change it! Purchase that colorful pair of polka dot sneakers you always had your eye on, or splurge on the bright orange purse instead of the plain brown one. If you’re hoping to make an even bolder and brighter change to your everyday style, go for a fun new hair color. Hair companies like oVertone can inspire you to go from bland to bold! oVertone’s color conditioners can easily be incorporated right into your morning shower routine, adding a pop of color into your life instantly. These types of changes will allow you to not only add more color into your life, but also empower you to ditch the safer aspects of your everyday look.

Abandon your neutral mindset:

This might truly be the easiest way that you can add more color into your life. It all starts with changing your mindset. Whether or not you want to purchase a statement piece, color your hair, or become a plant mom, the key to embracing color is already in your hands. Identify what colors speak to you most and hold on tight to them. Choose to be colorful and bold every day; you will never be able to truly add more color to your life if your mindset remains in a neutral state.

Check out oVertone and find out more amazing ways to pop up your life with exciting colors!

Ps: Do you love colors? What ways have you incorporated some colors into your life? Would you want to leave the bland and pop up your life? Do share your thoughts and let’s connect!

See you soon,


Jessica Hugo.



24 thoughts on “Easy ways to add color Into your life.”

  1. I got a bamboo plant a couple weeks ago and it makes me happy. And dining-room m-table fish can add color to house too. Fish are meant to be pretty by nature’s default. Perhaps we can all learn from betas.

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  2. Plants give that homey feel to any room that they are included into, sadly most of my plants tend to not live more than a few months xD I’ll need to find something else apparently.

    Liked by 2 people

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