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Your belief system and the world.

No no, I’m not about to start a religious rant or any indoctrination whatsoever. I’m not about to advice you either, what sort of belief system you should have. I’m just going to talk about having a belief system and how that belief correlates with your surrounding world.

Hey, welcome back to jessicahugoinspire blog. Welcome to a wonderful year. Thanks for being here today, I really do appreciate you.

Belief system“. I’ll like to share a short story;

A few years ago while in the office, I always loved to play Christian songs on my computer. Especially worship songs. Because I’m a Christian. Worship songs have a way of lifting my spirit and making me stay positive about life. I enjoyed my days at work more, each time I work with soft music playing on the background low-key. However, there was one person who didn’t like the songs, neither did he complain. He was a colleague whose workspace was just adjacent to mine.

I enjoyed listening to some of his choice of songs though. A soft-rock kinda jam which made some sense too. One day, while humming to one of my worship songs sang by one of Africa’s finest gospel artistes ‘Sinach‘, he asked…” That song, do you believe in the message?” The part (lyrics) that caught his attention was “🎶…GodGodyou’re God all by yourself…”

At first, i couldn’t understand the reason for the question. I mean, why would anyone not believe in God? ( I thought).  But then I was quick to answer yes I do! Then I remembered people have their various beliefs. In his case, i learnt much later he doesn’t believe in any God or gods, just one who believes in the natural state of things. And that’s fine. No matter what we might believe in, still we are all believers. Some in God, others not. Nonetheless, WE BELIEVE. In something. I do not think I need to prove or justify my personal beliefs to anyone. And no one needs to impose their own beliefs on anyone.

Do you have a belief system?

Now what do we mean by a belief system? It’s actually kinda hard to put in words. Everyone knows what ‘belief‘ is until you’re asked to define it. But I’d say, a belief is what you think the world is about. The universe, everything there-in. What you hold in certainty about life, ideas, perceptions, experiences, people, things, everything! It is who you pray to, who you seek in times of trouble for comfort, etc. And your belief is shaped by a lot of factors which include;
1 Family
2 Environment and
3 Education.

You could believe in God or gods, animal or plant, flat earth or round earth, that’s your belief. It could be wrong. Or maybe not. But you must know that your belief is powerful. It has the power to create and the power to destroy. So you can take any experience out of life and create a meaning that destroys or one that saves. If your belief system is terrifying, vengeful, violent, does not give you comfort or hope, nor serve you well in your everyday life, you may have to re-think it.

Strengthen the beliefs that anchor your dreams and happiness and purpose in life.

What you believe in affects your actions and your actions produces your results.

Your values/worth is centered on beliefs. So to a large extent, what you believe in definitely affects your outlook in respect to right/wrong. And so individually, we are responsible for our beliefs and what they may yield. It could be good, it could be bad, it could be right or it could be wrong. Even morally. But they paint our world the way we want to see it.

This isn’t quantum physics. The truth is, your beliefs influences your life – Your behaviors, your actions/reactions, even your health. So identify your beliefs and make sure it gives you a positive outlook to life for a person’s life is a reflection of his beliefs. That’s how your beliefs correlate with your life and the world you build around it.

It is good to have a belief system. One which makes you happy. One which gives you comfort. One which supports you in times of crisis and gives you hope. You have to be comfortable in what you believe in.

I’d simply say that those who have a belief system tend to do better in times of crisis than those who don’t. The difference is evaluating what sort of things you believe in because your belief system forms your ideology and convictions which helps you make a sense of the world around you.

Thoughts or contributions? Please share in the comments. I’d love to read from you.

See you soon,
Jessica Hugo.


15 thoughts on “Your belief system and the world.”

  1. As a Christian, I’m seeing more people seeking African spirituality, trying to connect to who/what our ancestors believed. I’ve always felt we all believe in GOD, but call Him by various names. I really don’t understand those who don’t believe. The vastness of the galaxies, the human body and all it’s different systems – respiratory, nervous, circulatory, digestive, etc. – all working together but independently, the sun’s ability to rise and set on it’s own… there must be a divine Creator to attribute all of these created things to.

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  2. Hi, Jessica. A humans world view depends on whether one believes in one world or two. Humans in the beginning created a supernatural world to explain their ignorance of this world. Most humans believe in the supernatural (heaven if you like) and have not yet awakened to the most certain probability that it does not exist. Does your world view include the supernatural? GROG


      1. Jessica, where is this supernatural that you believe in? Early humans were fearful and unknowing so they imagined the supernatural, the unseen agents of nature and the mysteries of death. Humans have come a long way, but they still harbor this self inflicted delusion of another world beyond this one. The universe is 100% natural. How could it be otherwise? God? GROG


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