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The most effective way to smash your goals!

We all have aspirations and goals we want to smash! But time and time again, ‘life happens‘. We most likely give up and never get to achieve those things we desire, because Life! On the other hand, there are those who still manage to smash their goals somehow. You see, man’s nature are alike. We’re more or less the same. It’s just the habits that separate each one from the other. While some people have managed to develop/change their habits in order to align with their goals, some others still hold tight to their old habits which they aren’t willing to give up, and which isn’t yielding the result they desire.

The most effective way to smash your goals.

Humans are creatures of habits.

I’ve probably used that phrase many times than I can remember but as clićhe as it may sound, it is so true! Once we get used to a certain pattern of life, it becomes difficult to change. We get comfortable doing things the same way regardless of the result it yields. Rather than embrace change as a process of growth, we often resist it.

Habits! The things we repeatedly do. They either make or mar us. To smash our goals, we must form habits that will have the most impact on our life. We must change some of our old habits in other to get better results.

Changing our habits in order to achieve success.

Forming a new habit isn’t quite easy at all. Imagine letting go of all the things you’re used to doing (which by the way, isn’t yielding the desired results), and embracing ‘foreign‘ ones just like that. Hard right? But if it’s going to get you towards your goal, I’d say it’s worth the try.

Some of us may even be confused on which new habits to form or change. Our “fixed mindset” is telling us to resist new changes. Well, everyone is different and so is our goals. Every individual has got to figure out what they want and what works best for them. However;


. Figure out what you want, and the habits you need to change in order to make progress.

. Focus on just ONE habit at a time and challenge yourself to it. Perhaps, doing a one-two-three weeks or one month challenge before moving on to the next.

. Commit fully to it and record your progress. Make sure to be accountable. We need to be intentional about the changes we want in our lives in order to achieve success.

. Have support. A friend or family member who’d help keep you on your toes or should you falter, to lean on and help you back on track.

. If you fail, figure out what went wrong, plan, and try again.

Our daily habits have impact on our lives. Those things we do everyday, they go a very long way to affect our outcomes. I figured that waking up early enough everyday, helps me push through my To-dos/ schedules in a time-effective manner than otherwise. So I make conscious effort to rise early from bed everyday. Creating a daily routine that works best can help us tremendously, on how our day starts and ends by preparing us for the next day. It helps me for one, make sure I get what needs to be done done, according to it’s importance. So I get more rooted to the productive habits that helps my day.

Most of us need to quit certain lifestyles which don’t align to our personal goals in order to help put us on the right track to our aspirations. We have to start cultivating positive life changes. We have to learn to IDENTIFY THE ESSENTIALS, and eliminate the non-essentials. What are the things most important to you, that you love the most? Those are the things you need to focus on and to work on. Eliminate other non-essentials. You have a goal to achieve! This simplifies your life and gives you the space to focus. F.O.C.U.S.!!! Your tasks, your projects, your communication, etc.

Everything boils down to habits. Some of the questions we need to ask are;

. Do you think you need to change certain habits so as to be able to smash your goals? I bet!
. Do you think single-tasking is more effective for you than multi-tasking?
. Do you think you need more exercises and meditation than the more stressful life you live?

.Do you think you need to stop procrastinating and getting things done more timely? Perhaps it’s time to drink more water and save the soda.

You are the sum of your habits!

Yep, you are.

And if we learn to change certain things, then we can sure make a lot of progress. We have to change our brain and it’s thinking pattern and adopt a lifestyle that works for us.

First, we have to DEVELOP A POSITIVE MINDSET. Positive thinking won’t by itself help you to smash your goals, but it will help motivate you to do other things that are required for you to smash them. I talked about 5 easy ways to develop a positive mindset Here..  Refrain from negative speeches and conversations because it is even detrimental to your emotional well-being. It’s stressful to you and others. Speak in the positive. Our mindset determines the way we deal with life. If it’s always negative, it yields negative results. A lion would naturally give birth to a lion. Simple!

good habits will lead you to achieve your goals.Your lifestyle habits would help you achieve a lasting change and ultimately, meet your set goals.  And the key to forming and sustaining those good habits lies in your WILLINGNESS and WILLPOWER.

The interesting thing about habits is that, once we develop them, they become a part of us and go un-noticed from day to day. You rise from bed in the morning, go about your normal daily activities and retire at night. In the process of living, we have formed numerous habits some of which are non-productive and needs to be laid-off. Your willingness and willpower, your self-control. The habits we form or change definitely impact our lives!

According to Mahatma Gandhi,

“Your beliefs become your thoughts, your thoughts become your words, your words become your actions, your actions become your habits, your habits become values, your values become your destiny”.

Invariably, we’re living out our habits everyday. What we habitually think about and how we respond to our environment. Our routines, how we dress, the things we consume both physically and mentally, etc. Many are self-destructive, while others allow us to grow.

Are you a habitual late-comer? Never gets enough sleep? Puts off important tasks? Etc. Would your life be better if you changed those habits? Most certainly! The life you want won’t just spring out from the moon. Your habits determine your outcomes!

The reality is that, you are the life that you lead today and to smash your goals, you need to develop HABITS that align to your goals and that would help you achieve your success.
If you ask me the most effective way to smash our goals, I’d surely say our habits!

Read also: What I learned about self-discipline.

What about you? What do you think? Don’t go without sharing your thoughts! I’d love to hear from you.

See you soon.
Jessica Hugo.


17 thoughts on “The most effective way to smash your goals!”

  1. Great article it actually takes 21 to 30 days to form any kind of habit. So, if you can some great habits and hang on to them for at least 30 days you can absolutely change your life.

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  2. Wonderful post and the timing is spot on. 52 days and 2018 is over it is not time to focus on what my vision is for 2019. I need to work on consistency for sure

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Right on point. I was just talking about habits today but in regards to friendships. Sometimes, the reason why separation comes among friendship can be tied to their habits. If you have people in your life who don’t take the time to reach out and you express your thoughts to them and they don’t make the effort still, sometimes you have to let go. In general, habits can hinder us from progressing in life. We have to willing to change. It isn’t always easy but we have to know what matters unto us. I really enjoyed this post 😊

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  4. Bad habits are so hard to break as well as good habits are so hard to establish! I know I need to implement more positive habits into my daily routine, but I often find ways to put it off as “life happens.” Thanks for the encouraging and reassuring read!

    Liked by 1 person

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