Is busy the new cool? Why I think being busy isn’t cool.

Life is full of many many thousands of moments. Some change us, some provoke actions in us, and many of those moments are memorable. These days, no one has time for anything. Everyone is presumably busy. You’re busy, I’m busy, we’re all busy. Really really busy. It seems as if no one is present anymore. By this I mean, being in the moment. As in, Now. People try to check up on others over the phone, and they go…

Heylong time, where have you been?”
I’ve been really really busy” goes the response from the other end. Perhaps being busy makes one feel more valuable? And it translates to being productive yeah?


I know almost everyone can relate to this. I’m going to make this post as brief as possible. Because everyone’s really busy. But…

One thing I found out is, many people I’ve come across are quite busy. They do have time for other things though, they soak themselves in the present and make the most of every moment in life they’re in. They invest in a hobby, spend time with loved ones, pursue other business opportunities, yet are busy. All they do is tend to find a balance.

For most others, we spend waste time, precious time on things that do not count. And then we have little or no time for those things that are important and really matter. We’re often in a hurry to express how ‘busy‘ we are to others. Because society glorifies ‘busy‘. We’re meant to believe that being ‘busy’ means we’re important. We’re doing something. “Gragra“. So we ACT busy.  Always being busy isn’t a virtue. It’s no longer respectable. It’s not a word to be used to validate hard work anymore. Neuroscientists say it’s even bad for you. It induces anxiety.

Is busy the new cool?

Busy isn’t really cool.

If you get what I mean, it is emotionally packed. It induces stress. Each time someone asks how you’re doing and you reply ‘I’m busy‘, you might be innocently playing into stress. How busy are you really? Though sometimes people use it as a coded word; to indicate ‘not interested‘. You know, when that guy/girl you don’t want to hang out with asks you to go on a movie date with him/her and you go…”I’m busy“! In this case, saying NO would be better, you don’t need to accept any commitment when you know you aren’t going to be realistic with it. You don’t even need to lie about it.

You see, life is too short to always be acting busy. One also needs to create time to think, to exchange ideas and experiences, to do those other things which you love to do, to relax. It’s about how we prioritize our time. Those who are time-effective are often more productive than the ones who are ‘busy‘. Always acting serious and busy.

It really isn’t about being ‘busy’, in fact being busy all the time increases careless mistakes and creates negative connotations. It’s always as if one is tensed and in a hurry that one ends up with mistakes. Life is about how constructively one utilizes time. Giving undivided attention to the things that matter, one after the other.

Busy isn’t cool.

So sometimes when we interact with friends or colleagues and we say…’I’m busy‘, I feel the message we’re trying to convey is:

1 You aren’t a priority.
2 I want you to perceive me as important based on how busy (not how productive) I am.
3 I’ve not mastered the art of prioritizing my time.

Most times, we’re quick to blame it on life. You know that phrase…’Life happened‘?
Life is not something that happens to us. It is responding to us. Being busy does not necessarily equate to productivity no matter how much you jam -pack your day.

Why I think being busy isn't cool

Don’t let social conformity pressure you into saying you’re ‘busy‘ or forming busy when you know you aren’t. Find the balance. Having things to do isn’t bad. (It’s a two-way coin). But when you’rebusywithout purpose, you’re setting yourself up for burnout and anxiety. If you’re busy with purpose, then kudos to you. More grease!

PS: There may be times when being busy is unavoidable. However, it shouldn’t be a yardstick for seeking validation or measuring success.

Our self-worth shouldn’t be based on the numerous activities we commit to. It should be based on how much we enjoy those activities which we have intentionally chosen and how well we do them.

When you commit to numerous activities or projects, there’s a high tendency of not completing them or doing them haphazardly. Plus it leads to stress and anxiety and can often cause depression which are bad health indicators.

I think people who are more relaxed yet get good results are more efficient, creative and healthy.

“The more thoughts we cram into our brains, the more mindless and less effective we become”.

Mindfulness is about being present.

The ants are busy, so are the bees. It is not about being busy. The question is, WHAT ARE YOU BUSY ABOUT?

These are my thoughts though, what do you think?

Is busy the new cool?

I’d love to hear your thoughts!

With Love,
Jessica Hugo.


36 thoughts on “Is busy the new cool? Why I think being busy isn’t cool.”

  1. Yes!! I totally agree with all of this. I have always valued downtime . . . I don’t see how some people are always on the go. I also think you’re right that busy people don’t have good time management skills . . . I have a friend who is always so stressed out over being busy but nobody really understands why.

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    1. Even though there are times when being busy is inevitable, I never really get to understand those who are ALWAYS stressed out being busy. So any of my three ‘subtexts’ up there could apply.

      We could all benefit from taking a moment sometimes. Thanks Anner Bananer.


  2. Indeed it isn’t cool. I used to think that when I say I’m busy it means that I am doing important things. lol. But nah! We just make ourselves busy sometimes with things that are really not worth it just because we think it’s cool. Right now, I’m looking for ways to have more free time for myself and for the people I love and be more present for them.

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  3. I agree with this “Our self-worth shouldn’t be based on the numerous activities we commit to. It should be based on how much we enjoy those activities which we have intentionally chosen”. Thank you for these words!

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    1. Oh hi Adaeze, thanks for being here. I really do appreciate. You can find my book by simply clicking the “Get my ebook” button as you scroll down here (on mobile) or sidebar here (on desktop). Thanks once again.


  4. I agree, everyone is in busy busy mode and it seems like more people are stressing out younger and younger that they don’t have enough time to get everything done in time before they are “too old”. I can relate.

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  5. I never really thought of this! My best friend tells me i’m a “workaholic” because i’m working 247. But I do agree that being busy can cause you to stress out (been there). Cheers for the reminder, I really need to have a break once in a while.

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  6. I know loads of people who are busy all the time and completely stressed out. Me, I’m just busy with normal life and still get stressed and have anxiety

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  7. Finally someone that thinks it like me 🙂 Totally agree that busy isn’t as cool as we make it sound, and we all busy times but we shouldn’t actively chase them, or anyway if inevitable to be busy for some time then make sure to take time for ourselves! As I post this i had a crazy week but looking forward to my “me time” weekend!

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  8. Very true. I remember being “busy” as soon as I gained independence from parents as a young adult. It was my own form of validation that I was being a real adult. Far from it. I never achieved anything till I started working smart, prioritizing tasks and unapologetically not wasting any time on things I don’t enjoy or things that don’t add value to me. In the midst of the crazy schedule, I still had my down-time. 24 hours is just enough and that’s what we need daily. Lol

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  9. I do like to be busy, but to an extent. I want my babies to have great memories, but at the same time, I don’t need to wear myself out doing so. I have days where I don’t leave the house or the bed, so I can recoup.

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  10. Hi Jessica,
    Staying busy and accomplishing nothing was my way of life.
    Then I started asking myself.
    What do I want?
    Now instead of being busy, I’m mindful and doing things that help support my goals.
    In others words, I’m learning to be productive.
    And this helps build my self-esteem.
    Great post!

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