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5 simple ways to protect your vibes.

Your emotional state, the feelings you transmit, your aura, that’s your vibe. A vibe can be a mood, the character of a place, a situation, etc. Vibes is also the feeling you get from being in a particular place or with a certain person or people. It’s like an emotional signal a person gives out to those around them. Maybe through body languages, or social interactions. Hence you can pick up other vibes from your immediate surroundings too. This vibes maybe good or bad.

Now, we all need good vibes. Everyone needs positive energy around. Negative energy can be draining. However, It is worthy to note that your energy is your number one resource. Whatever you draw from within, you project outside. How you feel – actually, the better you feel, the better chances every other thing stands to feel. If you feel worse, chances are, everything, including the people around you, are going to pick up your vibe. Your thoughts, your feelings, your beliefs, your actions. The aura you transmit. So if you’re trying to be positive, it is important to know where your focus should be.

How to protect your vibes quote.

But then, while you’re trying to be positive and spreading good vibes, you’re going to encounter people with their own vibes. People are amazing but then again, some of them are incredibly exhausting! You don’t want to be caught up in all that. No one needs toxicity in their lives. You don’t need a vibes transfer so you’re going to try to protect your aura. You want to stay sane don’t you? ( Who doesn’t by the way), in this post, I’m going to share;

5 simple ways to protect your vibes.

Let’s delve in;

1 Avoid Drama!

Some people feed on drama. They need drama in their lives like food to survive. Meaning, their lives is dependent on drama as it is on food! What do you do in such a situation? Simple. Refuse the bait to feed their drama no matter how tempting. Remain positive, work to keep things calm and cool. When you do so, you’re almost taking their breath away because they have nothing to feed on. You’re giving them nothing to work with. Respond thoughtfully, avoid uncontrollable reflex in form of reactions. Stay clear!

2 Set boundaries.

Life is a journey and everyone isn’t actually moving in the same direction. Some people are meant to stay out of your life for good. You cannot accomplish the things you want to do, surrounded by people who weigh you down. Keep your boundaries from people who drain your energy or break you down. It’s a sad fact, but you’re going to be better off with some people staying on the other side of the fence.

3 Stop trying to fix everything/everyone.

The truth is, you can’t! Why? There are things beyond your control. You’re only responsible for the things within your control. There are things you can’t change or influence. Let it go! It’s that simple. Fixing is not what you call helping. They are two different things. For example, when you advice someone, i.e proferring solutions to certain problems, you’re helping. But you’re not responsible for how the person uses your advice. You can’t fix that. You can’t control other people’s actions or reactions. You can’t satisfy everyone, you can’t fix the whole world. Stop trying. Help as much as you can, stop trying to fix everything even things which aren’t broken in the first place for your peace’ sake.

4 More faith, less fears.

Fostering a mindset of pessimism is harmful. A pessimistic mind feeds on fear and dwells on life from the negative angle. Everyone knows a negative mindset will never give you a positive life yeah? To knock this down, feed your faith more. Believe. Trust the process. Hope. Focus on solutions not problems. With the many chaos going on in the world, negative news from media infiltrating our eyes and mind everyday, all we can do is focus on the energy we want to be operating in and continue to protect it, while remaining hopeful. Feed your focus…Starve your distractions. Negative people spend more time on the problem. Complaining, blaming, finding faults and being dissatisfied. If you’re on the good vibes, think about creating practical solutions that really work. Look for strengths to build on. Ignore opinions from negative people that doesn’t enhance your life.


5 Take care of yourself.

Your mental and physical state is your responsibility, take care of it. The act of self-care is not vain. You deserve all the kindness you show to others so be kind to yourself too. How do you take care of others, if you don’t take care of your own self? Speak kindly to yourself, make happiness your priority.
Taking care of yourself entails your overall health both mentally and physically. So make an effort to eat healthy, get enough rest, exercise, don’t be afraid to spend sometime alone. Avoid unhealthy competitions and do what makes you feel right. Use positive affirmations and meditate often.

Conclusively, Protect your vibes and be smart about it!!! It is often said that…

“Ships don’t sink because of the water around them. They sink because of the water they let into them”.

Protect your space.

5 simple ways to protect your space and vibes.

Hope you found this post useful? If so, please share and connect!

Also, share your thoughts and contributions. I always love to hear from you.

See you soon.

With Love,
Jessica Hugo.





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