On fighting comparison.

Before I go further, let me start by defining the word- comparison. Com.par.i.son is the act of estimating or examining the similarities or differences between two people or things. Most times, it is used negatively because people use it in a way to compete unhealthily or see who's doing better than the other. I thought… Continue reading On fighting comparison.

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5 simple ways to protect your vibes.

Your emotional state, the feelings you transmit, your aura, that's your vibe. A vibe can be a mood, the character of a place, a situation, etc. Vibes is also the feeling you get from being in a particular place or with a certain person or people. It's like an emotional signal a person gives out… Continue reading 5 simple ways to protect your vibes.

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The 5 most effective ways to show your love.

People express love in different ways. Most often, they express that love in the same way they wish to receive it. And so, a partner who loves to spend time with you for example, will devout time paying attention to you and being there as much as possible, as a way of expressing his/her love… Continue reading The 5 most effective ways to show your love.