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Four important and powerful life lessons I learnt recently.

It’s mid-year already. I remember when I shared IN THIS POST,how fast the year seems to be running and everything about those resolutions and commitments we made earlier this year and strategies we can apply to keep them. What better time than in this mid-year, to evaluate/re-evaluate and keep being focused.

I even shared 10 things I would tell my younger self HERE. It contains valuable life tips which are all applicable even now. Yes right now! Every second, every minute, the clock ticks. As the days passes, we also grow. We learn not just to KNOW alone, but to APPLY knowledge to better ourselves.

Every circumstance, every exposure, every encounter, every experience, comes with knowledge. We LEARN from our experiences. They are to build and mould us into who we are or would become. We encounter people in our workplaces, schools, religious communities, etc everyday. And we learn a thing or two from those encounters. Those encounters form our experiences which is a critical path of our growth process in life.

There are so many lessons we all learn from life. So many. But there are these FOUR POWERFUL Life LESSONS, WHICH I RELEARNT RECENTLY. I know I’m not done learning, (no one is actually), so I’m receptive to more. These made a great impact, and I know one or two people will benefit from reading too.

Let’s take a look at the list;

Four important life lessons I learnt recently.

1 Patience is indeed a virtue:

Now, that phrase is what everyone knows and can recite already by heart. But you never really KNOW until you actually have an experience. Experience is still the best teacher! In life, sometimes we don’t get what we want when we want it. But if we’re patient enough, we eventually do. Time is something of essence and great things take time. Most times, we don’t need to give up. We only need to give ‘it’ some time.

One thing I learnt recently is, hurried actions/reactions based on feelings leads to no good. (You really don’t need to throw stones at every dog that barks). Exercise some patience and give yourself a little more time to think through before you act. In this lesson, I also learnt that the two basic instruments we need in life are PATIENCE and TIME. You may not have everything put together in the beginning but…you eventually will! And it will help you understand life more better.

Patience is the companion of wisdom.

2 Life is more about the journey:

Life is a journey actually, not a destination as we mostly assume. Often times, we’re more focused on the destination. You know, those big dreams and all, that we forget to actually enjoy life and every moment that it brings. We need to catch our breathe sometimes and just be present in the moment. Those little things, those tiny little bits that we hardly ever observe or notice, they matter. In fact, they matter more!

A simple nature-walk which puts a smile on your face matters more than worrying about certain things you have no control over. Playing with your pet matters more than overthinking things. So instead of worrying too much about the destination, learn to enjoy every moment of life as a JOURNEY. The truth is, there are things worry cannot change. The fact that I know there’s a tomorrow and I know in whose hands that tomorrow is, gives me the courage to face my fears. That’s my own assurance. (Fear exists only in our minds though).

Life is more about the journey.

I’m learning to allow myself be in the present and enjoy every moment I find myself in. To love and believe more also, in myself.

“You may not see the entire staircase, you only need to take a step”.

3 Gratitude is everything:

That you get to eat three square meals a day doesn’t mean that there aren’t those in displaced or refugees camps queuing for even a square of meal. You see, sometimes our feeling of entitlement makes us less grateful. Sometimes we think we deserve ‘everything’ we get in life because we’ve worked so hard for it, and we’re all powerful and all that. We forget that it’s only a privilege for which we should be grateful for because the truth is, we own nothing. Even the life we live is borrowed. For every little privilege I get or have, I’ve learnt to be more grateful. To express gratitude as often and as much as I can in all stages and areas of life.

I am grateful.

Life is like a ladder. There will be those below you, and there will be those above you. So, be grateful for the privileges you have now, and be happy. This works in many ways, one of which is, focusing your attention more on the things you have than don’t, and be grateful for them so as to attract more to you! Whatever you give attention to, expands. So YOU decide on what to focus on and attract more of those things to yourself. As for me, I’ve chosen to focus more on expressing gratitude and being happy for every tiny privilege. Life is a privilege!

“We often take for granted, the very things which most deserve our gratitude.”

4 Be more valuable and understand your value:

I’ve come to understand that people value people who are themselves, valuable and who understand their own value! If you don’t understand your own value, it’s difficult for others to understand too.

ReadAn indispensable lesson on VALUE | A short inspirational story.

To be valuable means to be useful. To have some worth (which is difficult to put a price tag on), to be contributory no matter how ‘little’. It could be morally, it could be physically, it could be helping someone’s spiritual growth, it could be mentally, it could be in so many ways! you have to have USE. Having something of interest to offer in any little way you can, is necessary for good relationships, social interactions, and business dealings. It may not make much difference, but it does make an impact! It motivates you too.

Maximize your value and demonstrate it.

“Maximize your value and demonstrate it”!!!. Get out of your fear and take that plunge.

Life is full of lessons. Our daily encounters have a lot to teach us if we open up to learning. I believe that there are no mistakes in life but lessons to be learnt. The more we experience life, the more we learn, the more we grow!

What is the one lesson you’ve learnt in life which has transformed you? Join the conversation in the comments and share your thoughts.

Don’t forget sharing is caring. If you enjoyed this post, share with others too.

See you soon,
With Love.
Jessica Hugo.




20 thoughts on “Four important and powerful life lessons I learnt recently.”

  1. This was a great piece and very insightful! I feel all of those lessons are very important for everyone’s growth. One of my biggest lessons that I’m learning in life right now is making peace with and accepting the things that I cannot control but that I also must live with.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That’s absolutely great!!! There are certain things we cannot control in life. But for life’s sake, we have to learn to be at peace and have the willingness to accept the things we cannot change.

      Thanks a lot for your comment DCM, 💕.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. 👌… Your post will definitely help me out!… The most important lesson I learnt was that
    … Dont be afraid about the world outside, do whatever your heart says!.. Dont think that what world will say about you!.. Dont go on with their likes, because their likes may change with time.

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Great reminder that sometimes we have to reflect or re-learn life lessons like: life is about the journey. Its easy to get caught up in the destination that we can miss some very special moments when we move too fast.

    Liked by 1 person

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