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An indispensable lesson on VALUE | A short inspirational story.

Once upon a time, a certain speaker started off a conference by holding up a 1000 Naira note. 300 people had gathered for this important conference to hear him speak. He was a popular and powerful speaker.

Who would like this note?” He asked as he raises the 1000 Naira note to the crowd.

Everyone raised their hands. All 300 of them.

He continued…”I’m going to give this note to one person. But first, let me do this“.

A lesson on value.

He squashed and squeezed the note. Then he asked…” who still wants it?” All 300 hands still went up.

Wait a minute” …”What if I do this?” He steps on the Naira note, stomping on it with his shoes. Then he raised it again. This time, the note was all dirty and crumpled.

Who still wants it?” He asked. All hands still went up.

You see my friends, as he continued to speak to them. I have just demonstrated an indispensable life lesson to you. No matter what I did to the money, you still wanted it because the value never decreased. It was still worth a thousand Naira.

So many times, life grinds us and throws us into the dirt and mud. We deal with difficult circumstances that makes us feel worthless. The gold-ore goes through the gold miners burning furnaces to become gold. Life throws sour lemons on us. But no matter what happens, NEVER LOSE YOUR VALUE. Never lose your self-worth. You are unique, you are special.

The value you place on yourself is very important. When you value something, you hold it as important and worthwhile. Nothing can negatively influence the opinion you have of yourself,  or of what you value,  except you permit it. You can only learn to love and appreciate others when you Love and appreciate yourself first. This is one fundamental of personal growth and a concept not too many have come to realize.

Valuing something goes beyond just holding it as important and appreciating it. You invest time, energy, efforts, sacrifices, to nurture it. When we value ourselves (and others), we facilitate our health, growth and development.

Your innate worth, how you see yourself is very crucial because your survival and sense of well-being virtually depends on it. Don’t devalue yourself! When you recognize and value yourself, you exude self-confidence and experience the personal awareness needed to strive, and take a positive stance to look forward in life.

Own your worth! The power of ignorance can make a powerful man, powerless.

“Your value doesn’t decrease based on someone’s inability to see your worth”!

What is your personal currency? How much are you worth?
Let’s talk some more VALUES in the comments.
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