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Myths Vs Facts | 15 common myths most people think are actually facts.

We’ve had a lot of misconceptions about certain myths which we think are actually true. Because most stories were told to us when we were quite young, passed from generations to generations or even by close friends as adults, or maybe by our teachers, and since almost everyone believes same, we tend to also establish them as facts.

This post intends to debunk certain myths which through the years, have sat in our minds as facts. I also thought a lot of them were true since they were widely believed.

Here are 15 common myths debunked.

1 The whole 10percent brainthing‘:

It is believed that only about 10% of the human brain is used because the brain is too large an organ to be used daily. Oh well, this may sound true but neurologists disagree. The fact is, even though the proportion of the brain used at any one time is task-dependent, ultimately, every region is used daily even while we’re asleep.

According to Wikipedia

2 Adam and Eve ate apple in the garden of eden:

No where in the book of Genesis was it stated that it was an Apple. It clearly stated that they ate the ‘forbidden fruit‘ from the tree of knowledge.

15 myths most people think are actually true.

3 Microwave radiation can cause cancer:

I honestly thought this to be true and even had to reduce the number of times I use the microwave to heat up foods. But most experts say microwave ovens don’t give off enough energy to damage DNA in cells so they can’t cause cancer. Only a few types of radiation causes cancer and this depends on the dose. The sun for example, can cause cancer but just enough is needed for vitamin D too.

Source: Cancer council

4 The capital of Australia is Sydney:

Honestly, a lot of people think so. Sydney is one of the largest and most popular cities in Australia so it can be excused. If I’m asked the capital of Australia in a quiz competition, I’d probably say Sydney too but no! The capital of Australia is actually Canberra.

5 Tomatoes are a vegetable:

Just because we can heat it doesn’t make it so. It’s actually a fruit!

6 Chameleons change colour to match their surroundings:

No! They actually change colours as a response to mood, temperature, communication and light and not the object they are touching.

This article about their nature buttresses some facts.

7 Sitting too close to the TV is bad for your eyes:

I rarely sit too close to any TV because ‘it will make me have a bad sight‘. Neither do I encourage anyone around me. However, experts say the most this would do is give you a headache from eye fatigue. The rumuor started with old TVs because they produced some X-rays but modern/newer TVs don’t. However, sitting too close to TV could be a symptom of nearsightedness.

Read: From WebMD

does sitting close to the TV cause bad sight? Myths

8 Sugar causes Diabetes:

Eating sugar won’t give you diabetes even though Diabetes associations recommend people avoid eating excess sugar because they could increase the risk of having diabetes. Diabetes is a complex condition and there is no evidence to prove sugar is the direct cause of it. Excess weight and inactivity are contributing factors. However, the failure of pancreas to secrete enough insulin needed to convert excess sugar to glucose often leads to diabetes. The body can become resistant to insulin too. And diabetes can also be hereditary.

Read: Diabetes

9 It takes seven years for gum to digest if you mistakenly swallow it:

Absolutely No! Gum is mostly indigestible. But the little pieces you occasionally do swallow will take the exit door through the anus as it is with other substances the body doesn’t need and can’t digest. The only time this can pose a problem if it’s swallowed along with anything that shouldn’t be in your stomach. E.g. Coin.

This article from Kids health organization stresses further.

10 Bananas grow on trees:

Although we usually call it ‘banana tree‘ and it sure looks like a tree, the stem doesn’t contain woods or wood tissues. And so it is a herbaceous plant meaning it grows on herbs.

15 myths people think are actually true.

11 Eating late at night will make you fat:

The truth is, calories are calories no matter when you take it. There’s no particular hour that determines the calories must be stored as fat. If you’re hungry late at night, it’s advisable to feed your body. What you eat and How much you eat is by far more important than when you eat it.

Read: about eating late and weight gain.

12 A healthy teeth should be perfectly white:

And so a lot of people have gone ahead to ‘bleach’ their teeth because it should be white. Cavities grow even in white teeth you know? Dentists say a healthy tooth’s natural colour is slightly yellow.

Read: healthy teeth.

13 Splitends in hair can be cured with shampoos or conditioners:

Actually, this is an advertising campaign hair shampoo/conditioner manufacturers use to sell their products. The fact remains and there’s no two ways about it, that split-ends are cured by simply cutting them off!

myths Vs facts.

14 Antiperspirants/ deodorants cause breast cancer:

Some scientists think chemicals found in these could be absorbed through the under-arm and then end up in the breast tissue and lead to cancer. But Cancer institutes say there’s no proven evidence connecting such products with breast cancer.

Read from: National Cancer Institute.

15 Men are from Mars, women are from Venus:

Arrrhh. Someone help me understand! We’re from different planets? Really? This myth came from men/women psychological analysis in the book titled same by John Gray. It isn’t an established fact.

And so… there you go! I find them all quite fascinating. Sometimes the things we think are common knowledge are mere myths and urban legends. I also shared seven other traditional myths in this post.

If you have other popular myths and urban legends,  please leave a comment. This list is by no way exhaustive!

I always love to hear from you! Don’t forget to Share and connect.

Update: I have added some Links to help you research further if you wish.

See you soon.

Jessica Ijay Hugo


44 thoughts on “Myths Vs Facts | 15 common myths most people think are actually facts.”

    1. Hi,
      I agree with your Doctor, if you already have a headache, computers will make it worse. You need to step away for a while and let your fatigued eyes rest a bit. Taking freq breaks will help your eyes recover.
      However, your computer screen does not emit enough radiation to damage your eyes unlike the UV rays and X rays. The most it can do is cause eye fatigues.

      There’s no proof that computer use causes any long term damage to your eyes. But regular use can often cause eye fatigues.

      Liked by 1 person

  1. This is a mixed bag of myth busters that surprised me, and some I knew, such as the ‘forbidden fruit’ and the ones about tomatoes and bananas (clearly I like food!). But I must admit the ones that made me gasp are the microwave (thank God for no cancer!), and the sugar facts (thank God for no diabetes!)

    This has been very educational and informative. Thanks for sharing 🙂



    1. Thanks Madeline for reading! About the microwave myth, I was so certain it causes cancer but I learnt further that, just like the name implies, MICRO- WAVE. it does not produce enough energy to damage DNA cells unlike the UV rays, X-rays, gamma rays and so forth. It doesn’t make our foods radioactive in any way. We just need to follow instructions on how to use it.

      And ofcourse before now, in many of my biology classes back in Sec. sch, we were taught that Sugar is not the direct cause of diabetes even though it isn’t advisable to eat excess of it. The body needs sugar too. It is only when the body isn’t able to convert the excess sugar due to less insulin or insulin resistance, then it could lead to that condition.

      Excess weight & lack of exercise to burn energy could also contribute and we could also inherit it. I wasn’t surprised it’s only a myth that some people believe sugar as the causative factor.

      I’m super glad you found this educational and informative. Yay!!! To me and much thanks my lady.


    1. Haha! Men are from Pluto. Actually, I exported them there. Lol . This is merely a psychological or should I say behavioral analysis without a basis of fact. Well, until proven otherwise. But till then, Men aren’t from Mars neither are women from Venus.


  2. I also believed that we only use 10% of our brain, that Sydney was Australia capital, that bananas grow in a tree and the eating late will make you fat, actually more like eating too close to the time you go to bed. It’s so nice to find out that those are just myths and pour geography knowledge :))

    Thanks for writing this, I feel smarter now.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh! That on Aussie and Sydney, I thought so too. And eating late will make you fat. The concern should be WHAT you eat and HOW MUCH you eat. Although I have some concern about inactivity after the food. The thing is, spreading the food bit by bit through out the day could be helpful. There’s definitely no magic time or hour as to when each food makes us fat.

      Thanks for reading Cristina, you can always stop over for a good read. 😊


  3. Great article and extensive research! I can’t believe we don’t know what the forbidden fruit is! My favorite though is the capital of Australia!! As for the breast cancer and the link to the aluminum in the perspirant, it’s hard to prove but there is some truth in it. Putting chemicals on our body is definitely dangerous.


    1. Not all chemicals are toxic or hazardous though. You should read the ingredients in your products carefully before use. That said, we can only assume the forbidden fruit is apple. But no where was it stated so.
      About Australia, almost everyone thought so too. I was amazed to find out Sydney isn’t.
      Thanks Lara for your comment.


  4. I was assuming almost 80% of these to be facts! I loved the late night eating fact. And I also questioned my intelligence because I didn’t know Australia’s capital! Thanks for enlightening me!

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Great post! You surprised me with this capital of Australia. I was sure it was Sydney 🙂 It looks like I do not know anything about chameleons too:) As for the color of the teeth, my cousin who is a dentist said that the yellow teeth are the strongest .

    Liked by 1 person

  6. So awesome reading all of these facts, some of them I’ve learned about like Australia’s capital or Tomatoes are fruits but some are new to me, like sitting too close in front of the TV. Regardless, it was fun getting to read them all!

    Liked by 1 person

  7. I’m ashamed to admit that I believed most of these. 😂 especially the one about chameleons blending in with their surroundings. I always thought they color matched as a form of disguise. LOL. You learn something new every day.

    Liked by 1 person

  8. This was fun to read because I once fell victim to some of these myths. My friends are in Canberra. When they just moved there, they referred it as Australia’s capital. That was a rude awakening for me cos I had always thought Sydney. As for the late eating. I always laugh hard when a ‘weight loss coach’ is vehemently talking against it. In my mind I say, “calories are calories”. They don’t go multiplying themselves when it’s late. Yeah….sugar doesn’t give diabetes. Failure of the pancreas doing its work does. That was a tough fact to sell to people cos they’ve been told this for donkey years. Great post, Jess.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Bubu, you’re so right. Most of these myths, we’ve believed for so many years. I’m glad I could bring some of them to light and I’ve been able to enlighten some in my little way.

      Thanks for leaving me your thoughts.


  9. I loveeee this post. I was hooked when I saw the bit about Sydney not being the capital of Australia because I actually made the mistake recently and I was even arguing that I was right till Google came to the rescue. I think the bit about eating late making one fat has to do with the fact that apart from the amount sleep uses, we don’t get to burn enough calories through physical activity once we go to bed.
    Banana ‘trees’ aren’t trees? Wow.
    You can already tell I enjoyed reading this post. Thank you for putting it together, I’m definitely sharing it. xx
    A Literary Conversation | MARCH

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yea Olaitan, almost everyone believes Sydney is the capital of Australia.
      On eating late/weight gain, I think the ‘time’ you eat any food isn’t the issue. Cos it isn’t going to count more than the one you ate during the day.The issue is ‘how much’ calories you consume and ‘what’ you actually eat. Even though there’s usually less activity at night, your metabolism keeps working even while asleep. And so eating late nights doesn’t multiply your calories except you do.


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