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7 simple ways to make your To-Do list doable.

How many times have you created a To-Do list and actually followed it through till accomplished? Many times we create a list whether written or imagined, but hardly ever follow through. Too many things scamper for our attention every single day that sometimes we forget to even look at the list or remember the things we planned to do up in our head.

We could get so distracted that by the end of the day, we have successfully NOT DONE the things we’d planned to do. Sometimes other things take the place and it becomes so difficult to complete or follow through.
What better feeling than ticking something off your list? Like… Done. Dusted. Finished. Phew!

To increase efficiency in getting items on our To-Do lists ticked off, i have some great ideas.

Here they are:

7 simple ways to make your To-do list doable.

•Make it simple: We can live life simply and therefore We should simplify our lives in the most minimal way. If you create a cumbersome or vague list, trust me you’ll not complete it. If it looks like a national budget or a project, you’ll wear out merely looking at it. So… simplify by breaking it down into smaller sub-tasks which becomes easier to do. And make sure to pick the action points. The smaller and more micro the tasks, the better you’re able to complete them without procrastinating. Keep the list as short and simple as possible, one step at a time.

•Apply the oneminute rule: I recently just learnt about this rule and it’s indeed very helpful. If anything in your list is going to take about one- minute to get done, then just do it now! No need to keep it for later. If it’s going to take you less than a minute to respond to a short text message or re-arrange a single thing near you, then just do it.

Do the most important things first: prioritize! That’s the word but here’s a new trick; there are definitely items on that list that we’re just not ready to do yet. However, it’s on that list because it’s an eventual goal- but just not now. It doesn’t fit into our lives at the moment. Instead of letting such tasks take the front row while we look at it and sigh everyday, we can push it downwards and concentrate on those ones we want to get done right away. If you’re not going to get committed to the tasks taking the front-row positions, move them downwards or possibly to another list and concentrate on the most important things first.

Check your morning routines: Our mornings set the tone for the day. It helps our motivation to kick-start the day and get stuffs done or NOT so make your mornings count. A little exercise, reading some inspirational articles, a good breakfast, a ‘lone’ time to connect, plan and arrange, etc may go a long way to give you the right mindset to go about your day. It could be 15, 10, 5 minutes of your time every morning. Having the right morning routine could convert to a more productive you! Read A Good way to start a Good day.

Be accountable: This should count as being responsible. To be responsible means to be answerable to the things within your power and control. YOU wrote the list, YOU know why, thus you should be answerable to it. With this in mind, you’ll know to be fully committed because you are obliged to give account or justify it. Maybe to yourself or anyone, perhaps a friend. There’s nothing wrong to have someone watch out or check up on you just to make sure you’re keeping to your commitments. You could do the same for them as well.

Avoid distractions: one of the reasons if not main reason for not following through stuffs is distractions. If we could make an effort to focus on the tasks at hand, it would help us get them completed. We are often eager to tick items off, that feeling is exciting I know but however, it needs a lot of concentration. The average attention span of a person is eight seconds according to some researchers. So we’re easily swayed. Your level of attention to a task is important as it determines the result you get. You’d want to make the most of your time at all times. Wouldn’t you? Ofcourse i know you do!

Always review your list: Are there some items that have sat around for too long that needs to be further broken down, Or perhaps checked off? Maybe it’s time to weed out irrelevant items and focus your energy effectively. Are there other relevant items you need to add? You need to always review your progress.

To create a To-Do list that is actually doable is an art in itself.

The goal is to get them done and not to show-off your intent or wish and the best way to do so is to get STARTED. Just start. There’s absolutely no other way than to begin the journey of ” a thousand miles” today.

These are some ways that do work for me. If you have some doing it for you, please share so we can learn from you too!

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With love,
Jessica IJay Hugo.


47 thoughts on “7 simple ways to make your To-Do list doable.”

  1. Great advice! I’m guilty of putting WAAAY too much on my daily to-do list! Things are always left undone, which adds to my stress levels, sometimes to the point that I can’t sleep well. As a creative entrepreneur, my mind just never stops working and I have constant ideas popping up of new things I want to get done. I find morning routines incredibly important! Thanks for this!


  2. Great tips! I think prioritizing, morning routines and accountability works best for me. We are responsible to make our life simple and easy for us and this is a good reminder for that!


  3. My to-do list definitely can look a lot like the national budget sometimes LOL! I loved the tip about setting up your mornings right. I am a firm believer in the power of mornings in shaping productivity. I have an article on my blog on the 5 worst morning habits to correct; you should check it out!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Glad you could relate! “I’ll do it later” often leads to clutter which leads to more stress. If you can do it right away, don’t save it for later.

      I think getting distracted is something everyone can work on especially when you have important things to do. So good luck with that.

      Thanks for your comment.


  4. Great ideas! I always add my “to-do” lists on my IPhone and I think that’s a bit more helpful than writing it down because of how easily accessible it is. Thanks for these tips!



    1. Yea Kendra, which ever best way it works for you. I also do the same and add a reminder-ringtone just so I manage time for each task efficiently.
      Some others would rather journal on a notebook or use a sticker.
      The idea here is to create a list that is ACTUALLY DOABLE.
      Thanks for adding/sharing your tip with us.


  5. This is very good advice. I learned the art of creating to-do lists when I started my first office job.
    They say you should eat your ugly frog in the morning. Meaning, do the most daunting task first. And if you have two ugly frogs, eat the ugliest first.
    Also, I learnt to make the to-do list fluid, because your priorities could change in the day. I used to work in a very high pressured environment, and sometimes urgent work would arise at very short notice which meant that all other tasks became secondary.
    Anyway, thanks for sharing!



    1. Hi Madeline, I think when urgent work arises at very short notice, take care of it first. It becomes top priority. Also, reviewing your list entails that you sometimes need to change your priorities. And if that task would take a min, then apply the one-minute rule. The point is to be able to actually create a DOABLE list that can equally be flexible.

      Thanks for stopping by, much appreciated.


  6. Oh, I am so with you on the simplifying tasks! This is something I’m working really hard on right now… I used to write a full A4 page of daily To Dos and actually think I’d do them ALL. Haha! Totally over ambitious. My Instagram post today was all about underplanning and I’m so glad I saw your blog post today. YES! Thanks for the tip on setting micro tasks – I think this is going to help me a lot! Have a super week x

    ~ Melanie


    1. Awwwwh… thank you somuch Melanie, it is true creating vague lists only wears one out more than actually doing it. Mere thinking of it is even stressful. But if it’s broken down into simpler sub-tasks with only action points noted, it becomes much easier to close out on.

      I’m glad you stumbled upon this blog post today. Thanks for reading!


  7. I so enjoyed your post! The one minute rule works great for me when I have to pick up around the house. Or in the mornings I do something like: Ok, I will put 10 things back in their place before my coffee has finished brewing. It may sound silly, but it works 🙂


  8. Awesome tips to check off more to-dos! I absolutely fall into the scope of people who try to take on too much or too little. To help, I create ta-da lists showing what I’ve accomplished each day and power hours, where I try to get as much done as possible to tackle a task I’ve been avoiding. Thanks for sharing!


  9. Taking some time for myself in the morning is a treasure. I need to go back to making a to-do list. Thank you for inspiring me to do so.

    Liked by 1 person

  10. I would be lost without my to do list! I have two…one for monthly stuff and another for weekly. Def holds me accountable!


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