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Ten random facts about me.

Its a light-hearted post today. Scrolling through some pages on social media yesterday, I came across a few people who got tagged to share some random facts about them so I jumped on the wagon 😂 Because why not? I love that idea. Absolutely!

So today, in a bid to let you to know some random facts about me, i’m going to share ten. First, I’m the brain behind this blog. If you’ve been following/reading this blog and wondering who produces the content, here am I!

Jessica Ijay Hugo- ten random facts about me.
Sometime ago on a vacay.

So let’s get down to today’s gist.

•I love everything organic. Hey! I’m not vegan, (yet) but I try as much as possible to be green. We have to learn to take better care of ourselves nowadays with the many growing diseases here and there. So yes! To natural hair, yes! To organic skin care, yes! To organic food, yes! To everything organic.

•I am from Nigeria. Born and raised in Nigeria, West-Africa in the city of Port-Harcourt. You can use your google map it’s ok…,I’ve been to a few other places too. Few because I really don’t like the hassles of prepping and packing for travel especially with toddlers.

•I studied Project Management Technology even though I was a pure science student. I had wanted to study medicine but the sight of corpses and the thoughts of performing surgeries scared me out and then I deviated to Engineering but Somehow I found myself in the tech-management field which ofcourse has a science background and I also have other professional certificates as well.

•They say I’m an introvert, this is totally true. I listen more than I talk, and I’m almost always calm. My pen is my good friend. I’m reserved like that. I’m not your typical social junky but i’m someone who would hold a real conversation.

10 random facts about me
I can see you with my 9D tech -googles. Lol

•I have a phobia for dogs. Funny but true. I know a lot of you guys have dog-pets. And that’s so wonderful! (I don’t intend to keep any thank you!) and I think maybe heights too. It’s freaking scary on heights.

•My hobbies include reading and writing (obviously). I started writing at the age of eight. I’m also passionate about motivational speaking so hit me up for talks and seminars.

•I love Jollof rice. A lot! Nigerian Jollof rice to be precise.

•I love midnight snacks. Some say it makes you get fat bleh bleh. I’ve never been overweight all my life. But I try to eat light though & I have no stomach issues. If we aren’t supposed to eat midnight snacks, why do refrigerators have lights? LoL. For some reasons I don’t know, midnight snacks seems to taste more heavenly at night. Who’s with me on this?

•My favorite cartoon as a child was”Tom & Jerry”. I so loved their playfulness and mischief.

•Last but not the least, I don’t have a special color. Amidst so many beautiful colors? Red, yellow, blue, orange, pink,white etc. Each stands out on its own. When I hear people say…” My favorite color is orange“. I’m like…How?! Like how do you come to settle for a favorite so easily!

And….I know it’s ten already but let me just add, I’m the last of a family of eight!

There you go guys, I spent quite a lot of time thinking of what to add and subtract until i finally came down to this. And while putting this together, I realized I don’t even have personal photos without my usual ‘photobombers‘. Sigh I definitely have to start taking more photos.

I also answered 20 fun questions here and How I won 1.5M Naira!!!

Do check them out.

Hope you enjoyed getting to know me a bit more? Lets talk some more in the comments. I’d love to know you too and…

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Jessica IJay Hugo.


61 thoughts on “Ten random facts about me.”

  1. I’m glad to know I am not the only one with a dislike of dogs. My husband keeps talking about getting one and I keep saying no because I’m not fond of them and I know I’ll be the one stuck caring for it.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ok, we have something in common here, no color favorites. I chose yellow in mine but I don’t think that makes it my favorite though. It was just mandatory a color(s) must be used & I had work with the event planner too and her suggestions.
      Madeline don’t live in denial, you don’t have a favorite for now. Lol


  2. Nice to meet you. I’m glad I’m not the only one who’s uncomfortable around dogs — especially big dogs. I don’t like being asked to choose a favorite color, either. I have several favorite colors. I enjoyed Tom and Jerry, but like Donald Duck and Tweety more. Unlike you, I’ve never been good at science or math. I prefer history and English, and I love reading and writing.


  3. Hahaha. I can totally relate on choosing an profession in IT. My mother was a nurse and seeing all her medical books when I was younger of corpses or even folks suffering with diseases I chose to go into IT too. lol. It was nice getting to know you.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I’ve come to realize that I don’t care for dogs too much either. I have three kids what do I need with an b extra mouth to feed and more poop to clean lol. I really should be eating healthier though. Will you be posting more on your eating habits in the future?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. ‘An extra mouth and an extra poop’. That got me cracking. Hehehe true though! That’s an extra job.
      About my eating habits, I probably will in the future. Thanks verymuch for that.


  5. I never tried Jollof rice but I’ve heard of it and would like to try making it sometime. I’m also terrible for consuming snacks late at night. They just seem to gravitate towards me sometimes you know 😉

    Liked by 1 person

  6. The last of 8 must have stories of its own. I don’t have a favorite color either. I kind of like all colors. I am old enough to know Tom and Jerry and watched it as a child.

    Liked by 1 person

  7. I am also very afraid of heights. So afraid that every time I go hiking I research the route in the smallest details, to make sure I never have to go on a ridge.

    Liked by 1 person

  8. I have never really had a favorite color either. I love them all. And that’s a shame about the dog fear. I was afraid of them when I was little. Now I absolutely love them. May family got one when I was 12, so I got over my fear then.


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