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The power of RESISTANCE! (What you can do with it.)

I first came across the word – RESISTANCE in one of my physics classes back in secondary (high) school. I’ll try to explain it in a lay man’s language, for some of us who weren’t/aren’t science students. It has to do with a conductor and passage/flow of electric current.

A conductor is any material which allows the flow of electric current through it. It is usually made of high conductivity materials such as metals; copper, aluminum, etc.

Now when the passage of electric current is opposed, it causes the electric energy to be transformed into heat. Which is the result we usually get when we use our pressing irons, ring boilers, electric kettles, etc. Ever wondered why when you plug your electric irons/boilers to an electric circuit it produces heat? RESISTANCE happened. We generally don’t see this reactions with our ‘naked’ eyes, (flow of energy/ opposition) but we see/sense the result when our water boils, pressing irons or electric gas cookers heat up.

Resistance is similar to friction. It measures how difficult it is to push electric charges along. It’s like trying to slide your feet through rough patches. Or rubbing your hands together till it produces some form of heat. And so in resistance, there’s an opposition and a transformation.

This is me explaining RESISTANCE in physics.

Now let’s apply it to LIFE (reality) in general;

What you can do with the power of resistance.You know when you’re trying to move from point A to point B? (Just like that electric current flowing through a conductor. Conductor here is you). When you’re trying to reach your goals and achieve all your dreams or even meet your daily needs.There always seems to be some form of hindrance, there’s always some form of struggle. The journey is never a smooth and straight path. It’s zig-zag and filled with countless collisions. That’s Life throwing lemons. Obstacles and challenges showing up along the journey. And you have to battle your way out to BECOME what you want to be or go the direction you want to go. There has to be RESISTANCE. Nothing good comes easy.

Resistance though it discourages a smooth ride in life can actually be used to propel and launch us forward if we courageously push through it.
Remember there has to be an OPPOSITION to flow of movement which comes in various forms in life. And then TRANSFORMATION.

TRANSFORMATION in this context is EVOLUTION. CONVERSION. MODIFICATION. So, that resistance you encounter in life should reveal a better and new you. It should help you evolve, convert and modify into a better version of you, to navigate life more better.

Think of an eagle flying through the wind (obstacles) with wings spread as wide apart and eyes more sharp than two edged swords. Birds push against the direction of the wind in order to fly. They push through their own resistance. Think also about the whales (and other fishes) in the sea. They also have to move against the water-flow in order to swim. While water tries to resist their movements, They push against it to navigate their path.

Navigating through lifeOne moral? No matter the odds, we have to use whatever resistance in our lives, to our favour! We have to push through the odds to navigate our path. Without resistance, we may not get our desired results. We won’t be enjoying hot water without resistance nor be able to iron our clothes. I’m pretty sure right now, if you stretch your thoughts, you will realize a few things or more, resistance has done for you. So when there are hindrances, when the winds seem to blow against you, use it to navigate your life.
(In Nigerian Pidgin, greedie!)

Let’s take another example, a stone and a catapult. When you attach a stone to it and pull the force backwards, It launches forward. The direction of the stone moves against the applied force.

Resistance is as important in physics as it is to life. Infact there can be no occurrence of motion without resistance. You walk because your feet resists the force from the ground. To move forward, you have to displace resistance. The problem is not resistance, resistance is an important part of nature. Obstacles (opposition) will surely come. The problem is we have to use (transform) it to be able to achieve our goals and navigate through life better. That is how to use the power of resistance!

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28 thoughts on “The power of RESISTANCE! (What you can do with it.)”

  1. Hi Jessica!
    I liked your introduction explaining resistance from a physics point of view. We cannot avoid resistance in life but need to flow with it and transform it into results and opportunities. Great advice.

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  2. Not only is this post remarkable, it is uncanny because I literally got a call that was the beginning of the end of a long and painful period of resistance. I’ve never thought of transformation in this way. I will forever now.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Hi, I am sharing this post. I’m just in love with it. I also sent it to my best friend, who happens to be Nigerian. She will love it, too!

    Liked by 1 person

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