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Decluttering; 3 quick ways to declutter your life.

Excessive clutter often leads to stress. This affects every area of our lives. Clutter is distracting and weighs one down. Tackling clutter can be a very huge and daunting task. However, devoting a little time to getting rid of clutter will lead to reduced stress plus a more organized, peaceful and productive living or work area.

Stress leads to emotional and other physical health challenges which includes headaches, chest pain, having trouble sleeping, and even high blood pressure.

One step at a time, all combined together, and you’d be pleased with yourself after decluttering.

It’s a new year, what better way to enjoy your life than to start decluttering every area of your life that needs to be decluttered?

Decluttering =
~ To Organize and prioritize.
~ To simplify, get rid of mess, disorder, complications. (urban dictionary).
~ To remove unnecessary items.

From time to time, we need to declutter our lives, our environment, our work space. But the big question is, How do we go about it? It can be overwhelming. The truth is, there’s no better way than to START. Start small, start simply.

The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step“.

Quick ways to declutter.
A cluttered space.

In this post, I highlight 3 quick ways how to declutter your life:

  • Reduce your commitments: Often times, we have commitments at home, work, religious centers, our family, friends, our hobbies, etc. Everything needs our attention, and time is for sure very limited! There is therefore, the need for you in this new year, to take a step back and have a look at all of your commitments in every area and identify which ones give you more joy and value. Which one is worth all of the time you commit/invest in it? reduce or eliminate, and DECLINE offers that don’t add much value to your life.
  • Plan out your routines: I swear, many of us don’t plan or have routines. Every of our day is crowded with so much activities that leaves us stressed out. But if you can take out time to draw out a daily plan or routine, you’d make your life less stressful. In other words, MAKE A LIST! Sometimes in trying to meet up with or tackle every of our obligation or daily tasks, we end up finishing them haphazardly. It is helpful to write down/ plan out every of your daily or weekly chores, tasks or obligations. This will usher in a new sense of order and calmness in your life.
  • Simplify: Too much clutter, too much crowd, can leave you less focused and unproductive. Sort things out and toss out as much things as you don’t need, as much as possible! Take the weeds out. You can sort out the files in your office and label them for easy access, tidy up your work desk, you can get rid of the programs in your computer that no longer serve you or the apps you no longer need in your phone. You can throw out or donate unused/fairly used items in your home or even sell them at reduced prices. Simplify. Create space. Breathe.

Remember, don’t overwhelm yourself while in the process. Take things a step each day. If you’re going to start with work, tidy up your desk, then your drawers, re-arrange your files, sanitize your computer.

At home, check into your closet and clean out items you no longer need. Re-arrange your kitchen and/or other rooms.

You see, I want to share this as a bonus with you. I learnt this recently and it’s been indeed very helpful. It is called the “oneminute rule“.

Most of the time, clutter builds up as a result of procrastination. …”I’ll do it later“. And then little by little you get your space cluttered. So when you finish your cup of coffee in the morning, instead of leaving it in the sink till you come back from work, you can take a minute to wash it off and place it back where it belongs before you dash off. When you return from the office, instead of tossing your shoes or stockings by the side of the bed or flinging your shirt or dress to one corner of your room, you can take ONE MINUTE to pick them up and place them in the closet/shoe rack or laundry. Just ONE MINUTE.

That way, things don’t build up or overwhelm you. Clutter leads to more stress than we often realize. Don’t hoard items that no longer serve you, toss-out/donate or even auction them. Learn to say NO to the things that don’t add value to your life. Get rid of toxicity. As much as possible, create orderliness and live simply!

That’s all for now guys, I’d love to know;
What other ways do you declutter your life?
If you found this post helpful, please share with others.

With Love,
Jessica Hugo.


37 thoughts on “Decluttering; 3 quick ways to declutter your life.”

  1. Reduce your commitments😭. Guilty as charged. If I am going to be efficient this year I have to channel in my efforts exactly where they will bear fruit. Thanks for sharing Jessica! Hope you’re having a great year so far💞

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Channel your efforts where they’ll beat fruits! 👍🏻. Reduce your commitments to anything that doesn’t add much value to your life.

      Thanks for reading Joan, yes I am so far, hope you are too. Warm regards dear.

      Liked by 1 person

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