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5 easy ways to cultivate a positive mindset. (Personal growth)

Oh boy! One thing I’m so happy about right now is how I’ve been able (with constant reminders/practice) to shift my paradigm from focusing on the negative side of humanity to accentuating the positive. I waste no time dwelling on anything negative. Negative energy does nothing but zap the joy out of life. You create your own misery and cast a shadow on your life by constantly dwelling on the negative.

This year, more than ever, I’m even more determined to maintain a positive mindset. I urge you to do the same too. This will help you be more resilient, happier, more enlightened (learn), grow and become better. Did I add that it is important for health and quality of life too? It is for sure!

A mindset is your emotional response to normal daytoday activities. What you say, how you react, etc. It is a belief that orients (directs) the way you handle situations.

Having a Positive mindset/attitude is not an innate trait. Neither does having a negative one. No one was born that way. You can’t even inherit it from your parents. It is created from our actions. Our actions become our habits and our habits form our characters.

Those actions are as a result of our thoughts and even though we have no control over the thousands of thoughts that run through our minds per second, we can decide on which one to act on.  It is a CHOICE. It’s within your power to decide to have a positive outlook to life. Easier said than done I know! But it is a journey, and one you can successfully embark on, only if you decide to make an effort. A daily conscious one. That’s part of the personal growth journey. To evolve. To become. Something better.

Negative emotions inflame one’s mind and consume one’s thoughts. This often leads to pain, anger, hurt, and so forth if it isn’t well- managed. Don’t get me wrong, all these are part of human feelings. We feel pained, get angry, get hurt, etc. But If you dwell on them, it could lead to even more serious consequences. Regrettable ones. I’m not even going to mention the side-effects healthwise.

Getting hurt is part of life. Things happen. But deciding to stay hurt or pained or angered? That mental torture?

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We can decide to foster the opposite. Replace hate with love, anger with compassion, fear with courage, etc. and be happier.

Your mindset tailors how you handle or react to certain situations.

Before you react to a negative situation, ask yourself:
* Am I going to ruin my day?
* Am I overreacting?
* What if I let it go, would the outcome be better?
* Is it really worth the stress?

This is teaching yourself a different way of dealing with life and with your emotions. It is creating a new inner chemistry that feels more appropriate. As creatures of habit, by making small adjustments daily in our lives, we can form positive habits that makes us and everyone we interact with, happier. We can begin to see the light at the end of the tunnel and become more hopeful of the future. We can become more mindful (live presently and non-judgmentally) and encouraging, and appreciate the simple pleasures of life.

Rather than picture disaster scenarios, imagine where you want to be. Build up pictures of your happiness and pleasures and even success. Make sure everyday of your life involves everything which helps you towards a positive outlook to life. You can cultivate a positive mindset. In case you think it’s hard,

Below, I share with you, 5 easy ways to foster a positive mindset.

Let’s dig in;

5 easy ways to cultivate a positive mindset.
How to cultivate a positive mindset.
  • Create a morning mindset routine: When we wake up, the outcome of our day can be affected by our thoughts/actions right from the morning. Mornings kinda set the mood for the day so it is necessary to decisively create a mindset that is positive and be committed to it. Like…” Today, i’m going to have a good day” fullstop!

A great way to start the day is by anticipation and excitement. Listen to music, read/watch inspirational articles or clips, meditate, deliberately focus on everything that’ll add to brightening your day.

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  • Abstain from negative media: Bad news sell and that’s why the mainstream media focuses more on them. War, politics, etc. They add baggage to our thoughts and it doesn’t make sense for us to sit around consuming all of it. It doesn’t allow for optimal mindset; one which is focused on the best things life’s got to offer. Putting your mental energy into things that isn’t helping you grow won’t help you enjoy your life. We can’t change some of the things that happen across the globe. Somethings are beyond our control. But we can change us (our lives) by improving our mindset and outlook towards life. If you immerse yourself in good content, you’ll change the language of your mind.

  • Challenge your thoughts: Every now and then, negative thoughts, negative emotions build up. “I am so worthless“…”Everyone sucks“…etc. No, don’t just ignore them, That’s not enough. We need to challenge those internal conflicts when they arise and silence them! Does everyone really suck or are you just being too critical? Are you really worthless or is your mind making you think so? By challenging your thoughts, your mindset will begin to evolve. Think again and weigh your beliefs. YOU control your attitude.

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  • Find humor in every challenge: In the midst of a bad situation, humor might just be all you need to balance the situation and boost your morale. Make light some situations that would otherwise live you frustrated. There’s something ridiculous about every life’s challenge. Find it, laugh at it. While it may be hard to see the positive/funny side in certain situations, it will help you feel better and enjoy life. Whether the situation is good or bad is based on your perception. Look for the positive. It isn’t always easy to find but if you look hard enough, you will. Maybe there’s something you can learn, maybe there’s something you can appreciate. Ever heard of the saying “Every disappointment is a blessing?”. Life is what you make out of it. Laugh. Laugh real hard!
  • Find positiveminded people and be friends with them: This may sound a little cliche. But really, you are a summary of people you hang out with. If you’re going to foster/maintain a positive mindset, then you need like-minded people to support you. You can find friends even online and network with people who are focused on personal growth. You need people who’ll affect your line of thinking positively, while you improve their own positivity as well.

A shift in our mindset from negative to positive may be all we need to revitalize our day. It takes practice but in time, it could form a new habit. If/When negative thoughts fill your mind, evaluate them irrationally and respond with positive affirmations. A positive mindset triggers optimism. It’s not always about what happens, but how you react to them. We can rewire our brains to get better at seeing the positives by training it to.

Start cultivating a positive mindset and watch yourself change!

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Until next time,
Jessica Hugo.


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