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Dear self; Speaking to yourself kindly.

For some reason, our brain is wired in such a way that we’re constantly criticizing ourselves. Selfcriticism is one major problem which impacts on our lives, our dreams and our relationship with others. Whether it’s a little mistake, or one tiny little nasty thing, We’re constantly beating ourselves up. We are constantly tainted with many thoughts, and most often, these thoughts are negative.

All day long, we speak to ourselves. We say things to ourselves, things that we can not say to even our best friends. Its like a regular internal dialogue. A constant mental chatter. …”I’m no good I can’t do anything right“… I’m not good enough“…bla bla. The thing is, If you let your brain take control, (because it’s sometimes one crazy organ), it’s going to let pessimistic thoughts fill your mind and you’ll begin to think and say unimaginable negative things to yourself. And you know what?

Our actions are inspired by our thoughts!

Oh yes.

You can’t fix everything, you aren’t even perfect. You.are.human. But you have your strengths which means you’re good enough in your own right.
Hey, the good news is, we can become mindful of our thoughts, know when to cancel out those pessimistic thoughts, practice self-love and be more kind and compassionate to ourselves.

You owe yourself all the love and kindness that you show to others.

We can move from negative self-talk to Positive affirmations . We can challenge those thoughts when they infiltrate into our minds. When you say…”I can’t”, turn around and ask…”why can’t I”? Ofcourse you can! And it is a realistic thinking.

What you say to yourself creates your reality.

speaking kindly to yourself.

Speaking kindly to yourself not only uplifts you but builds your confidence and self-esteem. It allows you to attract more positive things, it reduces stress and most importantly, improves your health.

It may feel ridiculous at first when you begin to make that shift. But as you continue to practice and bring more awareness to your thoughts and speak to yourself more kindly, it will become more natural to you. Whether you just woke up from bed, or are exercising, driving to work, in all situations, speak to yourself kindly. You deserve it! Take a deep breathe, relax, and utter the most soothing words to yourself. You totally deserve all the good things you want/need. You’re beautiful, you’re strong, you’re intelligent, you’re ahmazzing!!! Durrh.

When you speak kindly to yourself, you empower yourself. You create the right emotions through healthy self-talks. You encourage yourself and build your self-worth. All these nourishes your emotions. At some point in your personal development journey, you’re going to face this task. The task of supporting yourself in the most compassionate and loving way, by learning to speak kindly to yourself.

There’s power in your tongue. Use it kindly to yourself. Pause when you notice you’re going to say something you don’t want to attract and say exactly what you really want. Accentuate the positive.

Two people might spill their drink for example, an optimist (the one who’s kinder to him/herself) would shrug it off, knowing it’s temporary and move on with brighter hopes while the pessimist would blame him/herself for being the failure that s/he (thinks s/he) is, in the most unkind and unaffectionate way.

By changing your perspective, you can raise your energy and boost your personal best. So when next you look at that mirror, say the nicest things to yourself, choose to consciously fill your mind with positive images and focus on the enjoyable moments.

Grit your teeth and commit to the process of change. Yes we can! 💪🏻 no one says it’s easy, but in the end, it’s worth it.

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Until next time,
Jessica Hugo.



21 thoughts on “Dear self; Speaking to yourself kindly.”

  1. Jessica,

    I completely agree. I speak much nicer words to my husband, my children, friends, coworkers…everybody except myself. I tend to be very critical, demanding, and snarky to myself…but that isn’t right. Thank you for the reminder to created positive emotions through kind words. Which in turn, will make me nicer to everyone else as well. hugs Johanna

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Johanna, its true we tend to be very critical towards ourselves and forget to applaud ourselves as much as we do to others. By using kind words, we create and nourish our emotions which is beneficial to our physical and mental health.
      Thankyou for leaving your thoughts. Xo

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Self-love is truly the foundation of a healthy lifestyle. And positive self-talk is such an important part of that! It really has a huge effect on our self-esteem, our health and our general well-being! Thank you so much for sharing such a wonderful and important post!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I think it is easier for us as humans to self-criticise ourselves (though you do get those exceptionally sad people that will always praise themselves and criticise others!!!). I recently dabbled in meditation and constantly try and say positive affirmations to myself. We all have our weaknesses but guess what? We all have our strengths too!

    Liked by 1 person

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