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Keeping your new year resolutions, in four strategic ways.

It’s 2018. I mean, there’s no time for time itself. Seems like the earth is revolving round the sun faster than it used to. The world is moving really fast. Before you’d say BOOM!!! We’ll be celebrating Easter already. That aside, I’m super super excited for another year, it’s a great privilege.

You know, every new year, most people make new year resolutions about things to change, maybe habits, relationships, etc. Or set new goals. Everything is geared towards improving life. This tradition dates as far back as 153 B.C. However, statistics have shown that only about 8% of people who make these resolutions actually keep them.

Honestly I used to make new year’s resolutions too in my teenage years. Guess what? By the third week of the year, I’m back to where I started from. Lol so I simply flung resolutions away. I mean, one mustn’t resolve to changing aspects of their life that needs change or improvement only on New Year’s Day. Nope! But it’s relatable though, since new year signifies fresh beginning, people tend to want to start life afresh with each new beginning.

It does make sense to me however, to want to start off with a different perspective. The thought-patterns definitely has to improve in order to yield change externally too. And it’s a year long process! It’s not about a particular day.

You see, making promises ain’t hard. Talk is cheap. But keeping those promises is the hard part. Change is hard! Because we’re creatures of habit. Especially promises made to self. And so psychologically, there has to be that a) READINESS in you to b) COMMIT to that list of things you have resolved for this year. You can write them down all you want, talk about them for as much/long as you want, but you have to c) EFFECT that change you want, yourself.

In this post, I discuss four strategic ways in which you can keep your new year’s resolutions.

Let’s dig deep;

Four strategic ways to keep your new year resolutions1) FOCUS:

Focus on the present. Don’t live in the past or future. Yes, you have made those promises to yourself this year but what is the one thing you can do NOW to help you towards your goal of keeping it? And achieving it? What can be done today? Right now? Focus on how you can create ways to help you change or improve the habits you have resolved to change or improve this year. Focus on your thinking and thought-patterns. One resolution, one at a time.

2) Set REALISTIC goals.

Like I elaborated In my book,your goals have to be SMART. Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Timely. E.g Resolving to loose weight isn’t a specific goal. It is ambiguous. Rather, you can say I want to loose 5 pounds in 45 days. This is more specific and realistic. It isn’t just about setting goals. How realistic are those goals? How do you measure them? You have to think about these things. People quit most times because of how ambiguous the goal is. Don’t get this twisted, you need to dream big! You need to dream bigger than yourself. But sometimes its difficult to pay attention to something so big. What then happens? You give up! And so, taking small steps, breaking things down, will help keep you right on track towards reaching your aim.
3. Design your resolution to suit you, you and you!

It’s your life you know, not the society’s. Figure out what works for you, where you are in your journey, and ways to improve. If I make a solemn promise to myself to gain more knowledge or master a new skill this year for example, its my choice to figure what books I need to read/study, what skill I want to master, how much of it I know and areas I want to improve on. Pick the right resolution, make it personal! It’s your journey.
4. Celebrate yourLittlewins along the way:

Most times, our attention is usually on the outcome, the end-game. So we tend to overlook the ‘small’ successes. For example, If you intend to read one book everyday, and you’re able to finish one chapter at a time, rather than waiting till you finish the book, you can give yourself a mini ‘yay, me‘! That will improve your motivation.

Life is full of tiny bits of miracles. Notice them!

It is crucial to recognize the small victories along the way, they add up. Don’t wait for the goal to be finally completed before you celebrate each important milestone.

And…Don’t beat yourself up, perfection is nearly unattainable. Ask for support when life gets in the way, believe in yourself, remember it’s ok if you slip up but get right in track! Plan your follow-through and always remember the ‘why‘ you resolved to the list of things you have right now this year. Don’t think of it as a new -year resolution,think of it as a new-year plan/ guideline.

Be positive, push yourself beyond your comfort.

new year resolutions.

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Until next time,

Jessica Hugo.





29 thoughts on “Keeping your new year resolutions, in four strategic ways.”

  1. I think that’s my biggest fault is never congratulating myself on the small victories! I always look right past them and ask myself why I’m born 10 steps more ahead. These are great steps! I definitely intend to utilize them!

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Thankyou! Indeed we have to focus on what we can do right NOW to help us towards our goals in Life rather than what we could have done or something. I’m glad you enjoyed it. 😊😊


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