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5 more reasons why you should embark on personal development now.

The journey of personal development is a lifelong one. You get to learn how to become more confident and happier by improving your self-awareness and identity, developing your skills and talents and setting goals in order to realize your dreams and aspirations. It is indeed an important aspect of life and it is a continuous process.

People embark on personal development to enhance the quality of their lives, develop others, and reach self-actualization.

As Abraham Maslow puts it…

” Self-actualization is the desire that everybody has to become everything that they are capable of becoming”.

When you reach your full potential as a unique human being, you can be said to be fulfilled. To achieve this, you have to embark on a conscious pursuit of growth. To become better than who you were, looking internally, expanding your knowledge, improving your skills, transforming yourself mentally, socially, emotionally, etc. It is a lifelong pursuit.

I see personal development as a CHALLENGE. The challenge to develop oneself and skills in order to create VALUE. Isn’t that what life is about? Creating value. How do you grow? How do you win without any challenge?
If we develop new habits in line with our aspirations, stretch our minds, maintain a sense of self-worth, and pursue our goals, we can BECOME who we want to be.

BECOME = To come into being. To change. To grow to be or be suitable for.

Ask yourself, what am I becoming?

As we progress in life, our environment and circumstances change. We grow to become a friend, a partner, a spouse, a parent, a leader, etc. All we can do to excel in these various roles is to keep developing ourselves. Keep learning and mastering new skills and grow with life. Life is about growth so why would you not want growth?

In addition to these, here are 5 more reasons why you should embark on personal development now;

5 more reasons why you should embark on personal development now.

  • It helps you build better relationships:

You would be able to foster better relationships with the help of personal development. Why? Because you will become more selfaware. You will understand your values and be able to know which relationship is worth investing in or not. You will also be able to maximize relationships which makes the most positive impact in your life. You’d understand how to relate better with others.

  • You’d build greater resilience:

Your ability to handle stress, adversity and change is enhanced with personal development. There are low times in life. Everyone needs the skill to deal with them effectively. Mental strength and emotional agility which comes with transforming oneself through personal development enables one to cope with any eventuality.

  • It gives a sense of direction:

As you become more self-aware through personal development, and set your goals, You’d become clearer on which way to go.
In other words, you receive clarity through personal development because you will begin to set out things to achieve and how to achieve them. You will realize what tasks to do and how to effectively use your time. This gives you better focus and management of your priorities.

  • It helps you create a balanced lifestyle:

A balanced lifestyle also known as worklifebalance covers;
a) physical health ( body, diets and nutrition)
b) mental health ( mindset, emotions)
c) environment ( your home, surroundings, world matters, media)
d) relationships ( family, friends, social life)
e) work ( career, businesses, education)
f) finances ( wealth, money)
When you create a balance of these elements of life and feel contented with what you have and hope to achieve henceforth, then you can feel invigorated.

  • Contribute to the society:

We are part of the world- community. We cannot live in isolation. Therefore we need each other. Personal development for self alone cannot work if you aren’t contributing to the community. Volunteering, giving back, helping others. That’s the core concept of personal development. To develop yourself in relation to others by offering what you have and getting back. If you want to benefit from your surrounding, you give value. You have to give something. The world should benefit from you too. That’s what personal development does.

Understanding the concept of personal development is only the beginning of the journey. To know the “why” of personal development. There’s no final destination to it. It is a continuous growth. But you can measure your progress by the goals you have set for your self and the milestones you have achieved. It is a matter of personal choice and preferences.

We are responsible for our own personal development. No one else can do it for you. Others can contribute to the process, but it’s all up to you. Learning, evaluating our habits and actions, etc.

Growth may mean change, but as long as it’s for the better, then it’s a good thing.

” If you want something more, you have to become something more”.

I’d love to hear your thoughts or contributions. Let’s talk more in the comments!
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Jessica Hugo.



26 thoughts on “5 more reasons why you should embark on personal development now.”

  1. Love love love!! Feel the same way. Most importantly I agree with your point that setting goals and achieving them is a great indicator of your progress through this journey of personal development. I have some articles that you may like now and some scheduled soon! Take a look and lets me know what you think. Thanks again for a great read

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  2. great points ๐Ÿ™‚ and I totally agree with them. I used to think that I’m fine alone but I have this heart to further develop myself. And when I pursued my personal growth I was changed from thinking only about me to thinking of how can I add value to others as well

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  3. Hello Jessica,

    I want to first thank you for taking the time to share your ideas on personal development. You outlined the benefits of PD very well and your blog communicates how PD applies to the important aspects of life.

    As someone who also operates in the personal development space, I read the case you made for self-actualization and began thinking about those who DO NOT actively engage in personal development. After reading the benefits one would think: “Who WOULDN’T want personal growth?” However, as someone who works with others to reach their potential, I often observe certain people with no desire to grow at all. It seems in many instances these individuals are really sensitive about any areas for improvement they may have, and fail to understand that we all have shortcomings and areas that require growth. For some the thought of personal growth reminds them that they feel broken, so they sometimes reject the notion of personal development and take it personally. For those who believe they are not “good enough” and have a lot of pain tied to that belief, the pursuit of personal development can be a tough sell, or at minimum a sensitive topic.

    What are your thoughts on navigating between people building their self-worth (feeling “good enough”) but at the same time acknowledging areas that need growth? I have my own thoughts but I would love to hear yours.

    Thanks again for the great post!


    1. Hi Jonathan, first I want to appreciate you for taking your time to read through my blog and then sharing your thoughts. Thankyou somuch for your time.
      To answer your question on navigating BTW people building their self-worth but the same time acknowledging areas that need growth, I’ll start by saying, you know, one goal we all have in life is to be happy and comfortable with ourselves. And to achieve this, ( because it’s a continuous process), we have to constantly fine-tune and evolve just like growing from childhood to teenage to adulthood and evolving mentally, emotionally and physically too.
      The problem we have is that most people tend to resist change. You know, like beginning a new diet, changing our behavior/ lifestyle, etc. which maybe beneficial to us.
      One way we can grow into appreciating ourselves better, taking actions to achieve our goals and growing into a better version of ourselves is to resist inertia. That is, the tendency for the body to continue in its state of rest or uniform motion.
      Helping people understand the benefits of personal development and how it will go a long way to improve various aspects of their life is great.


      1. Hi Jessica,

        I agree that most people do not like change, which can be a major deterrent from pursuing personal development. However, once people begin the process of tending to their personal growth, they often find the reality is much better than their preconceived notions about change.

        Thanks for your feedback and, again, great post. Keep them coming!


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  4. I love everything related to personal development, and this post is amazing. ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

    I think self-awareness is becoming increasingly important as people are embracing careers in the social & digital world. You have to know exactly what youโ€™re good at and not to be able to grow your personal brand. ๐Ÿ’ช๐Ÿผ

    I also write on personal development – in a practical & personal manner (& incorporating a bit of style) on my blog. Go check it out if youโ€™d like. ๐Ÿ˜Š https://carlatruter.wordpress.com/


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