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Patience or procrastination? Meet the friends.

There’s this quote almost everyone knows, it’s quite common. I like to remind myself of that quote every time I’m working on something. The quote…

Rome was not built in a day“!

It reminds us of patience and time. It tells us that so long as we keep up with whatever we’re doing, we would actualize our goals. Note that that quote is sort of an encouragement to ‘keep up’ with whatever we’re working on, as time and patience is all we need. It encourages us to be patient. This means waiting on something  (fruition) you’re working on, or something you’ve worked for.

If you ought to do something and you aren’t doing it, that Rome cannot be built because you aren’t building the Rome, let alone it being built in a day. It takes patience, but then it takes work. In this case,The Rome is waiting on you to decide when you want to start building it, by taking actions. Take for example if you start a garden and you plant seeds today and keep watering them, you would later be waiting for the seeds to germinate and yield fruits tomorrow. In this case, you’re patiently waiting on something because you’ve worked for, (or you’re working on) it. Patiencetime. Life’s most powerful instruments.

Patience or procrastination?

This is different from someone who hasn’t planted any seed yet. The seed is waiting on you to plant it. It still deals with time. What point am I trying to make here? Patience and procrastination are closely but oppositely related. To an onlooker, they may seem the same. Each deals with time but while one is productive, the other one is useless! It steals the time.

Some days might involve you waiting on something you’ve worked on, to materialize. Other days might involve you to work on something. (Sow the seed). It depends on the side you’re on. Waiting on something or something waiting on you? It’s just a thin line.

Sometimes patience could mean enduring time because of a delay which perhaps wasn’t your fault. It can be a good virtue if you use it to your advantage. “The patient dog eats the fattest bone” right? …” Good things come to those who wait“. Bla…bla…These quotes suggest patience is a good thing. That is, allowing ourselves flow naturally with the cause of things just so we don’t mess things up by taking hurried actions. But if you’re being patient about a thing, then the reason for your patience should be in line with your ambition. If you’ve done a job- interview, and you’re waiting for that call from your prospective employer, Something like that.

Alas! There’s also a tendency to procrastinate while waiting. (Even if you’re working on something). Too much patience can lead to procrastination. Putting things off, making excuses, hesitancy, that’s procrastination. The struggle with procrastination is REAL. This tends to arise from waiting for the universe to align, waiting for the ‘best time’, and then missing out on good opportunities. Not getting stuffs done and delaying your own goals. There’s a difference between waiting for something to happen and making something happen.

If you have a dream, a goal or an ambition, it’s best to start to take actions today. If you’re waiting for the ‘perfect‘ time, you’ll be waiting for the rest of your life.
Although patience is a significant element of success, you should know when or if you are being patient or procrastinating. If you’re not forcing any activity because your instinct says so or simply avoiding tasks?
Time is required to achieve our goals no doubt but it depends if you’re investing the time or waiting for the time. Either ways, it’s your choice to make all the difference!

Patience or procrastination?


Until next time,
Jessica Hugo.


22 thoughts on “Patience or procrastination? Meet the friends.”

  1. Wow, I have never actually compared/contrasted patience and procrastination. It’s interesting to think that when I may be telling myself I’m patiently waiting for something, I may just be lazily procrastinating. I love how you said – “If you’re waiting for the ‘perfect‘ time, you’ll be waiting for the rest of your life.” – because that’s SO true. Thanks for sharing!


    1. Almost everyone deals with procrastination. Sometimes we think we’re being patient but really, it’s procrastination. Learning where to draw the line can be helpful. You’re not alone on this deary, we should all know when to take actions and when to lay back and know the difference. It is really is thought-provoking.
      Thanks for reading and leaving a comment. ❤️


  2. Interesting perspective on patience versus procrastination. I am definitely guilty of procrastination at times, so this definitely hit home :-). I think another difference between the two aside from whether action has been taken is the place from which the action is coming. Procrastination often comes from a place of fear. Those of us who procrastinate are often delaying perceived pain associated with the task, whether it is the pain of the actual action (we don’t like doing it) or pain of potential failure. As long as we delay the action, there is still some hope tied to it, but once we take action we risk something not turning out the way we wanted. I would imagine this is the reason many of us sometimes procrastinate. What are your thoughts?

    Thanks for the blog and keep ’em coming! Reading and discussing blogs like yours helps me grow when I’m writing my own. Plus it’s fun! 🙂


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