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This ten list of things will help you maintain a sense of happiness.(check it out)

“Happiness is not something already-made, it comes from your own actions”~ Dalai Lama.

I totally agree with Dalai’s quote! You see, for so many reasons, we’ve come to take life too seriously. Our inner-critic is almost always active. Judging and lambasting us every minute. We spend more time bashing and criticizing ourselves than we do loving and appreciating us. Sometimes this incites anger and bitterness towards ourselves and it begins to affect those around us such that we fill our surroundings with negativity.

It is often said that one is responsible for his/her own happiness and this points back to Dalai Lama’s quote. Your actions!!! Actions stem from your choices and so being happy is a thing of choice. It’s a decision. A mindful one.

We need to make that important decision to find happiness within ourselves because it impacts on our health and life in general. Easier said than done I know! But however, it’s not impossible. By learning how to deal with stress, focusing our energy on the brighter side of life, taking care of ourselves, we can maintain happiness in our day to day life.

“Happiness depends upon ourselves” ~ Aristotle.

When you need to take a break and have some water, don’t give yourself an excuse if it’s going to help your sanity and stability. If you need to dance and scream and jump off the roof, by all means, please! Life can become unbearable if we don’t help ourselves to maintain a sense of happiness. Here is a mantra you should live by …
I have nothing to do today but smile“. 😀😀

Paste it anywhere conspicuous and decide on it daily. Thank me later.

That’s not all, we truly deserve to be happy and We need to be mindful of that. YOU are enough to provide yourself that happiness. YOU are enough!!! Don’t let anyone or any situation tell you otherwise. You are enough.
In this light, this 10 list of things can help you maintain a sense of happiness. It is delightfully worth sharing. Let’s dig in..

How to be happy

•  Learn to appreciate the little things: Every ‘small’ win is a plus. Appreciate it while still chasing the ‘big’ ones. The little things of life are really the big things. We just don’t realize. Don’t wait till you have to pay for oxygen to realize how freely you have been breathing without even moving a muscle. Learn to show as much gratitude as possible to others too. If we are grateful and appreciate the ‘little’ things we have, then we open doors for more to come. Be happy with yourself anyways. Count your blessings.

•  Honestly, quit expecting too much! You’ll truly be happy with yourself that way. Disappointments and resentments arise from having too much expectations. Live in the moment and soak yourself in the day. High expectations have caused a lot of panic attacks and emotional pains. This isn’t what you want is it?
•  Don’t focus too much on negative situations. When you spend time ruminating on past mistakes and bad situations, you’re attracting more of it unconsciously and that keeps affecting your feelings and mood and effectively, your happiness. As humans, our brains are wired in such a way that it’s constantly looking for negatives. We remember the negatives more than we do the positives. However, focusing on bad situations adversely affects your health. You need to shift your gear to the brighter side. And focus your energy and resources on things that would be more productive. Re-adjust your thought-patterns. Develop a sense of humor and make light some situations which would otherwise leave you unhappy.

• Just like NOT focusing on bad situations, you need to surround yourself with people who truly care about you and who can help you be at ease with yourself. Sometimes in the verge of trying to meet societal expectations and pleasing everyone, you play a kind of role that leaves you unhappy. When you surround yourself with people who can help you be the best version of yourself, then you’d be developing your self-worth and as well, maintaining a sense of happiness. You don’t need a big circle to achieve this. You do need a few trusted people.

Take care of yourself. Eat healthy, drink lots of water, exercise, relax, socialize, do the things you love to do. Whatever things are your hobby, get more involved with them. Self-care/self love is really important in maintaining a sense of happiness. Remember happiness begins with you. From your inside. Dress in clothes that make you feel confident and happy in yourself. If you feel good about yourself internally, then you can easily express it externally. Always find time for yourself and to do the things you love everyday.

Step out of your comfort zone! Try something new,. Do something different. Stretch yourself out a bit. Maybe a different hair color, a different goal, something. Life becomes depressing if you don’t do something to challenge yourself sometimes. Something different from the things you already know. It’s exciting and more confident to at least try, regardless of the outcome. You’ll learn by taking worthy risks. The experience can help you in other causes. Inject some spontaneity in your life to avoid feeling stuck and depressed. Maybe a new skill, a get-away, a surprise, something positively spontaneous.

Forgiveness is a gift to your own self. It’s not about the situation, it’s about yourself and you need to move fast along. You’ll get hurt, you’ll feel pained, you’ll get disappointed. That’s life. To maintain a sense of happiness, you need to let go. You’ll feel even more miserable if you don’t. If you care about being happy, then you need to purge yourself of every baggage. Be light, be free, be fly! Less drama.

Don’t insist on perfectionism. Heeey! This theory strives to foster happiness but in real life, it rarely does. In trying to be/appear perfect, most people end up feeling less-confident and unhappy. Perfectionists always beat themselves up, criticize and look for blames. They’re hardly satisfied. The obsession with perfectionism mostly leaves one feeling awkward. Sometimes good enough is good enough. Keep it moving.

Be in charge of yourself. This means taking control of your emotions and thoughts. If you rely on external stimuli to be happy, you won’t! As earlier stated, happiness is a choice from within. And so if you don’t permit anyone or any situation to make you unhappy, no one can, nothing else can. It’s a conscious decision. You need to master your mind and your body and know that it’s your choice to remain happy regardless. No other person holds that responsibility but you. And you can do this by practicing and making it a daily conscious habit.

Spread happiness. Be kind to others, show compassion, help where you can. If you can put a smile on someone else’s face in any little way you can, it can significantly affect your own happiness. Volunteer to serve where you can best serve, spread love and positivity around you. Then you in return, will feel happy too.

“Being happy doesn’t necessarily mean everything is perfect. It just means you have decided to look beyond the imperfections.”

Everyday is a new opportunity to be better than yesterday. Find joy in the moment no matter how inadequate it may seem. Don’t wait for the moment to be happy, make the most of every moment you are in, and be happy.

I’d love you to add your thoughts or contributions, don’t forget to share.

Jessica Hugo.



28 thoughts on “This ten list of things will help you maintain a sense of happiness.(check it out)”

  1. What a lovely post! I agree particularly with spreading love and realizing that attachment to our desires is the thing that makes us unhappy. Realizing that I’m holding on too tightly to a particular desire, as if that thing, and only that thing can make me happy, almost always leads to disappointment. Instead, I allow myself preferences, but never requirements. I PREFER that I get that new job, but if I don’t something else will also be good. Or I PREFER nice weather on my Carribean vacation, but if it rains I’ll find something interesting to do instead. Thanks for the post! I appreciate thinking more about these things.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I really appreciate. You deserve to be happy and you are enough to provide yourself that happiness when you learn to take charge of your thoughts and control your mind and body. Wish you all the best Aldina, and thanks for reading. Hope you stick around this positive space. 😊

      Liked by 1 person

  2. “I havd nothing to do today but smile.” I am not a huge fan of quotes but this one actually put a smile on my face! That’s major give. I haven’t had coffee yet. Lol. Happiness has to be a priority and it has to be intentional in opposition to the negative things in the world. Two or three of these suggestions can make a difference.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. This is such a great post, we tend to forget that happiness is a choice and you can either appreciate what you have or stress over what you don’t. Being in the moment and seeing what is making you happy is all that matters. I need to try out new things and get out of my comfort zone.

    Liked by 1 person

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