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Success is overrated. (See why)

If you look up how many times the word -success is used everyday, you won’t be surprised at the figures because everyone’s major goal in life is to succeed. With it meaning different things to different people and everyone measuring it by their own standards, it’s quite an ambiguous word. Really huge one.

People tend to equate success to a destination. You know, like getting to the final bus-stop of that place you’ve always wanted to go. At first the feeling is ecstatic. But then afterwards what? Life continues… life goes on. You move on to other things. Other wants and needs. It’s a continuous progression. Like that, like that.

IMG_7168The truth is, no one ever ‘arrives‘. Like Abraham Maslow puts it,

“The more you have, the more you desire to have”.

Don’t get me wrong, you’ll hit milestones. Maybe major ones. You may get to meet certain goals you’ve set out and achieve some of the things you wish to achieve. But life is always in motion. And you have to move with it. Success doesn’t actually take away your problems. It gives you a different one. You get a job, then you develop need for a bigger apartment. You get the bigger apartment, then you want better home furnishings…Then you want a Bentley. Like that.

When you finally get that Bentley, then what? It’s a beautiful car that gets flat tires too. When you reach some levels of success, you’ll realize that that’s not the final destination. There are still other things. The journey might look nicer, but it’s still journeying. If your goal is to graduate from college, when you finally hit that milestone, it doesn’t end there. You think of going for graduate studies or getting a job. There are ALWAYS other things.

Even the rich and famous people, we term ‘Successful‘, do suffer depression or even commit suicide. People often think only bad circumstances make people depressed or have suicidal thoughts. But this isn’t true. One can fall into depression even after achieving so many feats. A healthy approach is not basing your happiness, selfesteem or worth on life’s circumstances. Be grateful for everything and enjoy the good things in your life. Life is a journey.


The problem is, the society has given us a brand of success we must identify with. Nice cars. Bill gates. Dangote. Oprah. Nice suits. Big houses. Etc this idea isn’t originally ours. Don’t get it twisted, money changes our lives in many tremendous ways but defining success in this term is making people face the danger of pursuing dreams not originally theirs or living other people’s life. Money is insufficient in the pursuit of happiness.

The ability to succeed is very important. We should all shoot for the moon and the stars. But we should focus more on our personal journeys. Ask anyone who has achieved anything great, they’re happy for that second. The next moment, they’re pursuing the next one. Life continues… we all want more.

“I can understand wanting to have a million dollars. But once you get beyond it, I have to tell you it’s the same hamburger” ~ Bill gates.

Success isn’t centered on fame and money as the world projects it. That’s a wrong yardstick for measuring success. How about a healthy lifestyle? How about a spiritually-inspired life? How about quality time invested on our loved ones? (Family and friends), how about fostering good relationships that encourage, challenge and motivate? How about leaving a legacy knowing you remarkably impacted lives?

While all these are important, just remember you can be successful. This, depending on the brand and idea of success you have. Putting food on the table, living in a quiet neighborhood, having a regular 9-5 job, raising a family, graduating from college, whatever you have set your mind to achieve.

When you finally reach the top of that mountain you wished to climb since you were four, you don’t grow wings and disappear into the clouds. Yes looking from that view is exciting. Here you are, you’ve finally ‘made it’. But After a few minutes, everything feels the same again. You want something else. To reach another goal. That’s life.

You see, we all need to enjoy the little blessings in our lives without depending on them. We need to focus on God, Love, experiences, and the pleasure of daily living. To never give up on anything that matters to us. All you need is patience and time.

The famous girl on the magazine cover you’re trying to be like, might be lonely. That Hollywood superstar who has so many fans and followers on social media and whose name rings a bell, probably never gets time to spend with his family. Infact his 6years old son might have forgotten his face. Success isn’t always as it seems. Infact it is overrated. What you (think you) see might not be what it really is therefore don’t try to conform.

Don’t dream of another reality or try to be someone you’re not. Embrace yourself!!! The things you take for granted someone else is praying for.

PS: As always, I love to hear your thoughts. If you’re a first-timer here, please explore the blog. There are so many relevant topics for you. Don’t forget to connect with me too. And please share, share and share again everyone…

Jessica Hugo.




21 thoughts on “Success is overrated. (See why)”

  1. A very interesting perspective! I think ultimately the importance of success will depend on how you define it- for me, success is my ability to be happy despite my circumstances as you’ve said and so with that belief, I can never see success as overrated. But I definitely understand what you mean here and I totally agree. Great post!

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  2. Such a great post. I learnt a lot of this while travelling, you realise you have success everyday and your point about it’s not a destination is perfect. Success comes in every shape and size, people just need the ability to recognise it is with you all the time.

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  3. Another quote says “When you reach your destination, set further destination”, and “When you achieve your goal, set a bigger goal and achieve it”. The point is there is no stop, you only have few times to stay at the station and then keep going that’s the real success. Amazing post 🙂

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  4. I agree. Money is only important in having enough to keep the bills paid and some time free to enjoy some leisure time. Success is illusive. I don’t even think about it. I’m at the looking back age, thinking more of the need to invest in relationships and being of use to others than to conquer new challenges. I’ll consider myself successful if I can finish off the challenges already before me.

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