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When Mother Nature Attacks…

Mother Nature is beautiful. She provides us with all the natural resources we need to survive in this planet. She blesses us with the sun and the rain as needed. Our obligation is to conserve these natural resources and reduce waste so as to keep the earth inhabitable.

However, Mother Nature can decide to go on rampage. And we have little or nothing to do about it other than to prepare and then survive.

I first heard of natural disasters such as hurricanes in 2005. That’s the hurricane Katrina which affected Florida, New Orleans and other parts of the eastern coast region of the United States. The effect is still memorable.

I’ve heard of Tsunamis is South Asia, Mudslides in Southern California, Wildfires, earthquakes etc. There was also Hurricane Stan in 2005 which hit Mexico, Costa-Rica, Honduras, etc, Hurricane Felix in 2007 which hit Colombia, Venezuela, Mexico, Honduras, etc.

Bush fires
Natural disasters

In 2012, I remember Hurricane Sandy which affected Queens Borough region in New York City and parts of New Jersey. Each Hurricane comes with its own statistics of loss of lives and properties as always is, with natural disasters.

Dating back in history, there’s been Hurricane Arlene, Flora, Cindi, Ginny, Julie (1963) which  affected Bermuda, Cuba, Jamaica, Bahamas, Texas, Louisiana, North Carolina, Etc. And Edith (1971) To mention but a few.

Last year (2016), there was Hurricane Mathew which hit Venezuela, Colombia, Cuba Jamaica, Atlantic Canada and The east coast of the United States.


In Nigeria currently, there’s major flooding in parts of Benue state, the middle-belt region of the country. This isn’t the first flooding recorded in the country. People are being displaced, lives lost and several injured. Earlier last month (August) flooding and mudslides were reported in parts of SierraLeone (West-Africa).


And just as the sun is returning back to areas ravaged by Hurricane Harvey, which hit Texas, Louisiana, (United states) Nicaragua, etc with all the support and hopes of recovery, Hurricane Irma follows and is currently striking in the Caribbeans and heading towards Florida, Georgia, North and South Carolina of the United States.

Hurricane Jose, another hurricane is currently also ravaging in the Caribbeans and is forecasted to likely follow the path of Irma if it continues to gain strength. (as reported on the news). On the other hand, there’s also Hurricane Katia presently located in the Gulf of Mexico and is equally gaining strength. All happening concurrently.

The level of devastation and destruction caused when Mother Nature attacks can be very disheartening. My prayers goes out to all those affected by this horrific rampage. This is saddening. But we can’t loose hope of survival.

It is also a wake-up call for us all to prepare cos we never know (when or how if Mother Nature attacks) or when the world will come to an end.

We can only pray… and believe.

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Watch and pray guys..

Jessica Hugo.


39 thoughts on “When Mother Nature Attacks…”

  1. It’s seems that in the past 10-15 years, natural disasters such as tsunamis, hurricanes and earthquakes are becoming much more severe. The climate change we are undergoing feels like Mother Nature’s reaction to the pressures we subject her to. Hopefully, we can restore the balance soon.

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    1. Wow, Thailand. Yea it’s good to pass it on to the next generations so they don’t get lost in history. Such information when carefully studied, how help improve means of survival or even better forecast. Thanks for your contribution.


  2. I so appreciate your spin on this. It’s so sad, and it would be easy to stick our heads in the sand and try to pretend devastation isn’t happening all around us. But we need to remember to remain hopeful and support those going right through the midst of these attacks, even if just by praying. Thank you for sharing your heart and being a light of positivity!

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  3. Natural disasters are always unpredictable.I remember Tsunami in Sri Lanka and even the recent floods in the country.The damages are uncountable including human deaths.Preparation for such emergencies is always helpful at least the least way…


  4. I hadn’t heard of Katia! We lived through three in a row years ago. It wasn’t fun. I was in Florida when Andrew hit too. This one missed us and we got on the outer bands, but it still messed some things up!! These storms are no joke.


    1. Now you heard of Katia here first. 👍.
      Wow! About Florida during Hurricane Andrew that’s really disheartening. ThankGod you’re safe. My heart goes out to everyone affected or in the part of this present hurricanes. 🙏🙏


  5. Mother nature is something that can happen any time to any area on earth. It is so true that we all need to be prepared ahead of time in case mother nature does deride to show her wrath. I pray for all those being and have been affected by all these natural disasters.

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  6. These natural disasters are really scary. I live in a fault line so I’m terrified of an earthquake. An underreported issue is people being able to access needed medication during disasters. I recently wrote an article about people in opioid addiction recovering during and after the hurricanes. Much more compassion is needed if we are going to survive as a species and global community.


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