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What does it mean to “just be yourself”? and 5 Simple ways How To.

People usually say “just be yourself”. I can’t count the number of times that phrase is being used in 24 hours. Everyone says “just do you”…”Be who you are”. But what if you don’t even know who you are? It’s quite confusing. What does it really mean to “Just be yourself”? I’m going to throw more light on this subject so come on in…


You see, a lot of times people usually advice one to “just be yourself”. Whether you’re going for an interview or Meeting someone special for the first time.Apparently, it is the easiest thing to say. An extrovert will go for a birthday party and be as loud and talkative as usual on someone else’s occasion and s/he’s being him/herself right?

It is true people don’t act same way with everyone. You will act differently in front of your boss or parents and also differently with your colleague, sibling or friend. That doesn’t mean you’re two different persons or you aren’t being yourself. It means you know when to act appropriately and respectfully in different occasions and with different people. Being yourself includes being appropriate and respectful. And that’s how it should be.

I think a better way in discussing this subject in my opinion would be, be genuine! There really isn’t any need to try to act quiet or loud or tough if that’s not what you want to be accepted for. You have to do the things you believe in and relate to others with a genuine approach and mindset. This means staying true to your opinions and respecting everyone even though it might be in varying ways. You wouldn’t talk to your supervisor same way you would your best friend. Just be yourself.(genuine)!

Being yourself means staying true to your identity and core values and connecting with your inner self/intuition.

You should start by a) Finding your core values and b) Connecting with your intuition. That reveals the real you. You have to understand your personality traits in relation to others and pay attention to your heart.

Let me show you;

5 Simple ways to “just be yourself”(genuine).


I probably may have mentioned some in the above paragraphs but I’m going to elaborate some more.


We all have gut-feelings. Many times when we want to do anything, there’s always a still-small voice nudging us on or not. Nah I’m not talking about those voices in your head or the negative thought patterns you’ve accumulated all your life. I’m talking about that little voice in your heart. That’s where lies your true self. Learn to listen and connect with it and you will be learning to reveal your true self.


There is a reason everyone has a different figure print. You need to start living your life being that person with that distinct finger print. That’s actually the best way to live. You need to embrace yourself and stay focused on your own lane. See, the grass always seem greener on the other side but you never know. Comparisons are just pointless because you don’t know everything! You don’t have all the information. Live your life the best way you can and you’ll be satisfied with yourself.


I’ve had times when I chose to wear certain clothes in certain ways, styled comfortably, just the way I feel and want. Someone else might think it’s odd but that’s their opinion. Have you tried wearing a chambray shirt with wrapper? Lol. What I’m trying to say is, respect the opinion of others but if you don’t agree, don’t be pushed around in different directions. Everyone isn’t like you and it’s fine if you don’t share same views on certain things. It’s okay to respect each other even when you disagree. if you still don’t understand me, please ask “Bobrisky” or “Denrele“. 


Who doesn’t want to be authentic? I bet everyone does but not everyone is. The fear of  being laughed at or not being liked, wanted or accepted keeps us from being ourselves. We want to be accepted so we conform to the “norm”. And in the process, we loose ourselves. Our voices. Our identity. Our values and the things we believe in. If you have to be genuine and authentic, you have to stay true to your opinion whether or not you’re liked or accepted for it. You’re already a unique human being therefore you can ONLY get to be YOU. Being authentic/genuine means expressing your true nature the way your heart really wants to.


You owe yourself to be your best so start figuring how. Start owning yourself, accepting yourself and believing in yourself. If you don’t believe in yourself, how do you then express yourself? How do you be yourself? Confident people see live on a positive light. It is a state of mind and it’s not static. It is constantly built and learnt and practiced. You have to learn to think and act positively, to relax, smile, be grateful and surround yourself with positive people. Building confidence in yourself gives you power to be yourself. It’s not a perfect world. The world wants you to be genuine not perfect and in the most comfortable way, with will, courage and carriage.

Being yourself is BE-YOU-tiful so don’t be afraid to be yourself!


How about you? How do you “be yourself”? Don’t leave without sharing this post and let’s discuss some more in the comments.


Jessica Hugo.



25 thoughts on “What does it mean to “just be yourself”? and 5 Simple ways How To.”

  1. I really loved this post! Staying true to yourself is so important, as well as believing in yourself. I liked where you said that if we don’t believe in ourselves, how will anyone else? It’s so true.


  2. Being genuine and adjusting our personality traits certainly applies to me, something I always need to work on and was reminded of again this week. Not everyone reacts to me the same and I need to be more aware of this.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Wonderful post!! Being yourself, your authentic self, is so very important, and I agree, sometimes people aren’t really sure exactly what that means. It’s not so much, do whatever you want without regard for others, as others often seem to interpret it. It is living by your values and not going out of your way to appear to be something you’re not to appease others. Very well said!


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