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When last did you try something new?

So I woke up this morning and looked myself in the mirror and asked myself this very question. I mean, our lives is full of routines. Wake up-eat-everything in between-sleep- repeat. I know I’ve talked a lot about exploring, opening up to more opportunities, and changing some bits of my routine and i’m glad I’m making progress with it.

One benefit of enjoying routine that I love is that it supports discipline! You’re able to commit to whatever it is you’re doing and actually finish and see to its success. This makes you some kind of reliable. Like, anyone could trust you to do certain things and finish them up cos you’ve shown how dependable you could be,in following routine and getting stuffs done judiciously.

However, trying something new opens you up to new things and having you enjoy those new things. Like trying out new meals, new places, pathways, etc. you just never can tell how inlove you may fall with those adventures.  But that’s the point…You never can tell! Uncertainty. Fear of the unknown. That’s what gets us stuck most often.

Its almost impossible to tell the outcome of your new adventure and so it becomes safer to stick to the things you’re already familiar with. But come to think of it, majority of the things we fear, never really come to pass. And so, we kill that anticipation. That eagerness of expecting things that happen when we try something new.

Doing this however, requires great courage. Being willing to kill those fears and taking that leap, braving up to confront that intimidation, and facing whatever ordeal there is. Courage in itself is a life benefit and Life on its own requires somuch courage, mental strength and perseverance to live.

I also found that trying something new helps you fight boredom. We could become bored with routines. Doing the same things everyday, over and over and then over again. But when we take up new challenges, we’re able to eagerly anticipate, and force ourselves to change positions. Which in turn helps us to grow.

The key to growth is the introduction of higher dimensions of consciousness into our awareness. ~ Lao Tzu.



Emphatically, trying something new is a way of growth. We never grow by repeating same actions everyday. The point where you are now, the actions you took before, brought you this much growth. And so, to further grow, you need to take new actions. It could be in form of a new way of thinking, adopting a new lifestyle to suit where you want to be, etc. Your new idea may be better than the one you had before. Most times, it is!

The thing I enjoy most about trying something new is that: We live with many delusions. Sometimes it’s difficult to distinguish between beliefs that are true and those that aren’t. For example, you may believe that people from the eastern part of a certain region, are cannibals. They feed on human flesh. Not because you know, but because you were told so. Perhaps a visit to that place may prove otherwise because you may be surprised at their hospitality.

Sometimes even the things we believe about ourselves may not be true. We do believe them because that’s what we were told, growing up. How about challenging your own beliefs? Perhaps you have been told that you cannot jump higher than 2 feet because your great  grand Dad could not and so it runs through generations. Challenging yourself to your own beliefs will tell you what to believe or not.

Intrinsically, I’m interested in the selfimprovement/personal development that trying new things offer. And so, this is me opening up to more opportunities ( Just incase you have some for me. Hehe) seriously! And also as a gentle reminder to myself, in the spirit of growth!

Without continual growth and progress, such words as improvement, achievement, and success have no meaning. ~ Benjamin Franklin.

Hey. Permit me to ask, When last did you try something new?


jessica Hugo.



45 thoughts on “When last did you try something new?”

  1. Great post. True, doing something new is the best way to enhance yourself. Sometimes, you do stupid things but sometimes stupid things teach you a lot. Look, I was a bit ill. I worked out, now I’m on the bed. Ha. I have never tried this before. And never going to do this.
    Live well.


    1. Shubham, ha! Well, now you know working out when you’re ill is not good for you. This will inform your subsequent decisions because you tried.
      When a certain prof as asked the reason behind his success, he said making good decisions. And how did he arrive at that? By making bad decisions and so experience and failure taught him life lessons he needed to succeed.
      Thanks for your comment 😊

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  2. Beautiful post. Always good to try out something new and explore no matter how little. I can be so used to my routine but from time to time I try out new things and I don’t regret it. Sometimes I try something new from a restaurant Menu and eat something different, that’s one way I explore other cultures.


    1. Zinny, true that. No matter how little, it’s good to try something new and check the results. Me I like conformity a lot but I’m learning to loosen up, explore, and throw my basket.
      Exploring other cultures is totally great! Thanks for your comment.


  3. Well, I was about to say I haven’t tried anything new in a long time when I just remembered! Last week, I entered a writing competition for Elle Canada and I am so excited about it because I believe I am going to win! That is the optimistic me speaking but hey! Why not right? These days I am challenging myself to achieve new levels of growth by taking chances that will not only open new doors for me but allow me to find more of myself.


    1. challenging yourself to achieve new levels of growth by taking chances that’ll not only open new doors for you but allow you find more of yourself.That’s awesome!!!
      Congrats on your competition, wishing you best of luck. Be optimistic yea. Thanks for your comment Jamila.


  4. Jessica, yes, doing or learning something new is difficult and honestly, the older you get the harder trying new things is. Stuck in the rut of comfort, fear, believing you “can’t” -are some very real reasons why we don’t try new things. Having someone to encourage me all of my adult life has stopped me from drowning in fear and the rut of comfort (my sweet husband) and enabled me to continually learn and do new things. Thank you for encouraging others to try!

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    1. I absolutely love your comment Carol. drowning in fear, pushing yourself harder. #greatpoints. We do need people around us to motivate & encourage us sometimes, that’s why it’s good to surround yourself with who’d help you become the person you want to be. Thankyou!


  5. Since the beginning of the year I’ve made it my mission to try to break out of that tired routine and just start trying a bunch of new things, going to new places, eating food I’ve never tried. Its really great, hey you only live once right?


  6. Ever since I read somewhere that you grow your brains networking system when you learn something new, all i have been doing is learning anything that interests me. And that has taken me from an aerospace Engineer to chef to web developer and designer to renewable energy entrepreneur. I am trying to learn something new as often I can. Or tweak my daily work in a new way. Do a new workout. I am hungry for it. And it is very refreshing to see someone with a similar mindset. Bravo


  7. This is so true! It is so easy to get caught up in the day ins and day outs of the same routine. It’s important to remember to mix it up and enjoy life!

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  8. I truly love reading your blog posts! I haven’t tried anything new in a long time. Its the regular routine and you’re right I need to try something new. Life is gonna pass me by if I keep living like this. Great Post!


  9. Trying new things will make our life more interesting. I tried the vegan way of eating beginning almost three months ago and I love it. I will never go back to my old way of eating. About 11 years ago I got a pair of draft horses and learned to drive wagons and carriages.

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  10. I really enjoyed your post. For many years, I worried about the “what ifs” of life. I have learned to push myself out my comfort zone.


  11. What a good point you make. I wonder if I get stuck in too many routines or if I step outside of the box enough. Maybe some self reflection is in order. Thank you for the post.


  12. Awesome inspirational post. Trying new things is a great way to feel good about yourself and to practice self care/love. I pinned your post to my tailwind schedule. Love it!

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