On becoming Natural.

Before I thought of going natural, I’d seen many of our Nollywood movie stars, rocking their natural hair. The likes of Monalisa Chinda, Omoni Oboli, Nse Ikpe-Etim, Chioma Chukwuka-Akpotha, Uche Jumbo, etc.  And then Solange Knowle’s hair was to die for! They all looked so pretty wearing their natural mane.The natural hair movement made a comeback from the days of Diana Ross and became a trend. I’d see different hair textures and styles all over social media and I often wondered how they’re able to cater to those kinky textured hair. As far as I’m concerned, leaving my hair unrelaxed and then wearing it out in whatever style was a deeper life thing abeg!

Interestingly, people were getting creative with it and incorporating it into their regular street styles, corporate and even church outfits. It looked really amazing. My hair stopped growing at a point while using relaxers and was fast thinning out and almost going into extinction. I used to have a long,(about 15″) thick, black hair but before I knew it, it was going into exile or infact disappearing Lol. Blame it on pregnancy and child-birth hormones but I also knew applying different forms of chemicals in form of relaxer, using heat regularly to style, and making different  hair styles that put pressure on the roots and edges, would have contributed.

And so I thought… why not embark on a healthy hair journey, Where I can do away with applying those chemicals and then use natural products in its stead, and style my hair in such a way it doesn’t stress my edges. I mean everything is going organic and it seems the healthy way. Organic skin care, organic food, organic everything. So I started reading blogs and anything on natural hair care tips and began my transitioning journey around April last year. I followed black elegance to get regular updates and so by July last year, (three months later) I did the big chop! My hair is one year & one month post BC yay!!!

To keep my hair stretched, after dampening with water and LOCing, I usually do the two-strand twist every night or thread it and loosen the following morning. The result is always amazing.


My hair type is 4c, with normal (medium) porosity. The twist-out has become my go-to hair style aside from braids and I do love to wear my hair out almost every time. It’s simple, yet stylish.


Do I want to remain natural? Most definitely!!! I want to keep growing my hair in its natural state using every natural means. It’s healthier for me.

How do I maintain it? I try as much as I can, and to be honest, I’m not so religious with it but I keep up with deep conditioning and protein treatments atleast once in a month if I’m not on any protective hairstyle. And to reduce frequent manipulation so I can retain length, I braid.

Are you a naturalista? Do you intend to become one? Let’s discuss some more in the comments!

With ❤️

Jessica Hugo.


40 thoughts on “On becoming Natural.”

    1. It’s not very easy to maintain esp wen u have limited time to cater to it. Plus you have to find products that your hair would love. The struggle is real but we can alws keep it stylish or locked in braids or weaves.
      Thanks for your comment.


  1. I’ve been natural for over 3 years and it’s been great. My hair is also 4C and can be so difficult to manage but I use a lot of water on my hair and I’ve been making my hair myself for over 2 years and haven’t visited a salon so that helps me manage it better. Most times I just braid it and wear a hand made wig or twist it (two strand). Either way, it’s been good although I can be such a lazy natural. But this has made me retain length. I rarely use combs too.

    Your hair looks great!


    1. Oh wow!!! That’s great, I think the two strand twists leaves the hair soft and stretched. And I agree, it can be tedious being natural but it’s definitely worth it. Thanks for your comment Zinny.


  2. I’ve been natural almost 5 years. I’ve spent so much money on products and my hair rejects it lol. I love being natural! Patience is key.


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