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Hey book lovers and readers, get in here. I’ve got great news for you!!!

Today, the society that we live in calls for a pretty good reading culture. The habit of reading needs to be inculcated from early childhood and greatly encouraged in millenials. The future is now. And if you’re a book lover/reader, kudos!!!

The benefits of reading cannot be over-emphasized and this includes:

  • Widening your general knowledge: We don’t get to learn everything at home or in school. Sometimes we need to teach ourselves things through books. Knowledge is unlimited and reading is such a fantastic way to improve yourself. You avail yourself the opportunity to know more as the world is changing every single day.
  • Reading performs a magic inside of you: In that it enables you to exercise your mind. By this, you’ll gain more innovative and creative ideas or ways to do certain things. You can transform yourself from the inside. Books contain very useful information which when applied, can change our lives and well being.
  • Reading helps you to relax and unwind: It is certainly one way to entertain yourself and have fun. Reading can be fun.

And so every time I open a new book, it is with great anticipation of embarking on an intellectual, pleasurable, or emotional journey.

I started writing at quite an early age but took it a step further only recently. If you have enjoyed reading my Inspirational/Motivational posts, and like my style of writing, you’d definitely love this one.  The title is “ The Pre-eminent mind”. All I can say is that, it is simply phenomenal. Go get a copy and read for yourself.


I’ve had some people e-mail me asking about how to get a copy as it’s currently only available on ebook. (The paperback is sold out). I presently reside in Nigeria. So I’m going to break down the whole process for you here and now. It’s fast, easy and totally risk-free!!!

The steps are:

  • Go to your browser, ( Phone, Laptop, iPad), enter the web address http://www.okadabooks.com
  • Register by simply entering your email address.
  • Please confirm your email address, ( This is compulsory and I think that’s where most people get stuck).
  • After that, you can refill your account by clicking the “refill account” button on the homepage. You can refill in USD with $1.99 if you’re outside Nigeria or with N700 if you’re in Nigeria. You can even simply recharge by airtime with N750 recharge airtime in Nigeria.
  • Then use the search button on the homepage and search the book ” The pre-eminent mind”. ( Notice the hyphen between ‘pre’ and ’eminent’.) or you can search by the author name “Jessica Ijeoma ogbunamiri”. 
  • And enjoy the book.

Fast, simple and reliable!!! You can also click through my sidebar and follow the same process. Please don’t forget to leave a review afterwards, its as important as buying too. Show your support and let’s grow together!! Thank you

See  you soon,

With ❤️

Jessica Hugo


47 thoughts on “Hey book lovers and readers, get in here. I’ve got great news for you!!!”

  1. Love this! Not long ago I posted about the importance of books in relation to your development and with forming your sense of style. I completely agree wiht your points!


    1. There are several types of books, inspirational/motivational, comic, children’s, fiction, crime, romance, etc. each has their own different flavor and depends on what you seek to derive. I think Reading rides you on an emotional & intriguing journey too.
      Will be super glad to look into mine and leave a review. Thankyou!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I love reading, but there are some days where I’ll sit down to read and my body is like nope! I get too anxious lol. I will definitely check out this book. Thank you!


    1. Yea, that happens sometimes and it’s important to listen to your body when you need to take a break or just have some rest. You’d definitely bounce back more rejuvenated and well-rested enough to kick the day in the ass. Lol and read some books.
      I’ll be super glad if you could take a look at mine. Thanks a million.


  3. Reading is so great for 10000000+ reasons 🙂 I was always a book worm and thanks to reading I developed so many useful skills. It does not only gives you great knowledge but also helps with concentration, memory and imagination plus other amazing things on the way. 🙂 Thanks for sharing. Enjoy your weekend 🙂


  4. I have the same feeling when I open a new book, I feel like I travel into time with the book, it is one of the greatest pleasures of reading.


  5. Although I’m into reading for the whole journey of really going inside a story – way beyond a TV series or film – I rarely do it anymore. The risk of starting a book I won’t like and wasting much time is higher than with other media.. Stupid, isn’t it?


  6. Reading has always been an escape for me. There is definitely something magical about opening up the pages and going away to somewhere else.


  7. i love reading, i love the benefits of reading. whenever i travel i take a book with me to help with the travel but also help me experience the book in a different setting.


  8. Reading is such an important thing today. And I think the way we have consumed information has limited our reading skills in so many different ways. We get too easily fed up from things. Reading does transform us though. It works on our thoughts and improves our language skills.


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