How I won 1.5M Naira!!!

Pom – Pom” …”Pom – pom”  went the text message ringtone on my then Nokia phone. I was still feeling very sleepy that early morning.  I managed to stretch my hands to reach my phone lying by the corner of the bed just to check the time. It was 6am!!! 6am? Why would a normal human being disturb another person’s sleep by that time kwanu? I had just finished my degree exams, waiting for my National Youth Service corps.

I reluctantly opened the message and it read…” You have won 1.5Million Naira in the miss Carnival, Calabar beauty Contest. Visit our website www dot blah blah blah to claim your prize now!!!”. ( I can’t remember that website anymore).

Oh mehn! I quickly flung myself up my bed with my eyes wide open in amazement. The sleep had clearly vamoosed! I read the message again, this time more slowly just so I make sure I read it right the first time. 1.5Million Naira? I started jumping and dancing. I literally jumped off the roof. Kai! My service year was made. If they like, they should post me anywhere. To say I was elated was an understatement.

I quickly changed my nightwear to a PJ and hurried to the nearest Cyber cafe so I can use their computer and Internet. I didn’t remember brushing my teeth or even washing my face. The message read “Now”. So I must get my prize “now”! Hehehe

Sadly, the first cyber cafe was still closed, so I ran to the next one. Luckily, the attendant was just opening the locks so I asked him to hurry up as I needed to do something fast. He gazed at me perplexed. I could read his mind. “ What so important would have driven this one out of bed this early morning”. I didn’t mind, I just needed to get in there and get my account credited sharply dassol.

As we got inside the shop, he reminded me he’d need to sweep and clean up before officially opening business for the day. Who’s got time for all that na? “Just put on one of the computers and the internet and then you can do whatever you want to do biko”. I insisted, sounding rather instructive. He did so, after all the customer is always the king.

I quickly entered the web address and started filling the form fast. A page showed up for me to enter my bank details including my card number and pin. Hei god! I left my card at home. This time I was beginning to shiver. How would I run back home and come back  without being timed off or the page closing? My 1.5million Naira on my mind.

The attendant noticed how panicked abi worried I’d become and walked up to me. Is there anything I can help you with please? He asked. Yes o! ( me shaking and looking even more worried). I don’t have my card here and I need to fill out a form. I’m worried the page might close by the time I return.

He took a closer look at the computer screen and read through the details. Whaaaat?! Please don’t do it. It’s fraud! It’s 419! He yelled. (Me, looking at him and the computer screen confusingly. Left, right, left, right and then left again.) What is fraud here? I just won 1.5million Naira, aren’t you seeing it? how’s that a fraud? Bad belle. mschewww. I sighed.

He continued…It’s 419! That’s how they swindle people. It’s not real. I was torn between giving him a resounding slap and thinking HARDLY again. And then it started making sense to me.  Wait o. I was actually going to enter my card details and pin? jeez! ( I had N1,150 bank balance so it wasn’t a problem sha). Lol

I didn’t even go to Calabar, I didn’t even contest in any miss Carnival, Calabar. And I won 1.5Million Naira sent from heaven? Hei god! And my lovely sleep? Mschewww. This people are wicked sha. SMH

The end.

Jessica Hugo.


32 thoughts on “How I won 1.5M Naira!!!”

  1. It was pretty funny. It happens. Sometimes life shows us astounding things which aren’t real. What I feel is, I don’t care about shortcuts. There is no way to earn millions overnight. By the way, it was funny and nice. Live well.


  2. Hihihi😂. This was a good one! It’s happened to be too so many times and it’s like they know when your account balance is not looking attractive, to start sending these temptation!😂. Sorry oooo


    1. 😂😂😂 this happened some years ago though. But this con-artists can appear so perfect with their schemes that one needs to chill and think hard b4 you Leap. Funny post I know! lol thanks for your comment.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Hahahahahaha you really cracked me up Jessica. For once there I really thought that you won the N1.5m, not knowing that it was one of those fraudsters trying to get to you. This really got me tied on a suspense though.
    Thank you for visiting my blog the other day, hope you visit often. Your blog is pretty too, I love the layout.



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