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Fun post; I answered 20 Get-to-know-me tag questions.

I love fun posts. I love that it’s light-hearted and always entertaining. I also love that it builds some kinda connection between us. (Me and you-the reader). I love the excitement and fun that comes with it just as the name implies,  and so when I get tagged or come across one, I gladly jump on it. shoki

I got tagged on Facebook, so I decided to share my answers here. Sit tightly and enjoy the ride. It’s kinda a “this” or “that” style.

• Pool or Beach?

Beach! Beach!! Beach!!! I think pool is a bit private but beach is more open. You can walk/play on the beach sand, drink some coconut juice, walk around, etc.

• Skinny or bootcut?

Definitely skinny. I love the way it fits. Bootcuts are equally fashionable but I’ll go with skinny anyday.

• Coke or Fanta?

It has to be Coke.

• Heels or converse?

Heeeeels!!! I love converse too though, but I’ll go with heels.

• Instagram or Facebook?


Cat or dog?

None!!! I have phobia for dogs and cats ain’t my favorites either.

• Walking or sleeping?

Really? I need me some sleep now. Lol

• Halloween or Christmas?

Christmas!!! I love the family get-together, parties, decorations, etc. I shared Top 5 Christmas -Tradition every Nigerian must relate with.

• Apple or Strawberry?


• Inside or Outside?

Inside. Being an introvert, Inside feels more relaxing.

Me, rocking my natural hair.

• Natural Hair color?


• Favorite type of movie?

Comedy. It’s always hilarious and ofcourse you know what laughter does to our body. I also love Romance.

• Rain or Sun?

Sun. Rain can annoyingly ruin your day sometimes.

• Sports I enjoy?

Soccer ( English premier league). And lawn tennis.

• Dance or sing?


• Favorite color?

aaahh… it’s difficult for me to pick one out of the whole lot I love. Every color is unique, I can’t seem to figure the one I love the most.

• Current mood?


• Shoe size?

40, Sometimes 41.

• My Nickname?

Aijay. Cunned from my native name Ijeoma.

• How tall are you?

1.75m.  That’s almost like 5.8″


Hey!! That’s not all, I recently got chatty with Ijefinelivin, a lifestyle blogger. Check out the interview HERE

If you liked this post, tag yourself too. I’ll love to read your response. Don’t forget to leave me your thoughts.

See you soon.❤️️

Jessica Hugo.



45 thoughts on “Fun post; I answered 20 Get-to-know-me tag questions.”

    1. Pls do. I’d love to read your responses too.
      Bootcuts are lovely trust me. But given options, I’ll go with skinny.
      Fanta? Really? Nah. I love me more coke pls. lol
      Thanks for reading, Jamila.


  1. Heyo! This was a fun post…but I LOVED your response for “current mood: chilling.” Is that supposed to scare us readers?! Because I am terrified… 😉 Unless you just meant that you are cold right now…in that case, we’re good!


  2. HA! Favourite colour. I always get weird looks because mine is grey. Your outfit is fabulous btw! Nothing like a lovely skirt paired with red lips. So classy and chic!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Awwhh… thanks Gloria. Fav color grey? I’d give dat side-look honestly. Wot happened to all d bright colors? Haha Grey is also unique tho. Thanks for the compliments and for stopping by, I really do appreciate. X


  3. This was such a fun read for me. I couldn’t help laughing when you affirmed that you needed sleep now. Enjoyed knowing you through this post.


  4. I prefer beaches too. Sadly, I don’t live near any. And, altough I prefer dogs, I’m allergic to fur and hair, so I can’t have any mammal….unless I want to get a naked mole rat…yuck!

    Liked by 1 person

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