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The three musketeers|short story.

Most of my posts have been inspirational/motivational. But hey! Sometimes we have to tweak things up a bit like I talked about Here. And so…I’m writing a short story (fiction) today! ”Twas so much fun figuring the basic setting and outlines of the story. But that’s what writers do right? Write away!!!

It’s weekend, lets put our hair down and have some fun. Enjoy it.

Being undergraduate students of Oluomo University in far north of Zunga town didn’t hinder Emeka, Collins and Goodluck from having all the gaieties and pleasures of junketing. Every Friday, the roommates would leave Zunga town to Dangwa, the neighboring bubbly city, where they’d drink some beer and club till wee hours. They usually came back intoxicated and exhausted having danced all night long and would then crash the whole day.

Zunga town was such a ‘dry’ place. There were no cool places to hang out, poor electricity supply, and little or no social life compared to where they lived in Port-Nu with their parents. It was a quiet agricultural community hence the situation of the school there. Emeka often joked that there were more goats and chickens than humans there. Apart from the students of the school.

Often times they went to Dangwa, the more developed city to have some fun. For this, they missed several classes at school.

Collins! Emeka called as he entered the room one morning. “Have you heard about the Gen z party coming up in Dangwa next week”? We’ll all attend o, it’s the final party of the year and it’s gonna be epic!”

Are you serious?” Collins asked in bewilderment as he immediately paused ironing his shirt. “How come you never mentioned? We definitely have to go”. He nodded in agreement. Goodluck was all excited. He couldn’t wait for yet another adventure in Dangwa city. 

“Eh yes. But let’s go and see Simeon~ course rep first. I learnt professor fixed a test for same day too“. Emeka continued.

Soon the three of them headed to meet Simeon.

Simeon complained about their frequent absence from classes and how badly their grades were going down. He also informed them of professor’s test and that it was the last test for the school session. They needed to be there as it carried 100marks. “100 marks?”  They echoed. “Oh boy na wa o”. Goodluck said obviously disappointed that they may miss the party. He brought out his handkerchief and wiped the sweat that flowed down from his fore-head to his nose. The sun was beaming hot. It became even hotter hearing about the 100marks.

Simeon watched as they walked away. He couldn’t understand why the best students of the class in the previous year had suddenly took the downward hill academically. But well, he shrugged and turned in the opposite direction as he also left. “They just have to do the test”. He thought

On Thursday night, the three of them began to deliberate. Test or party? “But that party for make sense o” Emeka chipped in. Wetin una think na? 

100marks plenty o. Goodluck added as he stood up to look outside the window. We’ll go for the party. Zunga will be dry as usual. We’d be back early enough to meet the test. He continuedSo they all shook hands and agreed to go.


Thursday came and they left for Dangwa and partied all night long. They made sure to have all the fun of their lives since it was the last party of the year. As they staggered back in the morning, completely exhausted and not remembering the test, each of them bounced on their beds and dozed off! By the time they woke up, the test had passed and so they had to cook up a plan for professor, on Monday.

We’ll tell him we were ill and couldn’t come” Collins suggested. ” No oo. The three of us can’t fall sick the same time na”. Emeka argued. “Oya let’s kuku tell him that as we were driving to school for the test, we had a flat tyre and so couldn’t meet up” Goodluck suggested. ” ehen, this sounds better”. Emeka noddedThey shook hands and agreed to carry out their plan.

As He looked at the three of them seated in his office, the professor could sense some uneasiness. Their excuse wasn’t adding up but he decided to let them do the test and so he rescheduled for them. “I’ll give you two extra days to go and read for this test. Come back on the third day and you’d all write it.

thankyou sir, thankyou very much sir“. They echoed as they bowed away from his office and left for home. They were extremely excited. Their plan had worked.

They tumbled the whole course outline and syllabus for the semester, they even slept in the school library for the whole two days. They had to make sure to pass this test and impress the professor for giving them another chance.

On the third day, they arrived at his office. “ I will have to put you guys in three separate rooms for this test. I just want to make Sure no one would cheat”. The professor informed themsmiling.

No problem sir. You can even take us to different states sir. We’re ready for the test. They pleaded. Fidgeting and sweating profusely.

Good!!! So he put them in separate rooms and gave them only two questions to answer. Question 1 carries 1mark, question 2, 99 marks.

  • Question 1: Write your name on the sheet of paper.
  • Question 2: Which said tyre of your car was flat on the day of the test. A) The front left tyre B) The front right tyre C) The back left tyre D) The back right tyre.

😳😳😳 The boys didn’t see this coming. They never experredit. See gobe!!!

  • To be continued.*

Jessica Hugo.


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  1. A motivational story indeed. I like to read motivational blogs as I am a motivational blogger myself. Your blog gave me a breath of fresh air. Thanks for writing and continue the good work.


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