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On why it’s important to put out positive energy.

First, everything about you, about life, is energy. Your thoughts, your feelings, your beliefs. The world, the universe we live in, is energy. Whatever energy you put out, is telling the universe what you want more of.

We have the power to create. Our thoughts, our feelings, our words and actions, they create things. And so whatever you want more of, do those things, attract them, and create your reality. It’s not magic. The fruit is in the seed.

Our minds are atttacted to negative thinking. We tend to think more negative than positive. It is said that, for example, if you want good health and wellness, feel like it and proclaim it. Easier said than done. Honestly, it isn’t just easy to do.

Ofcourse no one just intends to put out negative energy by complaining about every other thing. Humans are just innocently baring their minds how they feel. Now, that feeling is also an energy you’re putting out regardless of your intention. We unconsciously project that negative energy we don’t intend. By words, actions, or behaviors.

What the universe does is simply interpret the message you have sent and deliver same kind. It isn’t going to ask you what you meant or if what you’re projecting is your intention. It is receiving what you’re putting out and giving you back the same. Like charges attract init? Negative=negative, positive =positive. Like that.


The issue is, we say things we don’t even believe. It’s not just about saying and wanting positive things. It’s about believing and feeling it as well. Proclamations alone don’t do the trick. What you believe, how you feel about it, what you say and what you do. All collectively. The universe isn’t going to pick out one alone. It is picking as a whole. The state of your mind from which those things emanate. Ehen! When I say go and download my book ” The preeminent mind” now just by the sidebar here and read you won’t agree. It’s less than $2.

There are days when everything seems to just go wrong. Like you woke up on the wrong side. Is it left or right sef? You spill your coffee/tea, you hit your foot against the wall, then your pile of files slip off and scatter all over the floor. As if that’s not enough, you rip your pants in the process. Arrrrgggh!!! You’re pissed and hissing upandan.

Know that life is pure grace. It’s not merited. And so in every situation, learn to see the positive. Don’t release that negative energy. Let go of your need to control things not within your control. If you do try to control something you can’t change, you’re gonna stress yourself out and generate a lot more negative energy. And you know what? Negative plus more negative plus more negative, oya do the maths. Just let it go!!!

See ehh,

  • Love and accept yourself as you are. You have great qualities. Remind yourself and leverage on them. Free yourself of blames and guilt and the likes. You don’t need all that baggage.
  • Do not continuously talk about your challenges. The more attention you give to the things you don’t want, the more you attract them. Shift your focus to the things you want and that would make you happy.

Energy flows where attention goes. ~ James Redfield.

Smiling in the face of adversity is hard. But which is harder? Whining every minute and attracting all the things you don’t want or adopting a lifestyle of freedom? Laugh, laugh and laugh again. Aha!!! I’ll take that one too.

Give this world good energy.

Until next time,


Jessica Hugo.


41 thoughts on “On why it’s important to put out positive energy.”

  1. The law of attraction. I was just listening to a lady’s video talking about giving out positive vibes and advice instead of individuals being negative and bitter. Great read!

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  2. Indeed we attract what we think. Everything that happens to us in life is all about Law of attraction- a true reflection of who we are inside. Think positive and you attract positive life.


    1. Even though realistically, you can’t control your thoughts and so sometimes the mind wanders to the negative. But we can consciously fight the negative thoughts and try to be positive as much as we can. We decide what resides in our minds.

      Thanks for your comment Ronny.

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    1. Couldn’t agree more. You can’t plant an orange seed and expect apple fruit. The fruit is in the seed! Express what you want not what you don’t want. Energy flows where attention goes.

      Thanks for your comment.

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  3. I agree. I have found in my personal life that when I think positively, good things happen to me and when I already expect the worst, that also ends up being true. The law of attraction is at work all around us.

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  4. Great post! I am always one to put my positive thoughts ahead of my negative ones. You can always tell when someone is a positive thinker or a negative thinker when speaking with them. It’s much more fun to be around the positive thinkers!


  5. This is great! And I agree. For me, I’ve found for the negative things if it’s little, I can let it go. If it is something that keeps weighing on me and building I have to vent and get it out at least once. Once it’s out that one time, I’m good to go.

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