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On Utilizing the power of the mind.

The human mind is the center of various mental processes which includes thought-processes, reasoning, imaginations, judgement, feeling, etc. If there’s no mind, there would be no thinking, feeling, imagining, and others. The mind forms our beliefs and philosophies of life because all mental activities are from the mind.

We’ve all heard that our thoughts are things. They’re tangible. Which means they’re powerful enough to form our victories or NOT in life. I’ve learnt that if you maintain a positive mental attitude, it is a major key to developing a winning mentality. We can defeat or conquer. It’s all in the mind.


Our mind forms our beliefs. It believes everything we constantly feed it with. Which means if you feed it with toxins, it begins to form your philosophy and outlook towards life. What you accept becomes the things on which you base your life and ofcourse those “things” are tangible. They yield fruits. They make you prone to fear and negativity and defraud you of progress and happiness.

It is true we cannot control what enters our mind since the mind is constantly “racing”. But we have the power to control what stays there. Just because a thought enters your mind doesn’t mean you have to seize it and give it residence. We determine what resides in our mind.

Positive thoughts awaken us to our greater potentials and purpose. To experience this, we must constantly renew our minds and purge it of all toxins. We must fill our minds with the kind of thoughts that energizes  and propel us to unleash our creativity. Our natural potentials. Our skills. Our gifts. In order to feel satisfied and live purposefully.


To find this, we need to utilize the power of our minds and to cultivate our potentials. We need to start using them expressively in order to live our true nature. Now picture yourself reading a book which reveals ways to help you supercharge those passions and potentials and unleash yourself the way you were created to be.

Yes!!! That’s the power of an illustrious mind and that’s what my latest book ” The pre-eminent mind” will help you achieve. To truly feel free and satisfied using your own gifts and benefiting the world with it.

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#Beinspired. #Beempowered

With Love,

Jessica Hugo.


15 thoughts on “On Utilizing the power of the mind.”

  1. |barefootveronicaluna|

    I love this! I agree 100% Iv’e read many books on this topic & also seen documentaries about the power of the mind. Theres a channel on youtube its in french called Trysta, and they speak about this alot. As a yogi I believe that the way you talk to yourself and the things you believe form your own experience and will attract the people& things in it. With quantum physics now they’ve also been studying how the electrons are in 2 places at the same time and they can change when they are observed. So we are the creators & also the ones who live the experience simultaneously. Great post thanks 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It is true the things one believes forms his/her experience and perceptions to life. The mind is so powerful and creative. Thanks for your contribution Veronica, much appreciated!!


  2. Another great post Jessica. Positive thoughts are really important. I am currently reading a book – “48 Laws of Power” by Robert Green and it’s been so helpful and filled with knowledge. It was given to me by a friend. Would check out your book as well. Thanks for sharing!


    1. Nothing beats a positive mindset. I personally found that I perform better & achieve more with an optimistic mindset. I’d really be happy you download and leave an honest review. Will be much appreciated.

      Thanks Zinny. hugs


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