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Life Lately, plus some Tips on writer’s block.

Hi guys, clears throat. It’s been a little while and the longest so far, I’ve been away from this space. Gush!!! It wasn’t intentional, I can’t even completely blame it on being too busy or life happening, No. Even though there’s always something to do, I can always find time to write if I really need to.

Have you ever experienced a time when it seems you aren’t able to write? I didn’t feel like writing. I couldn’t fathom what to write. I’ll pick up my pen to write, (I love writing the traditional way) and then I’d get stuck because nothing seems to come to mind. Perhaps the creative juices weren’t flowing just as much as it should. 


Like staring at your computer for long and not knowing what to do. If you’ve ever experienced this, then you should understand what I mean. It happens to every writer/creative at some points. Even though it is so annoying, we can always slip out of it.

So in today’s post, I’m going to share some bits and tips on writer’s block but first,Let’s dig in to the three major reasons for writer’s block. Remember, every great writer/creative may experience this at some points so you may find this useful.

  1. You’re likely burned out: Exhaustion, stress, your body, brain, emotions need a downtime time. You may need to take a break, step away for a while, relax, and rejuvenate. self care is really an important aspect of life.
  2. You’re probably too distracted: Anxiety, lacking focus, too many things on the mind, being occupied with different activities,etc. When these distractions mount, it may become difficult to write. Writing is a mental activity that requires a great deal of focus. It is more productive to take care of stuffs you need to take care of first.
  3. Lacking motivation: When you’re deficit in your motivational level, there is a high chance of struggling to write.

40F3B78B-6E5B-49C8-A011-495D556D228A-320-0000007BDC980940Understand that a written work is organic. It’s human. Sometimes you can’t rush it. Don’t beat yourself up, be patient with yourself.

I found four amazing tips on how to beat the writer’s block. Let’s dig in:

  1. Find some inspiration: Read quotes, journals, any new material. Find something to inspire you to write.
  2. Cut distractions: If distraction is a major reason for writer’s block, the solution will be cutting back on it. Too many distractions causes lack of focus and without focus, you can’t write.
  3. Avoid trying to be perfect: Many times, we over-analyze, critique, nit-pick on every detail of our writing because we want to appear perfect. The goal is to get something written even if you feel it’s below your standard. That’s why we edit, proof-read, etc. Put the words down first. Once you make it a habit of not writing as much as you should, you may likely lose ideas/interest, etc. Remember habits become character which moulds your life.
  4. Use your own voice: I know you want to sound like that great writer who inspires you a lot. But here’s this; think about the way you’ll carry out a normal conversation with a friend and write that way. Trying to sound too technical or formal or way-up-there may not help your block.

Now over to you. Have you ever experienced a writer’s block? How did you deal with it? Let’s discuss in the comment section!

With Love,

Jessica Hugo.


32 thoughts on “Life Lately, plus some Tips on writer’s block.”

  1. I ticked off all three reasons for a block! It happens to me pretty often. Sometimes I have so many post ideas and just become overwhelmed but unable to actually begin. So I just jot down the post ideas and pick one to write on when I’m eventually calmer and focused.

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    1. I can relate. I think it’s best to pick topics you’re more interested in. That’ll help motivate u to actually expand on it. Sometimes one could get stuck on topics s/he isn’t really interested in but just wants to write about probably just because it’s trending.
      True to what you said about focus!! You just might need to de-clutter your ‘racing’ mind b4 u can write. Happens

      Thanks Joan, *hugs

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  2. I do have writer block with so very often that I thought maybe writing is just not my things. Glad to know it’s a problem for all of us writer.

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  3. I can relate to this..many times I feel like there is no topic to blog About…
    One tip I felt like that could help me Blogging constantly is “Avoid trying to be perfect”. This is what that stops me. And thanks for this post..😋😋

    Liked by 1 person

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