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One simple rule to inspire greatness.

Success is what everyone seeks, whatever definition of success you have. Be it completing a task, meeting any set target, finding happiness or fulfillment, owning that car, having that fat bank account or landing that dream job! You determine your own success.

I’ve read many articles where various ways and steps to pursue and achieve greatness were highlighted. Do this, do that, etc etc. I really don’t know if success has any laid down rules /regulations everyone must obey, or any blueprint everyone must follow in order to achieve this.

However, I know for sure that if you really are pursuing greatness, one simple rule to inspire this is, embrace your unique identityDare to be different! See, what worked for Mr A may not work for Mr B. If you try to copy another, then you’re not on the part to your own greatness. You’re being a counterfeit and that’s not the best you can be. Everyone was created original. Why try to live miniature? That’s limiting yourself and being mediocre.


What does being different mean? It means deferring from the norm. Pushing yourself to take a chance. Exploring. Not being a crowd-follower. Creating your own track. Being the you, you are meant to be!

Everyone’s born unique yet everyone strives to be like the other. Everyone seems to leave themselves behind while tagging along the bandwagon, conforming to society’s “common sense”. But does “common sense” always mean good sense?

We spend good number of years acquiring certificates in school yet not too many of us remember to develop ourselves too. Most people read only when they have to sit for an exam or have an interview or something. Not too many people realize that everyday of our lives is actually an exam. Everyday is an opportunity to grow and better ourselves. To break Barriers and strive ahead.

There’s a difference between knowing something and doing something with what you know. Huge difference! Knowing is one but putting work into that knowledge is on a different level. And that’s the level I’m talking about. Not conforming to norm. Almost everyone knows what you know. The difference is those doing and not just knowing alone. That’s daring to be different. That’s being on another level.

One thing I’ve noticed is, most people attend seminars/workshops, even come across inspiring articles like this. Then they’re excited. They’re gingered. They’re enthusiastic. Oh… this is very motivational. This piece is quite inspiring. I have learnt to be myself they affirm. As each day passes, life happens. The lights get dim. The zeal goes down and then back to square one.

They haven’t used that knowledge acquired. The books/journals go back to shelves, Life continues. I swear everyone’s been in this position. But we must strive to get to that level. That level of actually utilizing our knowledge and potentials, and being the best we can be. Normal is boring. We have to create our own track and push ourselves to take chances.


Note to self: I know I have tremendous potentials and I am going to use them to fulfillment.

Because I’m different!

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Until next time,


Jessica Hugo


35 thoughts on “One simple rule to inspire greatness.”

  1. I co-sign using your uniqueness to propel that greatness.

    I use to somewhat be afraid of mine, and hid it alot, but the thing is I’d also be mad at myself at the same time. Growing out of that phase slowly but surely!

    Lovely post. x


    1. Absolutely Ashley, I think in life everyone’s on their own journey. Stay true to who you are. One mustn’t always join the bandwagon esp when you don’t understand the journey.


  2. Hey! I am lovin’ your blog! You make so many good points.
    Most of us strive to be the best we can. We retain all this information but what do we do with it?? That’s the real question. What are we doing with our knowledge. Wow. Makes me wonder how much I could be putting to waste. I have my diploma, and I know it can open so many doors for me. Having this diploma obviously proves I can achieve basic assignments and tasks on a professional level. Right? But I feel like I could be doing better in my career life.
    Thanks for sharing thoughts from such a great mind.

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  3. Thank you for following my blog. I loved your thought – “Embrace your unique identity. Dare to be different.” I am an aspiring writer, and I try to be different. I write humor that isn’t mean, doesn’t pick on individuals. and has no profanity – which is rare. I’ll be back to hear some more words of wisdom. You appear to be pretty sharp, and have your act together. Thanks again, and take care.

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    1. Thank U Patrick, great to have you here.
      Everyone was created unique with distinct qualities, personalities and potentials all in different proportions. It’s great to embrace your own unique identity. That’s the only way to be your best self.


  4. Being a different human is the most difficult thing but it is fun. That’s why who don’t dare to dream big follow who do. Everyone is different. Everyone has different levels of potential. But it is up to you, how you raise your potential and outwork others.
    Great thoughts, ma’am. Thanks. Live well.

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