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Can I change my personality for the better?

Just recently, I wrote this article The truth about you!, which highlighted our different personalities and temperaments. The introverted, extroverted and some of those Tim Lahaye’s stuff. But there are different areas of these personalities that can also be improved.

Our personalities aren’t stagnant. Getting older, different life experiences, even our environment, getting married, having kids, jobs, etc can contribute to the person you could possibly turn into.

It is true every personality type has its own strengths and weaknesses, but at some point, you may wish to improve or change some traits or habits that you’re unhappy with. As a matter of fact, your personality is inborn even though our environment and other factors may contribute to shaping that personality.

Let me illustrate something; your introverted self may attend a social event with the hopes of being a butterfly, socializing/networking with people. But you end up sitting by the corner and/or leaving even before the show really begins.

Or maybe your extroverted self decides not to be that social junkie at that event but you end up being all over people’s faces, as loud and talkative as you usually are. And then you go back home and sob to yourself…” I”m born this way…I can’t change who I am”…

Well, change is very constant and in order to get to where you want to be, you must have to grow into that person, who’s ready for that change! Becoming a better version of yourself, to improve in your job, business or relationships or whatever area of your life you’re working on, that’s part of change.


Change can mean growth. Constantly and consciously working on how to get better each day. With major adjustments to our patterns of behaviors overtime, we can change and grow into who we want to be (and not who we are). We can gain emotional stability, be more extroverted and create the life we desire.

You may not become or be known as that party animal or social butterfly, but you may become a bit more expressive and outgoing than you once were. You may not have the neatest desk at the office, but you may become a bit more organized. You can accept who you are, but you really can change your personality for the better if you really want to change something, anything about yourself.


You can, (actually, you should) change the aspects of your personality you do not like. Even though your dominant trait may remain the same, you can atleast change somethings you’re willing to change, for the better.

Until next time,


Jessica Hugo.


29 thoughts on “Can I change my personality for the better?”

  1. I am a big advocate for Change, of any kind. Personality change can be daunting but I think it is important to let people close to you know if you are trying to change something about you so that they can support

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