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Taking a break, MIA and self-care.

Sometimes there is need for the body to take the required break. Taking breaks is very much helpful to avoid exhaustion. As humans, our bodies need time for rest in order to rejuvenate. This helps us function optimally.

When your body calls for rest, it is important to obey. It’s part of self-care. Doing every other thing and forgetting to take care of yourself is detrimental. Spending many sleepless nights working into wee hours (reading, writing, replying mails) and doing other physically or mentally-demanding work can be exhausting. We sometimes need to:


As you know, my little webspace here will be ONE this month. One year. Phew!!! It isn’t quite easy creating content and keeping it updated. So I did the needful. I gave myself the much-needed break.(That’s why I’ve been MIA).

When you feel overwhelmed, pressured or exhausted, it is important to step away for a while. It could be taking a nap, MIA, whatever can help you feel revived and revitalized. Ignoring body signals can lead to more complicated situations such as illnesses.

With time-outs and breaks, one can benefit reduced stress, revitality, better focus, mental clarity, and overall improved health and wellness. Little wonder many organizations allow mid-day breaks, annual leave, etc. To allow staff members rejuvenate which in turn yields increased productivity.

As individuals, when you feel tired or stressed, what better way to nurture yourself other than taking time out? I don’t think we have to sacrifice our well-being.

I’ve had to stay away from social media and put away my phone for a while. Because I need to be in my soundest of minds in order to communicate and relate.


Being a mom means sometimes you can only enjoy 3 to 4 or 5 hours of sleep daily because you have to be up and doing catering to your home. My best antidote in order to cope with everyday challenges of multi-tasking is setting healthy boundaries.

  • trying to set bedtime routines
  • laughing more and ‘easying’ off
  • eating healthily
  • finding time for myself.

It is called self-care. 

People who are able to take care of themselves physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually are better equipped to take care of others. You can’t give what you don’t have.

No matter what your own definition of self-care is, it should involve time to relax. Finding a tune with work-life-balance is important. Yes, we cannot push away work because it’s necessary and part of our lives. But then we shouldn’t forget to actually live life before it whizzes past while we’re pursuing money.


The art of self-care isn’t about wearing good clothes and make-ups, it’s about;

  • Getting adequate sleep to feel well rested enough to take charge of the day
  • Exercising the body to stay fit
  • eating healthy foods for better health
  • And meditating to feel focused mentally and be able to inspire others.
  • its about better quality life, increased productivity, general well-being and much more.

Occupational hazards/incidents can be reduced to as low as reasonably practicable if workers can practice self-care. Balancing work, family life and personal life can be challenging.  Very challenging. But with good self-care routine and practices such as maintaining professional boundaries, (keep your work at work), making time to relax when you feel overwhelmed even at work (like listening to music or chatting with a colleague), etc can be helpful.

Organizations can as well reduce costs caused from occupational hazards/incidents by encouraging self-care amongst their workers and providing safe work environments.

If you need to take a break, take a nap, whatsoever, don’t be afraid to do so. The art of selfcare is crucial and must not be overlooked in our activities of daily living.



Jessica Hugo



47 thoughts on “Taking a break, MIA and self-care.”

  1. I adore self-care posts! I just posted one on my blog two days ago! This was a great entry. I just stumbled upon your blog today and I’m completely taken in. I love your posts, and I’m looking forward to reading your future content!

    Stop by sometime!
    Mena ✨


  2. You are so right! Self-care is extremely important. If we, as mothers, don’t take care of ourselves, who will? Congratulations on your blog birthday!


    1. I couldn’t agree more. Sometimes we all need this gentle reminders. It’s ok to take some time out to cater to yourself. You have to ensure you’re capable & that’s your responsibility.


    1. Thankyou!! We often get caught up with som many things that we forget we also exist and need care too. Before you develop that migraine, it’s better to step away and have some rest I think. Or even if you do, atleast take care of it.


  3. You’re absolutely right! We are all focused on going, going, going that half the time we don’t stop to listen to our bodies and what it is telling us. Its always about what has the newest phone, the biggest house, the fastest car. We all need to just take a step back and try and enjoy life a bit instead of working to constantly be number 1. Some days, you just need to relax and allow yourself to enjoy.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Enjoyed this post. Producing content and staying up to date/inspired is definitely not easy, but taking a break helps so much. Sometines you just gotta step back & reanalyze.

    Self-care also plays a major role, you come first! 🌺

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Enjoyed this post! Sometimes you just gotta take a step back & reanalyze things…remember why you started. Congrats on making it so far 🎉

    Self-care is also as important, you come first! 🌺


  6. I have been stressing myself a lot lately and have not been getting adequate sleep.I think I need to give myself a break.My body really needs proper self care.Thanks for sharing this helpful post.


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