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A good laugh and a long sleep…

As we transit from children to young adults or even get older, we tend to lose the habit of indulging in the two best things in the world. A good laugh and a long sleep. We often get caught up with the stress that life brings, and the anxiety that comes along.

AB325E7E-A1C0-427A-8FC6-18BBAC2D0F1D-242-0000002928BE4C2FAll these affects our ability to take those occasional grins and release our strong facial expressions, which helps us relax, relief tension and reduce anxiety.

As kids, we had little or nothing to worry about. But as adults, sometimes it feels like the weight of the world is on your shoulders. Which yields us into stress and anxiety.

Stress and anxiety if not properly managed, can go on to affect our nervous system and entire well being. We all know laughter has a positive effect to our physical and mental well-being. It is infact, better than all prescription drugs put together. Shebi it’s known to be the best medicine ni.

A lack of sleep can also lead to serious health problems. A new study suggests that a lack of sleep makes your brain eat itself! It impacts on our health, safety and longevity. If you want to learn more about getting adequate sleep, You can read 6 awesome ways to sleep better. It’s just a one-minute read.


Certain situations may send signals of adrenaline rush, heart-race,or even down moments such as becoming moody or gloomy. But what I’ve found in most situations such as that is, find the ridiculousness in that situation. Pick up your funny bone and have some chill. That’s what I can recommend. The body needs a good laugh and then a lonnnnng  sleep. Life can’t be taken that serious!

We need to allow spontaneity sometimes, routine can be boring. You don’t have to think or do things the same way all the time. Where’s the fun? And if life doesn’t go as planned, just know you can change only what you can and then please keep it moving. It’s all part of it. The uphills and downhills. you cannot kee yourself.

Perhaps we need to understand that so long as we aren’t the Man up there, we do not have control over everything. And so the two best cures for anything, and the best we can do for ourselves, without any form of dosage, with less care, and fantastic results is, have a good good laugh and take a long long nap. Dassol.


Jessica Hugo.


32 thoughts on “A good laugh and a long sleep…”

  1. This was such an insightful post. I always sleep things off, If I have a bad day or feel low I “sleep” on it and deal with it the next day. Most of the time I wake up and things do not seem so rough. next time I’ll have to look for a good laugh 🙂

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