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The truth about you!

Me being kinda a calm person, I often wondered how some people enter a place with their mouth first. Like, from the entrance, they’re already screaming on top of their voice.  I thought that was a bit weird but I understand better now.

While some others liked social events, partying, etc, I’d rather stay indoors and indulge in anything I like too. ( i sometimes love parties sha). People like me have been perceived as snubs, anti-social, etc. Even though I’d admit I’m kinda a private person, we really aren’t snubs. We just enjoy our time Indoors.

The party-loving type are usually termed loud and vulgarly. Not until I read  Christian writer Tim Lahaye’s “Why you act the way you do” book, that i began to understand people’s unique personalities and temperaments. I read that book about eight years ago. In case you haven’t, you should read it too.

Understanding your personality and people’s personalities and temperaments would help you in interpersonal relationships at work or in partnerships including marriages, in finding a suitable job for your type, and even in improving your lifestyle.

In this post, I’m going to quickly highlight those so sit tight and enjoy the ride. 😘

Basically, there are two dominant personalities as you may know, The introverted and the extroverted.


The introverted personality are those who gain energy from the inside. From being alone. They’re known for being quiet. They take their time to process information. Being in public drains their energy and they can’t wait to hurry in to recharge.

They aren’t the typical type that’ll initiate conversations nor would they volunteer themselves to lead a group. Even though they’re great leaders. They’re very creative because they make use of imaginations. Many great researchers, scientists, artists, writers and inventors are introverts.

The extroverted personality are the outgoing, party-loving gregarious people. They feel energized being around people.

There are different degrees of introversion and extroversion. No one person is completely an introvert or an extrovert. But may have one as the dominant personality.

Having understood this, let’s move on to the four basic temperaments. Melancholy, Phlegmatic, choleric and sanguine.


The Melancholy is predominantly introverted. But surprisingly they can be sociable too. They seek to contribute to the community and participate in social welfares. They are very orderly, organized and articulate. They can be great people managers and love perfectionism which sadly is responsible for their severe mood swings more than other temperaments. They are very intelligent and creative and are good in music, arts, inventions, etc. They dislike confrontations and seem to bear grudges and thus may be revengeful.

The phlegmatic is calm in nature, very loyal, and tend to avoid conflicts. They can mediate to keep peace in times of conflict. They are also caring and patient and can be lovely parents. Predominantly introverts, they may seem to be cunny and appear lazy. Because they are very good procrastinators.However, if you find them in teaching and nursing profession, they’re quite exceptional.

The choleric is the extremely practical and straight-forward person. Unlike the perfectionist melancholic leader, they want to deliver the job TIMELY and may not take into account, details. They are very decisive, bossy, independent and are goal-getters. They aren’t particularly social though are extroverts, they rather enjoy the company of those who share same interests as them. They pass off as mean and determined and appear strong and savvy. They’re also quick to temper. You’ll find them in engineering and technology, business and management.

Lastly, the sanguine is the carefree, very emotional (they cry as much as they laugh and can swap both emotions in swift seconds). They love adventure and have little tolerance for boredom. They are very outgoing, lively, talkative and love entertainment. They are the least organized of all temperaments and because of their adventurous pleasure-seeking behaviors, it negatively impacts on their relationships. They experience mood swings though very mild compared to the melancholy. They are often habitual and may love shopping, traveling, over-eating, etc. They’re however, creative and are mostly found in the entertainment industry, marketing, traveling, fashion, etc.

I’m so sure in all four temperaments, you can find a bit of yourself. (Now you’re confused where you belong. Lol)  That’s because, we all are a mixture of temperaments. No one person possesses one single temperament. However, you may find one primarily dominant.

And so you’ll find mixed temperaments like:

Mel-phleg, Mel-san, Mel-Chlor, san-phleg, san-Mel, san-chlor, chlor-Mel, chlor-phleg, chlor-san, phleg-Mel, phleg-san, phleg-chlor. 

All appearing in different proportions and degrees. You may even possess three temperaments or all four. Now that’s why we are all unique and that’s why you are you. The truth about you!

It is important to understand this different personalities/temperaments and also know where and how you can improve yourself to live better and happier lifestyles.

Permit me to ask, which is your temperament? 😊. Don’t forget to share and connect with me o.

PS: you can get my latest book, The pre-eminent mind : Supercharging your creative abilities for excellence. Via my contact page.


See y’all soon

with L❤️️

Jessica Hugo


56 thoughts on “The truth about you!”

  1. I know for sure I’m a mixture of extrovert and introvert (ambivert). I’ve read so many things and taken quizzes that I’m 50/50 each every time! I do have to say I think I’m sanguine mostly(just not super outgoing!), with attributes of the others sprinkled in.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I could c myself as a combination of Sanguine and choleric 🙂
    It was a great read 👍🏻
    Thanks for sharing !


    1. Wow!! Ure a typical extrovert. The good thing is, each of ur temperament compliments the other beautifully. Like the choleric which may appear to be mean can be undermined by the sanguine who’s warm and friendly.

      Thanks for ur comment Kirti


  3. I read about the different temperaments as a teen and thought I was only one type. Over the years, I’ve come to believe I’m a combination of three types out of the four.


  4. I am an extrovert but my daughter and my husband are introvert. So I can understand why you like to stay indoor..while I always tried to get them go outside as I though they will like it as much as I do.


  5. When I was younger, I needed a million of friends, I lived my life as an extroverted person. But now, when I am getting older, I need more silence outside and inside, so I naturally choose to be introvert.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Choleric is the mean, strong and savvy individual. You can find him/her folding up his shirt to perform a task which a sub-ordinate feels inadequate to do. They’re independent like that. I particularly love them bcos they’re goal-getters. They want sthg? They go all out for it.


  6. Well, nice descriptions knew only intro, extro and sanguine. I am more on the melancholy side, but I feel there are certainly other traits which can be situational.


  7. I liked this post a lot! I believe I am a mix of the both types: extroverted introvert or introverted extrovert. I believe I have some traits of the Melancholy type too, since at times I can be quite sociable, although I do prefer small companies or being alone.

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  8. I am not very orderly or organized to the d, but i love creativity and inventions. I am definitely mostly a phlegmatic with bits of melancoly (phleg-mel)….Each time i read about temperaments i forget what category i fall in and have to access myself again. Now with this post i don’t have to forget again. Thank you Jess!


    1. Thanks GF. The thing about Temperament is, sometimes you need someone close to you to help you assess yourself even though ofcourse no one knows u better than you know yourself.
      The gentle phlegmatic is quite a gracious human. Never takes things too serious and easily forgives. They are patient and very good listeners/care-givers. They however procrastinate a lot.
      The phleg-Mel combo is introverted & creative & excellent teachers.


  9. Oh wow, this is a lovely post. I see bits of my personality everywhere, but I am possibly more of Melancholy. I love art too, in different forms – music, drawing, writing, photography, craft, food/ cooking/ baking, name it! Sometimes it gets so complicated and my priorities keep shifting. And I like to be organized too.
    Lovely write up!



    1. Thanks Zinny, Melancholy are highly creative people. Poets, musicians, writers, etc. Though suffer lots of mood swings because of their need to be/appear perfect. They are however, mostly geniuses.


  10. You’ve done a great job describing the introvert personality. As an introvert myself (Mel-phleg), some people around me just don’t understand my personality. For example, my brothers. They always want to tag me along whenever they want to go out saying I need to enjoy life a little. As usual, I tell them I’m busy and/or lazy, when the truth is I just enjoy being alone 😀

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