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New Author Alert!!!

Hey guys, goodnews!!! I’m super excited to share with you my maiden powerful motivational book “ The pre-Eminent mind -supercharging your creative abilities for excellence”.  This is my first ever published book and I feel so so happy and fulfilled.

I’m just not going to call myself a writer henceforth, but an author. An author guys, an author!!

This is how it looks, would upload real copies soon.

The genesis of this book started wayback in 2011, but I lost the first manuscript. I’ve actually written a whole lot of other stuffs I’ve lost which is one of the reasons I decided to blog about my thoughts and opinions, rather than write to myself and then loose it.

Overtime, amidst our busy lives, I continued  putting words together and kept writing until lately, I took it upon myself to complete that work. I’m really excited to have this work finally out in print copies. The ebook version will be available soon in various online outlets.

If you live in Nigeria and would like to have copies, you can contact me via my contact page here or send me a message via my Facebook page. If you’d like to partner in distribution across the globe, you’re most welcome.

This is a powerful motivational book on unleashing our creative assets and expressing our true nature. You do not want to miss reading this!

Thank you guys for your warm support, don’t forget to connect with me and send in your messages.

See you soon

with L❤️️

Jessica Hugo


37 thoughts on “New Author Alert!!!”

    1. I am Bryce, I am. It’s one thing to set a goal, and another to follow thru. Wen u finally achieve that goal, u Cant help but be super happy for all d efforts. Miuto obrigado!!


  1. OH Yes!! Cheers to the best seller author. This will be a success. Well done GF.
    I have learnt alot here so i can imagine the wonders in that book. I love the title and how you did not just introduce it as your book, but a “powerful motivational book”. Congratulations


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